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  1. RedWrath

    "Domesticated" deer looking for human family

    I mentioned that I have adopted those animals before, I do not roleplay animals myself in the sense that you are seeking for your sim.
  2. RedWrath

    Cat seeking an active family/community

    @rabbitmask @April Cordeaux I met up with Tokyo and we hit it off, spent a few days hanging out, they really did wonders around my RP toddler. Those two wound up really hitting it off and becoming friends, I haven't seen the cat in over a week, I friended them on discord and reached out and never heard anything back. Unsure where they went, but they were most certainly missed. Not as active as the post above made them seem when seeking an RP location for themselves.
  3. RedWrath

    "Domesticated" deer looking for human family

    @Bronwyn Breen You'd like me to message you?
  4. RedWrath

    Cat seeking an active family/community

    It's been a long time since I have had a cat in the family, if you get along with kids and a dog and horses let me know! Plenty of roofs to yowl from where we live, and lots of fish in the river to mess with!
  5. RedWrath

    Pet Adoption Agencies for Animals

    Can you please share the link, I used to love that place!
  6. RedWrath


    Since Life2 has closed down, we are no longer able to be a Life2 community sim. We have now slowly transitioned into DFS - Digital Farming System, come take a look for yourself as some of the renters on sim have set up tiny little farming areas with animals and crops. We do have two large parcels for rent which is perfect for customizing your own home feel. Let me know how I can be of assistance! SLurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Neith/186/188/22
  7. RedWrath

    "Domesticated" deer looking for human family

    Hey yo, so Heritage did close, they closed the ending of December. There of course are a few adoption agencies that have sprung up since then. I have had a roleplay Wolf, Dog and Fox as house pets before. I would love to get to know you better and see what kinda RP you're looking to get into as a pet doe! In-world name is RedWrath Resident, and I will check this thread again.
  8. RedWrath

    Active, lower lag family rp sims?

    @Caleb Krokus We run a small living community, do restarts all the time. We have a few active members and are looking to enrich that with systems like DFS since Life2 shut down most recently, and we have had to look for a new niche. Feel free to check us out sometime! https://brightmoorsl.wixsite.com/brightmoorsl
  9. RedWrath

    Life2 vs beYou HUD

    It sucks that Life2 had a "DDOS" attack and is closed until further notice.
  10. RedWrath

    i wanna become a maid.

    I would most certainly be interested in having a baby sitter watch my kids or just join in for like activities like readings and kid stuff on sim. If you both are interested in that hit me up! RedWrath Resident in-world!
  11. RedWrath


    Hey @Tisori I am so glad to hear that you enjoyed our community, we truly hope to see you back in town soon. Today at 2:00pm slt we're having a Life2 picnic and 7 seas fishing by the creek. We would love to meet you there!
  12. RedWrath


    I run a living community that does Life2 and anyone can roleplay at their own will, it's not a forced thing. We are not located on Mainland, so if that is a definite then we wouldn't be what you seek in that aspect. We are: The Town of Brightmoor https://brightmoorsl.wixsite.com/brightmoorsl
  13. RedWrath

    Dog rp'er in search of a home!

    @Dogecoins I am super interested, would love to get to know you more!
  14. RedWrath

    Tipsy Cow is Hiring

    I really wanna go to a place called the tipsy cow, has anyone found the location?
  15. Tonight is the Grand Opening of 'Corrupt the Innocence' Nightclub and Sim! Angels & Demons Party at 6:00pm slt Kicking off the event will be DJ Dirty Red and her amazing tunes! Come explore the corrupted side of things, or if you prefer the kawaii side of things! Please note this is an 18+ Sim, we are all species friendly (Furry- Human & More) SLurl: NightClub Landing Point SLurl: Sandbox SLurl: Rentals