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  1. You didn't read, did you? It happens in America, it happens in the rest of the world. Good and bad things. Now you seem to do nothing about the bad things. And there we are. It's here. And Americans do nothing to change it. Scared of not being woke or blm... lol.
  2. Lol, only one woke leftie with an answer. Thanks for making my point leftie, Americans really think all will be good. But ok, good luck with the Vogons. Pathetic.
  3. Really? That is what Americans think about? People who try to get a better life in a neighbouring country, because people over there keep talking about the the American Dream and they also want that? Stop talking about how great America is. It is not. You did bring all the good things to the rest of the world, but now you bring all the bad things everywhere. We don't want it. And that, my American children, is how we think about you in the rest of the world. Andy Ngô for President.
  4. This is a story about the perfect family I am glad to be part of
  5. Maybe it tells a story, but I don't see it 😄
  6. I like this shop, but not sure if it's allowed to post the link, so here is their Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/139962788@N05/
  7. Easy to say when your name is Solo. But this Ava never did Pixel, and the OP should just have bought another computer and ask his wife to have a look at SL. Maybe she would like it. But is it not sex? My ava before this was a dancer, and got paid. For the people who paid SL is real I think.
  8. Thank you. I just want to help, and if they don't follow it, because people like easy nowadays, that is their miss. Don't listen, I send them to Quinn Lysette, let's see if they listen after that...
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