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  1. xP yes I mostly lookin for childrens and yes to be a part of my family you need to be bitten to turn into a vampire. No you won't bleed green ,you won't bleed at all. And it would be something really cute to have a different Martian vampire person!
  2. Hello there, I am female not married in SL but I am looking to grow up my vampire family with at least three more kids..i already have a daughter and she has grandparents too. If you are interesting in that kind of family just let me know
  3. Hello there I am a female vampire and looking for people to grow my small family at least with four more kids. I only got a daughter and I am not a lot in the master - slave role play but that's all I got if you are interested in just let me know in-worlds
  4. Hello muffins! I would love to join your trio but maybe some more info would be cool Like you looking for an adult sis RL ? Or SL or both, because I'm RL adult and SL shapeshifter.There are maaaaany things I have to tell you haven/t find.your third sis yet.Also what timezone are you two in ?So we could meet .And don't forget to ask you two about the family, you have parents or are just you two ?
  5. thank you so much =) ...You helped me a lot
  6. I am not looking for professional work on the photos
  7. Well I could but I don't want to my.self and I am giving 50L$ for the two pictures
  8. I am not looking for professionals 0.o
  9. Really interesting at hosting part ..some more informations ? ( like times )
  10. How many linders you take for a profile picture ,Tamara?
  11. When you say people that want to get bitten by you you don't mean to turn them right ?