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  1. Hi everyone. I've been having a problem lately where makeup/hair bases I apply to my head take forever to render/load onto the head or just don't render at all. As a result, the textures of the makeup and hair bases are just perpetually blurry. Anyone have any solutions for this? Thank you in advance! Here is a picture of what I'm talking about: https://gyazo.com/bd03b728e9a8f5d06153c90582a12346 The eyeliner is blurry. It has been about 10 minutes and it still hasn't rendered onto the eye.
  2. does anyone know of any nice housing communities on here on the mainland? i'm looking for an active community with nice homes and a decent amount of amenities.
  3. Thank you so much! I am new to creating and I had no idea that the UV maps were just limited in that way. I thought I just wasn't looking hard enough lol! Thank you! Do you know how I would go about drawing it on the 3D model or perhaps know of any tutorials on that?
  4. Hi everyone! I am trying to make a shoulder tattoo as well as a rib cage tattoo for my avatar and I am having trouble finding UV map templates that showcase the avatar from a lateral view. All of the templates I am finding only show the front and back views of the avatar. If you have any good resources for other templates besides anterior and posterior templates, please link them below! All help is appreciated. Thank you in advance and I apologize if I am posting this in the wrong topic!
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