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  1. Hi, i'm Molly, just got back from a 7 months break and it seems like many things in SL have changed as long as rp is concerned. I am looking for something similar to bloodlines, with families and such but not bloodlines. If you have any ideas please hit me up:D
  2. Hi I am looking to make some really nice pics and I need a professional photographer, anyone interested? If so, please let me know your info, prizes and if possible some examples of your work :))
  3. I am looking for some cute pink female hair but I have found nothing yet, little help here?
  4. Heeeeelllpp meeee! I have two paysafecards of 10 EUR each and I don't use them for anything than getting lindens but as all sites are down I can't use them for anything. Is there anyone that is interested in a trade? Please IM me
  5. I am sooo looking for a way to add linders in Second Life by paysafe. Lately many sites i used to do that has closed. And i have already bought my paysafe cards :O ....the big deal is that i don't use paysafe anywhere else !!! Heeeeeeeelp me! Is there anyone that can help me with that? For example to give someone the pins of paysafe cards that he can use to something else and give me the linders?
  6. xP yes I mostly lookin for childrens and yes to be a part of my family you need to be bitten to turn into a vampire. No you won't bleed green ,you won't bleed at all. And it would be something really cute to have a different Martian vampire person!
  7. Good day people, I hoped you could help me find a small and cheap Skybox that I can either buy or rent. I want it not as homestand but to rezz some things I just have no place to put in my house...aunt suggestions will be very appreciated.
  8. Hello there sweet people around the SL world, I am a female, single and I am looking for any friends or guys that wanna be part of my amazing world and wonderful family. I am offering to share with you anything you need like best friends do and I am asking you to just join my immortal world, I am a beautiful blonde vampire and I am looking forward to a small vitual family. Thanks for your time guys any applies here or in world would be very appreciated :D
  9. Good day people, I am a female not married or something like that but I have a little daughter and we both looking to grow our small family. And we decided to let at least three more kids to my vampire family. We are leaving in a big clan with many - many aunties, uncles, sister,brothers and cousins we are all close to each other and I'd love to add some more people in them as my own personal family. There are many things you should know if you want to join me but if you are really interested let me know by contacting me here or in-world. Thanks a lot for your time :D
  10. Hello there, I am female not married in SL but I am looking to grow up my vampire family with at least three more kids..i already have a daughter and she has grandparents too. If you are interesting in that kind of family just let me know
  11. Hello there I am a female vampire and looking for people to grow my small family at least with four more kids. I only got a daughter and I am not a lot in the master - slave role play but that's all I got if you are interested in just let me know in-worlds
  12. I would like a good photographer as soon as posible for a profile picture (one person) with any theme :) Please IM me inworld (afroksilan8i resident) .
  13. Hello muffins! I would love to join your trio but maybe some more info would be cool Like you looking for an adult sis RL ? Or SL or both, because I'm RL adult and SL shapeshifter.There are maaaaany things I have to tell you haven/t find.your third sis yet.Also what timezone are you two in ?So we could meet .And don't forget to ask you two about the family, you have parents or are just you two ?
  14. Hello people, I have been trying to log in to Second Life 2 hours now and i can't . I have instaled again and again my viewer (firestorm) and all the time the same thing it apears a message saying: "Login Failed, unable to conect to a simulator". Please someone help me! :matte-motes-sour:
  15. thank you so much =) ...You helped me a lot
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