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  1. There is another sim out there recently opened but just as detailed if not more in what can be interacted with while there. It is called Ministry of Magick (I believe, currently not in world so I can't get you the LM at the moment) Here is the Flickr for the creator of the sim. https://www.flickr.com/photos/unorthodoxunderworld/ It's super rad, you can go OOC (grab a titler at the landing) and just explore, theres also a scavenger hunt that unlocks gifts that creators have donated that are HP themed. That is a 500L hunt and you have to join a group in order to get the hud and do the thing. There are classes and several roleplay positions open. I freaking loved it there, if I could get my ish together for a backstory I would most certainly be roleplaying there. Hope this helps!
  2. @saara Christenson I would love to visit whenever you are open officially to the public!
  3. I love this idea, I unfortunately do not have enough space to offer but really hope you can locate a spot to do this at, even if you do keep it on your private land. I was apart of an RP Stable that was on private land for a few months before it closed, it was really big into Horse avatar instead of the animesh pets, although they did allow them, and I truly miss interacting with horse roleplayers.
  4. Hey Roxie, I have had a panel up at Fur Ever Adoption Agency now for about a month, looking for a Dog, Cat, or Horse. Really any animal that gets along with my family and I. If you are still looking we would love to swap information and get to know each other. My in-world name is RedWrath Resident.
  5. Hello there, I believe I have seen this around in my travels. The creator is Ember Topaz, you need a broom to sweep the floor and a duster to clean the paintings. Here is the SLurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Keranio/93/230/69 You can purchase this cleaning system via the caspervendor on the wall. There is also a wooden cabinet here where you can get the broom and dust pan from. Hope that helps anyone looking, need help message me in-world.
  6. Congratulations on your adoption! My family and I recently got into BeYou and in our travels stumbled upon this place called 'Inkwell Cafe'. It's a BeYou restaurant/ Open Mic Night Cafe. I am unsure if they do reservations, but they do have an online board up for the owners, maybe you could reach out (should you like the place) and see if they offer roleplay services. I hope this helps! SLurl: Inkwell Cafe
  7. Heritage closed in December of 2018, it appears there were some issues and Dolly decided to just close her doors after all this time. N.G.I. is still open as well as a few others, Legacy is a popular one that open the moment Heritage closed. I hope that helps you both @candyhologram @Mckenna4cute Legacy SLurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/MuddPuddles/219/152/27
  8. Hey Lacey, I went ahead and sent you an IM offline, hopefully SL doesn't eat it and you got it. I also hope you're feeling better!
  9. Thank you for these, they were most certainly interesting to explore. Especially the Macbeth location, now that, that was creepy. XD
  10. @Lacey Pooley My family and I would love to roleplay with you and yours. I think its amazing that you have a lil RP b/f and I will spread the word he is looking for folks to fill that parental role. The teens, shoot even the parents in our family would love more people to throw pool parties with, ride horses, explore sims on Mini trips the works. My in-world name is RedWrath Resident. I will look for you to shoot you a message there as well! Hope to hear from you soon
  11. Just found this elsewhere on the forums, hope it helps!
  12. Awesome, I am not online right now. I am actually headed to bed. So hopefully I can catch you later on!
  13. Wow Fox, you have been so truly helpful. I will forever look back to this comment for any question I may ever have again! XD
  14. Any update yet in 2019?
  15. Honestly this is a SUPER awesome idea. I mean of course I know about the Hogwarts sim in SL (for the website on that) ----> http://mischiefmanagedsl.net/ But as far as the Sabrina type schooling... now that, that would be really awesome to start up.
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