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  1. I have been getting stuck a lot while sim crossing in flying vehicles during the last 3 days. Is it just me or this is happening again?
  2. Hello. My account was hacked yesterday. Someone changed my password and I was able to reset it through the password revovery system. I downloaded some security software and it found a Trojan Horse called Imuler 2.0a located in my SecondLife cache folder as a .texture file. I have isolated the Trojan Horse but I don't know if I am safe now? What should I do? How could this happen?
  3. This sucks. But you should get organized and form a colletive trust fund so ya'all citizens keep Next Day sim running. Personally I am not a citizen but I have good friends there and I can cooperate with a monthly fee if you let me rezz a small kiosk to sell my comics there.
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