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  1. Kitty Cafe is hosting events every Wednesday at 2pm SLT, from board game clubs, to bingo, and even trivia! SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Raccoon Bay/243/220/24 This is your chance to make friends, get back into your competitive spirit or bond with family!
  2. Kitty Cafe presents~ Trivia Night! This event is open to all ages, no matter how young or old you are, anyone can join in the fun! Trivia night will consist of 40 questions, and at least 5L$ will be paid out to the first correct answer. The themes are; Wildlife, Cats, Dogs & Mixed. The participants get to pick the theme. As it is a Kitty Cafe, there are cats, coffee, cake, and fun! Trivia Night takes place every Friday at 2 pm SLT at The Kitty Cafe SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Raccoon Bay/172/27/24 FYI: there have to be at least 4 participants to start the trivia. This event isn't a competition. The cafe is open for non-event days and sells MyStory coffee and tea.
  3. Grimlocke Rental Company introduces our newly available rental units! 436 Othala RD: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Raccoon Bay/36/185/25 2 Luna DR: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Crystal Nite Grove/186/204/31 70 Othala RD: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Juniper Woods/176/220/30 113 Full Moon CT: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Crystal Nite Grove/96/10/24 website: https://townofgrimlocke.com/ discord: https://discord.com/invite/5bsvx63Gwg welcome centre: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Raccoon Bay/122/210/1996 From 25th March to 1st April, we will be running a rental special for a buy 2 weeks, get 1 week free on all rentals.
  4. Grimlocke is currently hiring for a Marketing and Events manager. The ideal candidate must be: - Outgoing & bubbly. Especially when hosting events. - Organised. - Excellent at time keeping. - Great communication skills. The roles of the job is as follows: - Oversee marketing & event moderators performance. - Organise & schedule events. - Copy writing, creating schedules, notices, posters for the event campaign. - The knowledge of using social media is desirable, but not essential. - Must be confident to communicate with other departments and attend meetings. Experience of Event and Marketing manager is desirable but not essential as training can be given. In return, we offer: - 15% discount on any rental you choose. - Opportunity to work in a friendly and dynamic team. - Regular social activities within the sim. - No schedule, or set hours, and no office to work from. Please contact myself, Ghostly Dismantled with a notecard with: - Your full SL name and username. - Reason why you are interested in this role. - Why you think you would be a good fit for this role. - If you have any previous experience relevant to this role.
  5. Here's what happening in Grimlocke this week! All events are open to all ages. We are a family and furry friendly community. Tuesday: Craft Hour at Hearth Orphanage at 1pm SLT - With the kit set out by the event host, you can craft an object yourself! Each event will give you an opportunity to make something different each time. Wednesday: Trivia Night at Kitty Cafe at 1pm SLT - This week, we are starting a new event for trivia lovers, or those who are competitive. This weeks theme is Cats, there will be 40 unique questions and the trivia ball will have 500L$ in, you will get a portion of the pot for each answer you get right. Thursday: Board Game Club at Kitty Cafe at 2pm SLT - The Kitty Cafe with coffee, cats and cake is hosting an evening for those who want to make friends with humans or the four-legged felines and play board games at the same time. (Please see separate poster for the example of games). Friday: Storytime at Hearth Orphanage at 2pm SLT - if you like stories and listening to a soothing voice inworld as they read out loud, this is for you! One member of our management team will use voice to read aloud to the audience, stories are picked from online sources, all stories are child friendly and kept PG. Saturday: Under The Stars at Campgrounds at 7pm SLT - This event is about being outside surrounding a campfire, listening to stories, including many other outdoor camp activities. Sunday: Field Trip at Hearth Orphanage at 2pm SLT - Want some adventure and travel to a mystery sim instead of sim hopping? Then join us! We have previously gone to Chamonix where the children and adults-alike learned to ski, and had a snowball fight. Sounds exciting right? Can't wait to see you there! SLURLS: Hearth: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Juniper Woods/142/54/30 Kitty Cafe: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sunrise Heights/213/4/23 Campground: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sunrise Heights/133/195/23
  6. Small landscaped and furnished parcels availabe to rent at Grimlocke. Rent with us, rent with Grimlocke. We have many rentals to offer you, and if you don't like one, we can add you to waiting list so we can help you be more at home here with us! Introducing... 240 Full Moon house (2-3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom) (the large picture on the poster). It is a spacious, and a beautiful home for any family that chooses it. The rental itself comes with a car port, and a boat dock, ideal for some time on our waters to fish, or dump a body, your choice. The home is located just next to Da Bear Square which is a small shopping square which includes commercial rentals for those looking to open a store, a teen hangout, a rob-able jewelery store, and a pizza restaurant. We also have more rentals for you to pick from! Website: https://townofgrimlocke.com/ Welcome Centre: https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Raccoon Bay/122/209/1995
  7. Grimlocke is a multi-sim community that is modern, with a twist of the supernatural flare. We are family & furry friendly. Marketing Staff: We are looking for marketing staff with excellent attention to detail and accuracy, confident copywriting skills, excellent organisational skills with a proactive and self-motivating approach. While supporting the Events Manager, the role will include: Planning & writing content for social media & event notices Organising and supporting in-world events. Working with other Grimlocke Departments for marketing needs. Management of social media channels (facebook, instagram & flickr). Handle event queries in group chat and discord. Supporting the Events Manager with administrative duties. Having knowledge of Discord, Clickup, Facebook, Instagram and Flickr is desirable but not essential, as training can be given. Teachers (including Equestrian Club Teacher): We are looking for organised candidates with excellent communication skills and a bubbly personality for the role of teachers. A unique opportunity has arisen for someone to join Grimlocke Public School as a teacher for all key stages. This role is flexible as you can pick your own subject to teach for one whole semester, then you have the option to pick a different subject for the next semester. You have the ability to inspire and challenge students through their passion and knowledge. The ideal candidate will: Possess the skill to teach high quality lessons with fun learning opportunities. Have excellent communication skills. Able to build a positive working environment. Be a team player and work independently. For both roles, in return we will offer: An opportunity to work in a dynamic team with a great sense of humour. Internal opportunities for career advancement into other departments. As a teacher, you will get a 15% discount on your rental. If you are interested in a role and would like more information on it, please contact one of the following: Marketing: Petal Soleil (petal.uwu) - Events Manager School: Gracelynnicole Resident - School Director If you’re ready to apply, follow this link: https://townofgrimlocke.com/careers/staff/ Visit Grimlocke: https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Raccoon Bay/122/209/1995 Grimlocke Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TownOfGrimlocke Grimlocke Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/groups/14848739@N22/ Grimlocke Discord: https://discord.com/invite/5CCUBQuaDx
  8. thread closed due to getting the script I needed.
  9. I could try to use the one you have... could I message you further about it inworld?
  10. Hi. I am looking to hire a scripter to make a menu based rezzer, it's to rez board games with offset to each game. - the script should have a 10 second timeout option for the blue dialog menu. - the option to "clear" any game rezzed via blue dialog. - the menu to have the capacity to hold at least 21 games, if not, 18. - the board games to have a certain offset for when they're rezzed from the rezzer. the position could be put in the description of the game and have the main script read it to rezz it? - if someone selects a game from the menu, and selects another game a couple of seconds after, the old game should de-rezz and the new game rezzes in its place. please message me inworld with a notecard if you'd like to do this along with your quote. thanks. [serious replies only]
  11. I just realized what I did wrong. On the llRequestPermissions script, it was set to left hand and not left lower arm. Omg... Thank you for your help Rolig
  12. @Rolig Loon I have been doing. The multiple tests I've been running is to attach the object from my inventory and adjust to almost-perfection, including the rotation. I set it into the rezzer, and when I rez it, touch the object to attach and the same results. I have two scripts in the object, which is a Pose to play a specific animation and the request permissions to attach. Would it help to paste the scripts here?
  13. Hi. So I managed to get a bucket on the wall to rez a another bucket to attach to avatar, everything works but the positioning. When I touch the bucket rezzed, llRequestPermission dialog pops up, once accepted the rezzed object attaches to the avatar but doesn't attach correctly. It would be on the correct attachment point (left forearm) but the rotation won't change no matter how many tests or adjustments I run. Not sure quite what to do.
  14. Hi. Queenholme is looking to branch out and hire an event organiser and roleplay mentor(s). Queenholme holds 40 stalls in an open-air barn, holds monthly events in disciplines & regular riding lessons. The event organiser role will receive full training and support throughout the job. Roleplay mentors must be experienced in roleplay. So if you like teaching and would like to help others as a mentor/teacher, feel free to sign up. Because this is a roleplay and a community sim, there will be no pay. Carraige ride: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tame And Wild/15/127/1002 IM SweetheartLara for info/application.
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