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  1. Go to preferences (ctrl+P), under the Graphics tab make sure the local lights box is checked. This will show the facelight and fireplace light. For the 'boob bounce' make sure the avatar physics slider is set to 1 (or is greater than 0)
  2. You have to abandon your land to release it. How to abandon land Open the World menu and select About Land. The About Land window opens. In the General tab of the About Land window, click Abandon Land
  3. That worked! Thank you so much
  4. I have tried that, but there is no edit option even though the hair is modify
  5. Is there anything cheaper?
  6. thanks
  7. Try ICING, the have gift cards, and very nice dresses:
  8. looks good, maybe I'll drop in sometime
  9. Thanks
  10. I would not mind being a hostess or security
  11. Darn! I wanted to apply but i am only 30 days old
  12. I would like apply for this job
  13. I'M me plz
  14. I would like to apply for a councellor