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  1. Awesome, I am not online right now. I am actually headed to bed. So hopefully I can catch you later on!
  2. Wow Fox, you have been so truly helpful. I will forever look back to this comment for any question I may ever have again! XD
  3. Honestly this is a SUPER awesome idea. I mean of course I know about the Hogwarts sim in SL (for the website on that) ----> http://mischiefmanagedsl.net/ But as far as the Sabrina type schooling... now that, that would be really awesome to start up.
  4. Hey yo! My family and I are big into Equestrian events and participate at a few sims that do competitions and roleplay. I'd be interested in hanging out with you and horsing around... haha!
  5. Ah that is unfortunate. I do know of a horse camp coming in June at an RP sim called Killerton Stables. I saw the ad posted on Facebook. I am unsure if you're into things dealing with equine events and so on but its open to a wide variety of ages and run by teens. The ad didn't have any exact times yet but they did have a small outline. Killerton Stables Summer Camp Dates: June 10th - 17th 3 pm slt - 5 pm slt Day 1: Child drop off with permission slips, get to know each other and the horses, basic horse care Day 2: Hike Day 3: Hoofball & Show Jumping/xcountry & Barrel Racing Day 4: Trail Riding Day 5: Crafts & Games Day 6: Sleep Over Day 7: Cook out & Field Day (showjumping, hoofball, barrel racing, xcountry) LM: http://maps.secondlife.com/…/The%20Crossroads%2…/19/237/1701
  6. I am still trying to figure out what its all about but something called like Richmond Summer Camp, seems fantasy and its for kids. I have no clue when it starts but thats always something, its not so much an RP sim but its like an RP event for kids from little to I think right before 18 in SL.
  7. I mentioned that I have adopted those animals before, I do not roleplay animals myself in the sense that you are seeking for your sim.
  8. @rabbitmask @April Cordeaux I met up with Tokyo and we hit it off, spent a few days hanging out, they really did wonders around my RP toddler. Those two wound up really hitting it off and becoming friends, I haven't seen the cat in over a week, I friended them on discord and reached out and never heard anything back. Unsure where they went, but they were most certainly missed. Not as active as the post above made them seem when seeking an RP location for themselves.
  9. @Bronwyn Breen You'd like me to message you?
  10. It's been a long time since I have had a cat in the family, if you get along with kids and a dog and horses let me know! Plenty of roofs to yowl from where we live, and lots of fish in the river to mess with!
  11. Can you please share the link, I used to love that place!
  12. Since Life2 has closed down, we are no longer able to be a Life2 community sim. We have now slowly transitioned into DFS - Digital Farming System, come take a look for yourself as some of the renters on sim have set up tiny little farming areas with animals and crops. We do have two large parcels for rent which is perfect for customizing your own home feel. Let me know how I can be of assistance! SLurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Neith/186/188/22
  13. Hey yo, so Heritage did close, they closed the ending of December. There of course are a few adoption agencies that have sprung up since then. I have had a roleplay Wolf, Dog and Fox as house pets before. I would love to get to know you better and see what kinda RP you're looking to get into as a pet doe! In-world name is RedWrath Resident, and I will check this thread again.
  14. @Caleb Krokus We run a small living community, do restarts all the time. We have a few active members and are looking to enrich that with systems like DFS since Life2 shut down most recently, and we have had to look for a new niche. Feel free to check us out sometime! https://brightmoorsl.wixsite.com/brightmoorsl
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