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  1. Yep, totally NOT PLEASED with how they rolled this out. I watch the forums and my dashboard and missed out on this. If they were going to release a BETA to try these homes, then keep it quiet. If this isn't a beta, where are the rest of them for everyone else? I pay my Lindens for Premium too, and the way they rolled this out is TERRIBLE! Extremely poor planning and communications on the part of SL.
  2. I thought the posting, if read correctly, was accurate (if the one listed above ^ is the original). I know on the forums, it is Buyer Beware, so always go See the Land in Person before purchase, and check that if it says water access, you can actually get to it directly by whatever means you will be using. ( I actually wear a no-rez floatie ring and swim around, testing the boundaries of water usage of the lot and area.) However, a property listed as an Ocean View is just that, a view of the ocean with No access. And while we are on the topic, I see countless properties that hop over Linden owned land for very short distances. Most do this by anchoring their structures on their own land, and "floating" them over the Linden property. There seems to be a mild tolerance for short crossings on Linden owned or held lands in-world, but get greedy and you will find your junk in your lost and found box, and perhaps minus a parcel of your land, or worse. So when describing properties in the forums, those that must cross Linden Lands or other properties to gain access to features should Never be listed as having access. If it is near by a feature,say that, and make it clear if there are any rez zones nearby. (check your mini map in FS for those locations). Be thorough in your descriptions, but above all, always be Accurate and Don't Exaggerate. Good or Bad, people will remember you the next time you post something.
  3. Perfectly flat, terraced, Moderate, 1024 sqm., 351 Prims. Lots of Privacy w. Abandoned Land on 3 sides! (1 side in the same sim). Amazing view and a steal at only 1500L$. Snatch this up before it goes! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hubbard/23/182/154
  4. Thank you for the information and help, LittleMe and Nalates. I came back to this posting as another friend of mine is having the same issue. I will refer them to this link and tell them to read it all before doing anything. With your information, insight and suggestions, it should be quickly and easily resolved. Thank you again for your help. @>`~~;~~~
  5. Phew!! [ big sigh of relief] Thank you for the reply Klytyna! @>`~~;~~~ Yes, it was my SLViewer cache causing the problems. I normally clear it very regularly with a little scripted object, but that was in my inventory, ...and, well...with no inventory showing, you know how well that worked. Then I was afraid to do anything once my items went missing. [derp] I did as you suggested though, and as soon as I cleared my SLViewer, my item and folder count began to repopulate and go back to where it should have been. Also clearing the cache helped my overall game performance. So thank you again, and Remember folks, a clean cache is a happy game. ** Just FYI for anyone wondering, - In SLViewer, to clear the cache, simply go to the ME tab at the top of your screen, scroll down to Preferences, => Advanced => Cache page - Clear Cache [button]. You can also adjust the storage size of your cache here to bump it up if your machine can spare the resources.
  6. Since the latest SL system upgrade that I performed a day ago, [ I upgraded to Second Life Release (64bit) ], I have been missing what appears to be most of my inventory. I did a clean install, and it seemed to go fine, except when I came in world and went to access a landmark. It's there I first noticed most of my items appeared to be gone, including landmarks, note cards, clothing, furniture, building items, ... you get the idea. Sometimes I am left with an empty looking folder, and other times whole sections of folders are missing. I say "appears to be missing", because if I log in with another SL compatible viewer, my inventory is all there. Has anyone else had this issue? If so, have you managed to fix it or clear it up? How did you fix it? If not, what should I do to clear up this problem? Does this mean I can't depend on using the SL Viewer anymore and have to switch to something else? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  7. Sim -20,000 prims. Not grandfathered. Last chance at this steal of a price. Asking 200 USD . Sim Tier due on 4th of ea. month. Transfer, renaming and moving fees included. Contact me anytime via Notecard, ... or ... by Instant Message only when I'm online (messages get capped). Visit current sim here at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hibiscus Bay/141/140/42
  8. Sorry. An Error in this posting. Tier is due on the 22nd of each month.
  9. Full Homestead for Sale. Beautiful island location. No lag. Full Homestead - 5000 prims. Not grandfathered. Last chance at this steal of a price. Asking 100 USD . Monthly Tier due on the 4th of each month. Moving, Renaming and Transfer Fees included. Must be Moved and Renamed. ( You can rename it and move it from its current location at the time of the transfer for no additional cost. Please include these requests in your buyer's support ticket.) Contact me anytime via Notecard, ... or ... by Instant Message only when I'm online (messages get capped). Visit location here at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ammonite/188/152/35
  10. Thank your for your interest All. This Sale is now Pending. I do have another Sim for Sale, same terms as above, except Tier is Due Feb. 22nd, and then on the 22nd of each month thereafter. Visit this location at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hibiscus Bay/121/74/33. Sim must be Moved and Renamed, all costs included, ( include details of new name and location in your Support Ticket). If interested, please send me a Notecard anytime, or an IM Only when I am Online. Also, see my other current listing under Homesteads if you are interested. Thank you.
  11. Full Sim for Sale. Beautiful private location. No lag. I of 3 properties in chain. (2 sims each end, with homestead in between). ALL for sale. Sim -20,000 prims. Not grandfathered. Last chance at this steal of a price. Asking 200 USD or make an offer on all three properties. Sim Tier paid until March 04, 2018. Contact me anytime via Notecard, ... or ... by Instant Message only when I'm online (messages get capped). Visit location here at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ammolite/182/56/21
  12. Oceanfront Sunset View Open Corner Water Parcel 2X-protected and UnBlockable! 2560 sqm - 878 prims - 15,000L$ firm. Land on top - Flat ocean base below. Perfect for Mermaids! Includes platform beach with boat/swimming lagoon. It won't last at this price, so come take a look and get the location of your dreams. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nakgol/8/247/21
  13. HOMESTEAD for SALE 100 USD Tier paid until Feb 22, 2018. Can be moved. You pay moving / transfer fees to LL. Serious Inquiries only. No dickering. Send me NoteCard or IM in world when I am Online Only. TY
  14. SIM for SALE 200 USD Tier paid until Feb 14, 2018. Can be moved. You pay moving / transfer fees to LL. Serious Inquiries only. No dickering. Send me NoteCard or IM in world when I am Online Only. TY
  15. Yes, I'm having the same issue on my computer. I have received multiple (and I mean mult-i-ple!) SL Viewer updates over the past few days, - every time I logged in, in fact, and now it doesn't work at all. I have tried restarting and reinstalling as well - still nothing. Thank you for the reminder on including the SL_Launcher.log when reporting the issue.
  16. Perhaps instead of just saying "issue resolved, please delete," you could leave your post up, and post the solution. You never know, your issue and fix may be useful to someone else. Just a thought.
  17. I've run into what I think is a unique problem with trying to add doors to my build. In my build, I have two doors along the same wall (but the door openings are in separate prims), facing in the same direction, and opening with the same rotation. I have tried a couple of different scripts for them, but settled on a hinged door script that works very well, ... Except! ... One door at the western end of the build performs smoothly, while the one located at the eastern end of the wall will not function at all. I have tried replacing the door, the door scripting, the type of door scripting, swapping the doors, rotating the hinge and / or the door, .... and nothing works. So, I am now considering there must be a conflict or a lag caused by other nearby scripts. Within 5 meters of the door I have a pool with an animated water texture (I have removed the animation scripts in hopes of cutting down on lag, and the water animation still functions perfectly). Also, at the far end of that pool, I have an infinity pool with a small water fall with an animated water texture and particle scripts at the bottom of the waterfall. (Scripting from those items have also been removed, and everything still functions fine.) My problem is in getting that second door script to function. When I go to click on the door, the hand touch cursor appears to prompt the event, but there is no movement. There are no notifications via popups or local chat messages that give me clues as to why this script is not functioning. I have looked at my lag meter and everything is within norms. I have also taken a look at the Statistics Bar and the Scene Load Statistics to see if anything seemed out of the the norms there as well, but I can't see anything that would raise my suspicions. Perhaps the oddest thing is that a third door I have on this build, around the corner from the initial non functioning door , will not function either. Yet, the first door works perfectly This door and door opening are constructed in the same manner as the first and second doors, being situated within a separate prim. I'm at a loss as to what is causing this. I have looked it over quite thoroughly, but still nothing comes to my mind that would stop these doors / scripts from working. It's probably something simple I am not aware of, yet has me totally stymied and has stopped up the scripting. Any help or suggestions you could give me where to look to resolve this would be greatly appreciated.
  18. Why would a sim be invisible or unavailable with only it's position marked by an S ? A friend of mine is trying to access a sim, and cannot, and all she sees is and S marking the spot where the sim should be.
  19. Yes, I think that sort of problem is almost global for the main channel sims right now, even after the rolling restarts have been finished. I have tried to log in and was at first faced with a totally blank screen inside the borders on the SL login page. Then I got the window popup error "HTTP Error 500 Page not Found". When I attempted to contact http://status.secondlifegrid.net/ to check on the status of the grid, that would not even connect. So I checked with http://www.isitdownrightnow.com/secondlife.com.html and it appears to be working, although with very considerable lag. So if you cannot get in, I suspect it is because of severe lag at which time your connection gets hung up. Close down and try to get in again, and eventually it should let you in. P.S. - I had to try several times to even reach these forums, as they weren't responding in a timely manner. As far as the times listed for the rolling restarts, take those as a general time estimate. It is not even close to the time for the next wave of rolling restarts to begin, and perhaps because of them, or perhaps to fix a problem occuring before the rollouts begin, the server seems to be having difficulties. As listed in the notices, don't do anything critical at this time. Refrain from purchase of no copy items (stay away from the gachas), and if making changes to your sim, prepare to lose those if restarts interrupt you.
  20. It is indeed a stubborn glitch with SL. It comes and goes as it feels it seems. Touch wood, mine has been (or was, since this last roll out at least) stable, but I have always had issues with not being able to see friends, and friends not seeing me. Also the stubborn issue of the program crashing, yet keeping me logged in on the server side, yet wiping out all communications that were not viewed before the crash. Niiiice.
  21. Just curious as to how many of you out there have had inventory issues since LL deployed it's system updates this week? I have noticed no less than ONE THIRD of my entire, considerable, inventory has vanished! All I have left are the empty folders to show the items that I have previously painstakingly catalogued. I have no idea how many I have lost from those that are in my Yet To Be Sorted file. Good grief. How is this supposed to be helping us? I have had nothing but horrible performance since this last roll out. I know there are bumps and grinds with every system change, but inventory loss should not be one of them. Time to make a call to support, and hopefully they can help me. Hahahaha. And this is the message I got when I tried to publish this post. "There was an error while attempting to post your message. Try again in a few minutes." Need I say more???
  22. Same here. Same with a LOT of other users judging by the posts that were coming across my feed this morning. I took those to mean that sooner or later I would be affected, and I have. Linden posted a Status message saying that the rolling login issues would affect those on the Beta Grid, but my login trouble is on the Main Grid. So everyone, be prepared for some rolling blackouts today. (sigh) Guess it's time to go do some things I was saving for later. Hopefully see you all soon.
  23. I feel your pain, I really do. After spending a month trying to get SL to work on my machine with the W10 upgrade, I gave up and rolled back. It works a lot better for me now, other than still putting a strain on my machine. I will have to upgrade sooner than expected, as I don't trust my machine to continue functioning at the rate demanded. As far as you being past the point of a roll back, did you ever save your system in a backup at a save point that you could try? Or even a total machine back up if that fails? I swear by doing those, and even though it's a pain to have it run them, it has really helped a lot for quirky software installs. As with all things, there are the ups and downs, but I tell you, every time I see a W10 upgrade notice on my machine, I wish I had one extra finger to flash at that pop up. I tried W10, and despite their reassurances that it will work on my machine, it failed. I rolled back, and everything is somewhat stable again. I just wish I could block those pop ups now. Maybe Santa will being me some code for Christmas to disable those. :matte-motes-tongue:
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