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  1. I've roleplayed as a child before, never in secondlife but in other virtual worlds, I see the midgets that call themselve's kids they have big boobs and wear crop tops and high heel's everyday. Since you would only have to be a active roleplayer tp actually run into this situation, you can tell who is a kid by the way they talk or act and their profile of course. If you see a ''kid'' on a adult roleplay sim, don't harass them, just go on about your teleporting because there really is alot of 4'3 avatars in secondlife. Also alot of kids wear mesh avatars so thats a thing to look out for as well.
  2. I mean they lost alot when sims started to get abandonned. I wish they would atleast sell the top ad space to merchants.
  3. Is Kirstens Viewer still being updated ? Does it support mesh,multiple tattoo layers,alpha layer and all of that type of stuff ? Does CatNip support alpha layers ? I know it supports mesh but I didn't hear if it supported alpha layers. K thats all, thankies. (P.s my button is broke so i can't type catnip correctly. See !)
  4. Just go into debug mode, choose RenderMaxTextureIndex and then set it to 0. It works everytime, and it is permanent.
  5. Im no boob expert, but don't you have to own the prim breast before buying clothes for them ?
  6. I think its allowed, you just can't get caught. :smileyvery-happy:
  7. Regardless of what age is set for someone to do something. There will always be ypunger or elder people doing it. Humans just have to do what they want ya know. This is why we are going to get blwon up by aliens and robots. :matte-motes-sick::robotlol: As for the survey I filled it out.
  8. I feel like all the games are a waste of time, even if you try to play them you only get like .35 lindens per whatever you do, especially in fish hunt and thats less than 1 linden. I'm a digital artist and i get paid every now and then about 2500L for a 160x220px image piece. And fpr full about 500x500px or more about 5000-6000L . Which is what i use to pay my land fee's off. I also might do offers and get about 500L. But I'm a shopaholic so this wasn't enough for me so i decided to just buy lindens. its not that much all.
  9. I don't believe so. What do you mean private parts ? Avatars don't come with them, you either buy prim or mesh genitals or you keep the barbie doll parts. But then again skins come with painted uhoh's and such, but how can it detect a skin ?
  10. Too many beautiful people. :robotsad:
  11. It's the speed of your connection, Like on youtube if you have crappy internet it will buffer forever, if you have decent internet or just a good connection it will play through.
  12. Can you be a bit more clear ? Im not sure if you bought or exchanged lindens. If you bought lindens and haven't received them you have to create a case under billing and wait a few days for a follow up. If you exchanged and didn't get your cash, I would let LL know as well before paypal, https://support.secondlife.com/billing-support/ Calling in is the best way, but if you can't you can create a ticket which kinda sucks, but can be useful. Either way you'll be fine, this seems to happen often. Goodluck !
  13. You have to delete the item from your magicbox. And afterwards synchronize. Once thats done it will appear as lost of missing and will let you delete. Or you can de-axctivate the item if you are unsure.
  14. Can you provide a screenshot ? The easiest things to do is to do a system restore. http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows7/products/features/system-restore That usually works, seems like its corrupted.
  15. I hadmy friend join with me, she quit and complained it was too complicated so i'm usually on here alone with my mesh cat.Point is if you want long lasting friendships you can't just find anybody and be all ''lets be friends''. Thoose never work. You have to meet people unexpectantly. Thats how I met all of my friends, at least my long lasting ones anyway.
  16. It will take time to find that look youi want to keep for a while. Sooner or later you'll end up buying thousands of other skins/shapes. So just have fun with what you combine. :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2: Don't stress about it.
  17. I agree with mothergoose, they also have lucky chairs like frequently.
  18. Maybe give more info ? Sounds a bit creepy. Full time in as what 24 hours ? Im sure thats not possible not even for the real internet addicts. What's the business ? What's the name of the business ? Do you have a region for this business ? Do you have a website ? What does it take to be a "good" worker ? Lots of things missing..
  19. Actually it's a problem for everyone. It just does not function properly. I heard its going to be a announcement about it soon.
  20. I see it all the time, especially with hair and skins. But is it possible to make a house in the sims 3 and upload it to sl ? And it would be legal ? I create all my textures and etc. But i always wanted to try such a thing. And seems much easier. I've seen others create houses and upload them into the sims 3, but can it be vice versa?
  21. This all sounds immature on both you and her part. Its different if shes being negative, for example :"Omg sally's real kids are so ugly". Or if shes actually putting information out there, which you didnt actually say, you just fell into victimization. How are we supposed to know if you werent talking about this lady all willy nilly either. It all sounds really petty. Another thing is that you can't just report her and say that shes giving out information about you if you have no saved chats or screen shots of anything. It really is a He say She say thing and its best to handle it your own.
  22. Seems cool. But personally I think every section is fine except the hair section. My idea of it: Hair>Female/Male>Mesh/Prim> And then a bunch of different styles. Too bad LL doesn't care though, but i can see why marketplace listings isnt the least of their problems.
  23. simple, you wont. Sorry but dont expect it. Before buying anything make sure its compatible with what you are using. At least you have a lesson learnt, no product will require you to have a ''special'' viewer, and if it does it will state which one.
  24. Alot of the time they get lost. If they don't they will be in your lost and found folder located in your inventory.
  25. I have a couple Irish family members, All of them literally look the same. Pale skin, rosey cheeks/ lips and ginger hair with freckles. So All you need is a pale skin, rosey blush,freckles and a ginger hair base and you are ready to go.
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