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  1. This is a griefer. But which one ? -Pulls name of of baseball cap- Oh... Its the all bark no bite griefer. You know the ones that are kinda new to secondlife and don't know how to do anything so they just harass you. :matte-motes-nerdy:
  2. You could try Maven Islands. with their houses starting from 199L (Less than like 30 cents) its fully furnished, private,comes with security orb and gives you a full week (Unlike some places that give you 4-5 days) and some additional prims.
  3. You mean like overnight ? Even a prosititute won't get that over night. Your best bet is to buy it (yes i know you can't) or to wait and collect enough. Seems like, people who buy land and rent it out get a good stash of cash weekly. I see these wannabe rich snoby girls who join groups that are like 500L for no reason. I see people who create small roleplaying businesses get money every here and there. Theres actually quite a few ways, you just have to be creative,smart and have alot of time.
  4. Maybe if you contact Maven Islands i think its called. They have skyboxes as low as 199l a week. Or you could just search it in marketplace and get teleported there.
  5. But whats the point thats only like 2.50 dollars.
  6. Yea, kinda ashame. I got 1 reply per week and it took 6 months for them to give up. I fixed my problem on my own.
  7. This sounds scary, once its on your computer though how would you get rid of it ?
  8. Personally you should do nothing. You already ruined your relationship with your neighbor, I mean yes, he was rude about it, but you never directly posted what you exactly said, so if you were rude then he has the right to be rude. I would just move to another land. If you report him its only going to turn this whole situation into some type of petty, ignorant and childish war just because he put up things on his land that you didn't like. I wish you would have explained it more too, i can't tell who's in the wrong with the way you are making it seem. i don't see the point in reporting though, you can always put your house in the sky, or rotate it. Theres two sides to every story and in his story you could be the one disturbing the peace for him.
  9. This happened to me ! It had floating text over my head and i could read it because it wasn't really rezzed properly. But i hated it :matte-motes-not-even:.
  10. I don't have aspergers, but i have a aunt that has it. I personally love being around her the most.
  11. Wait it out, most likely slow internet connection wait for atleast half an hour at the very most. If your using wireless then this happens sometimes. Do a character test. I still think its a matter of time though.:matte-motes-nerdy:
  12. Is it his land ? Are you renting commercial land ? Is it on your land ? I don't understand what you are exactly talking about. I mean it is his land after all. If he's not on yours then he's not in the wrong.
  13. My Fault, your land, i only own a 1500sqm (i think) and i live alone, you can edit your settings regardless. Im speaking for land renters from residents though, im not sure what linden labs have set.
  14. Why don't you just hide your sim and allow chat outside of it. It is your sim after all.
  15. Nothing happened, at all. See, Secondlife has Millions of users and it isn't just based around what you like. It seems as if your friend moved on, these sims were closed or abandoned or you have just been gone for along and forgot what second life is really about. You just have to find the people and sims that interest you. If you don't theres no point being on secondlife, well at least to me. :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2:
  16. Haha, i was going to say this too. But i wasn't sure which theme it actually fell into. -- Also I think on the destinations page they have a london sim for new residents rather you are new or not you will love it. :matte-motes-oh-rly:
  17. I found the problem, AVG deleted SLPLUGIN, i saw it actually like a week ago but i didn't know what was happening i had to go through my history and restore the link, I have media now but I need to check if i can join groups.. Edit: Solved itt.
  18. Rape City ? Ehh.. Not the best thing to advertise on your front page.:matte-motes-smug: I mean its not smart when they know kids are on Secondlife, yea they can't do anything about kids being on here because they will always be on second life no matter what security changes they make. So we can't post adult pictures all over the place but they can support rape communties ? But then again you had your settings on adult and this is the things you get. I know not everything in the adult section is actually adult but you have to think about what the option really means. I can care less aslong as they don't teleport people there because they were near a reigion close to it, but the reigion was down or something. :matte-motes-not-even:
  19. It wouldn't be fair in the lease for a new user to not be able to post on fourms, email verification yes (and a little lindens should come with that just saying). But if a new user was having a problem the residents are way more helpful than the staff and most moderators.
  20. So i find after the V3 viewer joining groups from searching them (via the link) it doesn't work at all, sometimes it says it isn't supported. So how exactly do they expect me to join groups other than the ones i was invited to ? Most of the groups aren't really location based and are more of a chatting group. :matte-motes-mad:
  21. I clearly stated this. --------------------------------- And now i kinda want some Prim boobage. -Stalks marketplace- They don't have lola tangos for my skin though :matte-motes-not-even:
  22. I agree I would like different chest too than the default but the prim ones are really weird, but i won't be rude to anyone who wears them. :matte-motes-nerdy: Because it's not really my place to tell some what looks good on them or not.
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