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  1. I have a customer asking me to redeliver items he lost which he bought a year ago in MP. Can I do a search of his name in the orders somehow? I dont see any search option there. Is there any other way?
  2. I did a process credit on January 3rd and today is the 7th, it still has not gone through. I canceled it and did it again just now. Aren't we paying a fee to get it done in 2 days? Have you experienced something similar recently?
  3. Suddenly, 899 linden dollars disappeared from my account and I checked my history to see what the heck. I see this: ID prefix: 556a0270 Detail: Destination: Commerce Linden MKT2 Subscription Description: Order #1439139574 I am not subscried to anything. What could this be?
  4. Hmmm someone made a purchase and I see it in the viewer but on the site on top (where it shows my lindens and buy and sign out...) it hasn't changed. It's been more than 3 minutes.
  5. ok thanks you all. Freaked me out. Sometimes this happens in other places I build, I freaked out.
  6. I know I did. It shows the transactions since last night but I don't see the yesterday's total. I am almost sure I still have the same amount as last night.
  7. I feel like since last night my lindens did not change. I didn't record it so I am not sure but I really really really remember the same amount. I have had several sales since then. Is it just me?
  8. Hey can you explain this a bit more please. Right click on the viewer icon does not show me any editing options lol I am sure this isnt what you meant.
  9. I have been wondering about this too. It keep going up and never stops. I have a question, if I sell it for $L248 does it ever sell? I know it will take months perhaps but do I ever sell the lindens? I once tried and waited 3 weeks and nothing so I changed it but I keep wondering if I should wait. I sell once a month and each time I am scared to see what the selling range is. It's going up all the time and really saddens me.
  10. Mine is not working either. I have other problems too. I make items active they stay inactive. Wtf is going on?
  11. OMG no making products active in Firestorm is not working either. They looked acive when I did that but today after about a week I just saw they all turned inactive all this time!!!!! Wtf is going on??
  12. Is this a new change? I just added 3 products and no matter what I could not make them active from the MP site. I finally tried in firestorm to "list" them and they became active. I clicked the "active" area in MP and update the page but nothing happens. Weird.
  13. 248 was my usual one and used to take about 5 minutes. I have been waiting for a week now. I will try 249 now
  14.  Here is an example. 15 and 16. Also they are not deletable.
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