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Found 5 results

  1. I'm looking to fill in roles for a family I've been roleplay as for five years. I roleplay several different characters within this family currently. Akiko (27) and Morgan (15). Suzume (47) was retired as a character and is roleplay as NPC. Akiko is the half-sibling of Suzume and the aunt to Morgan. Morgan is the adopted daughter of Suzume. It's not your typical family roleplay. This is a Harry Potter themed family meaning we are all wizards and witches. There is a roleplay sim I am active on that would be used. However, I would want to do a trial before having people apply for that roleplay sim. There is one retired character I have that still has open children roles. For those roles Akiko would be acting as the mother. Honestly, they are quiet similar characters except Akiko comes without all the trauma making her a much more stable parent. Not that Suzume wasn't a good mother, but she certainly had her problems where I didn't feel like I could introduce anyone to be her kids. I'm tired of roleplay with myself when it comes to family. Now Morgan does have an biological family she is connecting with but I'd love for her adoptive family to also have people playing them. Please check out the bellow link for detailed information. OOC About Me: I'm 25 year old cis female. I'm omnisexual. Currently single and happy. I'm a huge fan of Harry Potter, even if I don't agree with a certain someone's views these days. I've been roleplay for 10 years on Second Life and even longer on roleplay forums. Please contact me at morgannatravers resident or amberrosekettle resident. Amai Family History and Role Descriptions
  2. I am looking for this specific item I saw a couple years ago that I can't seem to find or something similar. It was a kitchen pot/pan that was animated to look like it was cleaning itself. Kind of like a magical item. If anyone knows what I am talking about please tell me who makes it or where I can buy it! Thank you so much!
  3. I am a little uncomfortable to write this as I have an "old" account... but to give you a little backstory, I joined SL years ago on a whim (with my rl bestie), hung around for a week or two pretty much exclusively flying around with her (I believe in a place called Sexy Freebie Paradise 😜), trying on some pretty average clothes and having a bit of a laugh. It soon became boring (surprise!). My bestie left sl and I did too. It was an easy decision to make as I was not immersed in the experience and had no connections to anyone on sl. 4 years ago I logged on again. The second time around I was more interested in exploring. I had specifically been interested in connecting with Harry Potter fans, wearing a uniform (it's what I feel most comfortable in) and so on. As it turned out, I ended up finding school to "attend" (a private college, but not HP related). I can hardly say I was a diligent student or serious when it came to rp (which I have little to no experience in), but I made some friends there and when it was fun, it was a lot of fun. Life happened and I left sl again after a few months. I recently decided to come back. The school that I attended 4 years ago is now closed and this time I am more interested in connecting with people who are into HP/wizarding world stuff, specifically. I have applied to attend Hogwarts through a dedicated HP sim (waiting for my owl 😉), and the people I have met there so far seem cool. But if anyone else would like to connect with me in the meantime, feel free to get in touch. I hope to rp a student (Ravenclaw) while in school but I won't be there exclusively, I think. I also spend some time at the beach (and it's pretty much the only time I am not in my school uniform, so I am probably not the best clothes shopping buddy 😄, though I am open to it). If you like HP, have nothing against school uniforms (or hanging out with someone wearing one), consider yourself a student/professor or a non-active member of any Hogwarts house, etc and you want to know about me, you are welcome to visit my profile or message me. I'm in Europe, so might not be online when most of sl is, but I am a bit of a night owl so it is possible our paths may cross. 🙂 Thanks for reading!
  4. Or anything populated, I'm coming back to SL after a few years of not playing. And was wondering if there was any Harry Potter themed hangouts or anything like it, that's active. I know mischief managed is large, so I might apply for that. But was just curious as to what's out there! If you like Harry Potter or anything of the sort, don't be shy to add me in world!: Nezal
  5. Hello everybody! So I've been looking for a while now for an RP partner in the Mischief Managed Sim. This sim, for those who aren't familiar with it, is based on Harry Potter, though the events there are happening many years after the events of Deathly Hallows. I have a pure-blood family there, with a specific storyline. A rich family, with many brothers and sisters, living in a huge mansion (yes, an actual house on an actual sim so you are getting your own room and everything), and one of their sisters was murdered. Most of the family members who attended Hogwarts were sorted into Slytherin, as so is your character. The character is named Lucian, he was sorted into Slytherin though he always wanted to be in Ravenclaw, but the sorting hat takes the family history into account too. He loves potions and Quidditch (The sim also allows you to play for the Quidditch teams, if you are interested, not a must tho), and is on his fourth year at the moment. Lucian is supposed to have a romantic storyline with a young girl whom his sister hates, so you need to agree to that because that's a very big part of his life. The character will be completely designed for you (I will spend the money on the mesh head, skin and all that there is!), with a given username & password, so everything sorted. This specific character design will be for the MM sim, so you can change yourself however you want if you go to other places or RP on other sims. If that sounds interesting to you, and you'd like to hear more details about the sim or the character, contact MilenaTulish or Aeranthii. Looking forward to meeting you (would like to clarify- paid character means that I pay for the appearance of your given avatar + give you your own room, it does not mean that you will get paid)
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