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  1. This is for Alwin Alcott stubborn and grumpy.
  2. If I hear songs like this I always think about this
  3. That should be a new topic :-) Love that as a bingewatcher.
  4. It's really great hearing some bands you never heard of. Thank you all!
  5. Hi everyone. Now i finally have a new laptop, but what ever i try ( and i googled a lot), I just can not seem to find my system information to post on the forum, so you can check it out if it's ok for SL. I keep getting Rainmeter results. And yes, I feel stupid enough i can't find it. Thanks for any help! I have a HP with windows10. There is a sticker with more information on the back, but my eyes are really bad, so I can not read it. That sometimes is a good thing, when Sl is really slow I don't see any difference. Taking picturees takes forever, but that's ok :-) Pleas
  6. https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/434081-process-credit-to-skrill-issue/?tab=comments#comment-1868224 Sind mehrere Leute, die das haben
  7. In welchem Alter sind Sie SL-Mitglied geworden? denn wenn das nicht 18 oder höher ist, musst du warten, bis du 18 wirst. (Google translate)
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oAG7ECgXjcs
  9. Thank you, and thank you Skell. I was really trying to look for something like this. See you all in a few days. ( but if my pictures don't look like the awesome ones you all post, it will be a few months.)
  10. Can I ask, if I want pictures like VictoriaGrwd, I need more resolution? And before I keep asking questions, did anyone post a blog or topic on the forum how to make the best photos?
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