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  1. what are the common BDSM hange out sim. I know of few Like The Pink Institute and Heavy bondage. what are some of there good places ?
  2. Okay so i said something about Boathouse and one shows up out of the blue. thanks
  3. may be true. wondering if will be boat house on the market soon
  4. Just got rid of my Victorian . looking for a boat house
  5. that was me your welcome could not find the change house thing like the log cablins. i know it mailbox for the log cabins cheers
  6. Just put a log cabin back on the market place and there also a camper too
  7. Just release a Log house i didn't like. i am also looking for boat house to claim as my owned
  8. Okay that freak me out when i read it. wow
  9. twist my leg while coming to my room. but other then that feel great. plus i got two projects i am working on rl. hopping add them to my ebay store once finish with them
  10. I am getting two sets of Cookies for my Mother and roses for my best friend
  11. Yea i nomarlly drink tea with one of the $5 Specials meals. thinking of getting KFC tomorrow
  12. when is this coming out to normal viewer like sl viewer and firestorm viewer? i know i am asking hope else question I know i have to wait!
  13. this is the second time i log in this week to play second life on firestorm viewer. today seems have a big problem something i don't know how to fix List of events 1 Media Plugin fail ( Media_plugin_Cef) after click to close Log in and keep getting Program not responding in Task Manager when finally inworld keep getting freezing up every 10 to 15 second. cant click on any thing force to close viewer by Task Manager _____________ please i need help
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