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  1. What happens with 0L$ items is that when you click buy now it takes you to another page which you could confuse as it putting you back to the marketplace but its really just ads for peoples stuff. That have paid to get there items shown there. If you scroll to the bottom of that page you will see a button that says place your order click that and it will take you to the cashier. If this is not what is happening you could try another browser and see if that works.
  2. If your old hotmail account was used for your paypal and you changed that over to work with your new email. Then it sounds like what happened to my girlfriend. If it says the payment went through LL will tell you that they will have to wait for paypal to send the money back before you can get the money back in your account. What to do is phone paypal and tell them that a payment was sent to the old email that you used for your paypal they will reactivate your old email and you should see your payment straight away. But in the mean time I would go a change the paypal email you have on your account here so it doesnt happen again.
  3. We can only guess why they do it. But I think its to allow people to edit the mesh say add a bow here or a spike there then rig it to the mesh. Well thats what I would be giving the dae files for but currently I only give the dae files with semi exclusive items. I do know someone that does that also gets some mesh resized to there store sizes and gets the material faces edited.
  4. You can check here to see if your skin has appliers for them. http://slinkstyle.com/appliers_non-applier-matches/ Some skin makers may not make appliers for slink hands and feet and you will need to use the HUD that came with your feet/hands to match it up. I do see on that page it says if you cant get it to match up you can contact Slink Resident to help you. So if you need to do that follow what it says about contacting SLink Resident.
  5. Mesh in Second Life can only have 8 material faces. You can have more than 8 material faces if you make the mesh a link set. So for your mesh if you split it into 3 mesh with 8 material faces each it will work. To export it as a link set just select the 3 meshes when you go to export them. Then when they are uploaded to select the material face you want to add a texture to right click and edit and click select face. Then click on the material face on the mesh ether drag the texture on to it or select the texture in the texture tab in edit mode.
  6. I have the retopology tools from that person and there a nice addition to my work flow. But as i said you can get both of the tools i posted for free on github which i also posted links to. If you pay for them you are paying for the development of the tools and another tools they bring out. I basically see it as some freeware that you get you can get it for free and donate to the development which i have no problem doing. I can see your point about if you where going to spend that much you would just buy another program. But i like to keep the amount of programs i use to make something to a minimum.
  7. Yeah I can understand that and it would be great if there was a away to be able to update your listing to show where an item has been moved to. Maybe away to call up some basic functions of the marketplace listings in world. Such as being able to stand next to the item in question bring up the listing and click set tp at my location. All done in world prob not ideal if you have a lot of items and im not even sure how easy that would be to do. What would be your idea for doing it? Would be great to find out what other people think not that it will make much of difference though.
  8. jordanit0

    Blender Retopo

    So as a member of cgcookie I have saw that a couple of the people that do tuts for blender have brought out a couple of new tools to speed up retopo. Now they are in a sense not free but they are bare with me on that and ill explain. The source code for both the items are up on github free to use. But they do sell the tools so they can be developed better. So you are prob saying get to the point so I thought I post the videos and links where to get them. First we have The contours retopology tool. Which i have been using a lot since I got it and most say its very fast at what it does. Though I do feel as though it can be a bit laggy at time but I believe this is more to do with my laptop than the tool itself. Then we have Polystrips retopology. Now I cant say much about this as it doesn't work so well for me its very laggy on my laptop. But this is newer of the two tools they brought out so there will be more done to it. You can buy both of these on the cgcookie website. Updates they say will be free for both of the tools. http://cgcookie.com/downloads/contours-retopology-tool/ http://cgcookie.com/blender/2014/10/09/retopology-tool-polystrips-released/ Polystrips is the dearer of the two so if you are like me and are not sure if they are for you ill posting the links for the source code from github. I will be buying the the contours retopo tool the next time i get paid i think it is well worth the money. Anything that can speed up work flow is great in my books. For ploystrips you need both of these. https://github.com/CGCookie/retopology-polystrips You put this one in the lib folder of the addon. https://github.com/CGCookie/retopology-lib You just need this for the Contours retopo tool. https://github.com/CGCookie/retopology-contours Hopefully these will be of the same help to you as they are to me. Thanks Jordan
  9. Its not really true I only found this out due to the fact most of my items changed in rating and support was very helpful in telling me how to bulk edit my items. When you go to manage listing you can click the box next to all the items you want to change. Then go down and change the drop down to edit and click go Then when you are in the edit listing page just click the box on the part you want to change then hit update. Now all your selected items will get bulk updated.
  10. I woudlnt see how it would matter but if you are unsure you can always ask the landlord of the place you are looking to rent. They may have some rules that say you must use a house on the sky platform. But I wouldnt see why it would matter. But if in duobt just ask the landlord or check the covenant on the land. To check the covenant you can go to the wolrd tab > region details and select covenant or press alt r.
  11. It looks like some of your normals are facing the wrong way. If you go into edit and select the whole mesh and press ctrl n that will recalculate the normals. If that doesnt work correctly you will have to go in and manually flip the dierction of the normals by selecting each face that is the wrong way with them highlighted press w and select flip normals. Not sure if this will be the same on your version of blender though. To see if your normals are facing the wrong way you can enable backface cullling which is found the shading properties panel. Im not sure if this will be in a different place with the version of blender you are using. Also it looks like your mesh is flat shaded. I would turn on smooth shading so the mesh looks less jaggy. You can change the shading mode when in object mode with your mesh selected you should see the option in your tool panel. Again this maybe different on your version of blender. The above shortcuts and information is all based on me using blender 2.71, so you may have to google how to do this on your version of blender or better still upgrade your blender to the newest one. I do realise though that a lot of the tutorials all use different versions of blender, which have different UI layouts dont let the put you off using a more up to date version. You may just have to google some parts to find out where the have now been moved to.
  12. I spoke to casper in the caspertech group and he said " It shows $ because the system supports different grids, sometimes the currency is not in L$". So its not a typo just how the system works. So just remember most things you buy in SL will be charged in L$ and you cant buy anything from a vendor if you dont have the funds in your account. You may get a prompt from the viewer to buy more L$ but it should tell you the price in your currency.
  13. If you bought it inworld it woudnt go into you received folder, have a look in recent you should find it there.
  14. I just checked mine to see what it says in the receipt if it shows $ instead of L$, it just shows $ i think this is just a typo but ill bring it up in the capertech group.
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