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  1. The only 2 I is was really proud of. The rest.... still learning
  2. They say it can be 40°C or 104°F on friday over here. Beachpic!
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-I_T3XvzPaM
  4. Now I understand. They close some islands for updates, and then you land in one of 4 places.Ungren is my place. Hence (I love that word) the place I land. Because I am being punished.... :-)
  5. Let's call it Ungren, that makes everything better. Who invented this place? Horrible!! Never been there, never ever will again. OP asked "how does your avatar look today?" If I tried to make a photo closer and maybe nicer, my laptop would explode. ""Mumbles: Never ever again...""
  6. I finally Googled Usagi, now I want a rabbit....
  7. Second try, Looks a bit better :-)
  8. I couldn't make a picture because my laptop didn't like that place very much, but what i could see looked very nice, so I just wanted to share Morning glow, Luanes magical Worldwith you. Maybe someone can use it.
  9. Easiest RP today, just sit very very still
  10. "The composistion is stilted, the space compressed, the gestures stiff, and the tones predominantly blue". When you are bored on SL, doesn't mean you can't still learn things...
  11. I"m maybe smiling, but inside... I am not
  12. Thanks!! I never knew how to call these places, so i just follow profiles. Grungy and apocalyptic. Never would have guessed that. This was in a mall (smilies don't work with this browser, so 2 little smilies on a swing)
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