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  1. I think that, if I am not mistaken, graphics are going to become more realistic in gaming and virtual worlds. Right now there is a cartoon-ish/unreal quality to the graphics. What happens when the tech becomes better and the line between fantasy and reality blurs? For some, this will be the case. They have shown that porn can insight rape, and unrealistic views, of women. How will interactive rape sims have an affect on certain individuals? I saw SL as a beacon for the advancement of positive/creative immersive places. There are some amazing, inspiring sims out there - and amazing creative
  2. Thanks for all your replies. I use Firestorm - so this may be an issue only in FS. Also my topic is not in response to any other articles - just what I experienced in the login page yesterday. I dont think LL should ban the sims - I would, but that is just me - but a rating system of 'Extreme RPG' might be the order of the day. I think a line needs to be drawn. Is it OK to RPG racial violence - a KKK sim, for example? The are no boundaries to RPG and what people want to experience, but you can control the promotion. You can also word things better. Relationship are a part of SL and obviou
  3. Dear Linden Labs I can't believe that I have just seen a sim called 'Rape City' promoted on the main login page of SL. You have to be friggin' kidding me!! Why the hell would you not think that the promotion of this type of sim was going to offend many users of SL. I am very open minded but I would assume that there are users of SL who, for one, may have been through the horror of a rape and would not want to see the words 'fun' and 'rape' used in the same sentence! Having talked to some friends in SL about it, they equally appalled, I was told that there were sims that were dedicated to chil
  4. Hi I am trying to use Firestorm but it is not letting me log in - it says I have "incomplete credentials" - even tho my login and password are correct. Tried everything. Checked out forum etc. Cant find solution. :matte-motes-crying: Please help? Thanks Dark
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