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  1. Thank you. Thank you! I am joining the group now just to keep 'in the know'.
  2. I am confused. I use Avastar with Blender and want to make fitmesh clothing but it is not clear to me what version of Blender and what version of Avastar are working the best right now. Does anyone know?
  3. I agree! Perhaps an announcement about the new fitted mesh or upcoming plans for the Marketplace, or... something. I am hoping under the new CEO that there might be an improvement on communication from the Lab.
  4. It sounds like you both are wearing the new fitted mesh. Only the latest SL viewer supports it so far. I hear Firestorm will support it soon. What you are describing is what is seen by viewers that do not support it yet.
  5. You will still likely have to use an alpha layer as most fitted mesh will, at best, conform to most body shapes. There will be poke-throughs with animations and certain poses for sure. I have one dress that is fitted so far in my shop and it works really well but still requires the alpha. As for there being less work than making 5 sizes, that's actually a false statement. Making the fitted mesh (weight painting and rigging it) is a lot more work and much harder than the previous method. You shouldn't expect lower prices.
  6. Just ignore the error message. It does that often but the folders move to your store without issue.
  7. When weighting to the collision bones, you also need to select the joints on import to SL.
  8. You have to use magic boxes for bred pets as you do not have full perms to them. Look up magic boxes on the SL Wiki.
  9. You have to buy their developer kits and they come with the instructions. You must be the creator of the original clothing you want to make the appliers for as well.
  10. Are you using png for the texture or jpg? There is an issue with textures that contain an alpha channel being too close to another texture that uses an alpha channel. I don't know what your skin is using so hard to tell. If I use an object that is textured with a png close to another (say a wall), they fight and one disappears.
  11. For the past few days, I haven't been able to upload rigged .dae files into SL if they are rigged to the upper body. A dress that I was able to upload about 2 weeks ago without problems, now gives me an invalid asset error. I can upload pants and skirts with no issue, even though my process is exactly the same as I follow for dresses and tops. I have tried in both SL viewer as well as Firestorm. Is anyone else having this issue? Any ideas? [edited to add info] Also, I am able to upload the files into Kitely without issue.
  12. If you click on your cart and there is nothing in the list on that page, then it is indeed a bug and you'll have to open a ticket to get help. The Lindens don't follow the forums for things like this I'm afraid. Good luck!
  13. Short answer, about 5 to 10 minutes. Long answer, there are many, many items featured there so refreshing your page over and over for more than an hour MIGHT allow you to see your item. To be honest, I personally feel there are too many featured items in that category to make it worth the expense.
  14. That's very helpful, thank you. I will try that. Would you suggest to begin with a smart unwrap or cube or some other starting point? Does it make sense to create the seams or no? Before I manipulate the UVs I mean.
  15. Thank you all for this thread. My question is, what settings did you use for your UVs in Blender? I'm currently fighting with my UVs and can't seem to get them to unwrap with the correct aspect ratio.
  16. Don't hold your breath. When this happened to me a few months back, I was told they know about it and they run a batch at the end of each month and pay out what they owe in error to all merchants who fell victim to it. Since it's now a new month, I doubt you will see your refund until the new year. Good luck though. Maybe things have changed...
  17. I can attest to the BELLY collision bone creating a mess once the belly slider goes above about 14. I hope more work is done on that one in particular. Also, are people successfully uploading mesh clothing using the collision bones into the testing viewer? I'm getting an error even though according to blender, my mesh is fine. [edited for typo]
  18. A huge thank you to Gaia Clary for helping me with this issue. It turns out that I was doing something incorrectly. Gaia, you are a fantastic resource to us creators! To help others, here was her response to what I was doing wrong: In your example you have: - the armature in Object Mode - the Mesh in weight Paint mode when you now click on a bone, you will simply switch the active object from the mesh to the armature. So what you want to do is this: - right click the armature - set the armature to pose mode - right click the mesh - set it to weight paint mode Then you can use the bones to select the weight groups as expected.
  19. Under my mesh, it shows modifier and then avatar under that in the stack. Does this sound correct? I parented the mesh to the armature as per the tutorial. Gaia Clary wrote: This happens when your mesh is not rigged to the skeleton. Please check that in the modifier stack. If you see an armature modifier that attaches your mesh to the Avastar skeleton then it should work s expected.
  20. I've been weight painting for a while now with the SL bones so I don't need help with actual weight painting. My problem is that after I set the collision (volume) bones in Avastar to deform and then go into weight painting mode, I am unable to select the deform bones so that I can paint. When I try to select a deform bone, it selects all of the bones and puts me into pose mode. I am using the latest Blender version .69 and Avastar 1.1.905. Has anyone else run into this issue? Any ideas?
  21. If you have a bank account attached to your paypal account, you can withdraw your money from your paypal account into your bank account. That also takes a few days.
  22. Often times the problem is with the weight painting of the clothing. If that isn't properly done, any alpha will likely show through on certain movements of your avatar. Until we get the deformer, there are always going to be issues like this. I include the alpha and alpha textures full perm with all of my mesh and I test all of the sizes but I know there will never be a perfect fit for all customers. It also surprises me how many customers don't try the demo first.
  23. I agree with Sassy 100%. The other thing that worked for me when starting my brand was to really decide who your target market is and find a few bloggers who reach that market. Give them a review copy and ask them to blog your products. Make sure they are syndicated in several big blog sites. Best of luck!
  24. Sweet Distractions is moving most of it's inventory over to Kitely now as well. We're not leaving SL but making our offerings available to the larger and growing market. I have to say, the folks I've met so far are amazing and the ease of uploading to the grid as well as the marketplace trumps SL by far. You can choose to only sell to Kitely residents if you like. That way, you have the same protection as you have in SL. You actually have to choose to allow people to be able to export your products. So far, so good.
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