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  1. Flickr description, " The idea for this head came about while filming a profile piece about myself and LOGO for Linden Lab. The series is called Fashion Made In Second Life and you can see the episode here www.youtube.com/watch?v=yKkUCVfONRU There's a bit of behind the scenes footage of the creation of this head so be sure to check it out! Like all our heads Victor comes with skins, facial hair and lots of other options. For Victor I've also included a de-aged version of the skin which installs into the tattoo layer. Using the tattoo fade slider you can control how much you want to see the wrinkles. Find whatever balance is right for you! LOGO store, http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Eventide Far East/177/116/33
  2. Lelutka evolution heads are great. Find a reference picture of an asian face you like on the web(rl person). Get a front face view closeup and a closeup of the profile(side view). Then create a shape from your inventory. Make a copy of your first shape and continue editing with the copied shape until you get it to ow you like the 2nd time and so on. try searching flickr for second life asian skin.
  3. FYI, this is the meshbody - classic body that is for 1L. No longer need to join their group to get it. You'll want to look for ads on social media or at stores/ events in-world that have the logo, meshbody classic on white in gold lettering. You can also try demos for the mesh project, as the notecard that comes with the classic body states 90% of tmp clothing will fit the meshbody - classic. but some clothing will not, especially between the legs on the pelvic region. Always demo first. You may try demoing product rigged for meshbody's 2nd body, legacy special edition female or the legacy male/ legacy athletic fit but it might not fit properly. I know a lot of creators call the first legacy body the legacy classic but that is incorrect. The classic was fashioned after the 1st body, tmp. Then they created their legacy body line, which is promoted heavily, unlike the classic.
  4. I'd say maitreya with the maitreya flat chest. I also want to link you to a brand that has created another sub brand under them, specifically for femboys. the brand is sibilla and their femboy brand is Sissybilla. Sissybilla will be making clothing, shoes, and accessories for femboys. The 1st pic shows all of the Sibilla brands. The 3rd, 4th and 5th pics show the femboy look with the details, that can be achieved with inithium's kupra kups body with the flat breast option in the hud and Lelutka Lake female head. HD Bom skins and shapes will also be coming. Sibilla calls this new femboy look, Damean. Also, there is a gift offered by Sibilla, killer platform stilettos in candy pink, that also fit Maitreya, Slink and of course, Inithium Kupra. That is the 2nd pic. They are gorgeous! https://flickr.com/photos/181793890@N06/
  5. Thanks to @Maitimo for linking to a marketplace store that creates for bigger avatars. I saw more ao's for big girls on the 3rd page as well. They are priced very low with a lot of reviews to read through. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/51986
  6. It definitely takes longer than a few seconds. Not all mesh is clickable. I might have already closed the folder, collapsed all folders, then have to open my inventory to get back to the folder. Current outfit is great but then studying closely to each temporary link to see the name of the product as I wear a lot of attachments and system layers too. It takes 2 seconds to click the landmark inside the folder and teleport to the store.
  7. 1. Lelutka's website, https://lelutkasl.com/ Lelutka - Designer Ads only - official store group https://flickr.com/groups/3118030@N25/ Lelutka's Flickr to view the male heads to buy, https://flickr.com/photos/15634428@N06 2. Meshbody's website, https://www.meshbody.com/ Meshbody - Legacy - Designer Ads only - official store group https://flickr.com/groups/4644070@N22/ Meshbody - Legacy - Adult designer ads only - official store group https://flickr.com/groups/3250062@N21/ Meshbody - Legacy - photo gallery - personal photos of customers wearing their bodies - official store group https://flickr.com/groups/4196136@N23/ Unofficial Flickr group - for Legacy male designer ads only https://flickr.com/groups/14742770@N21/ 3. This Is Wrong store - must enable advanced lighting model in graphics in preferences to see the materials on the tattoos. The store also creates animated tattoos. Very high quality. My favorite tattoo store. Eva releases content constantly. Store blog with all links(store and social media) under the Youtube video, https://thisiswrongsl.wordpress.com/?fbclid=IwAR25L2sEmPjfTL1svskWb-xEjVIctNS6is2bpmMqaaitJt2J7YvIp9zmUfc Store FB page https://www.facebook.com/thisiswrong Store Flickr, https://flickr.com/photos/142007505@N03/
  8. As I was posting in another thread, I wanted to share this with you. I forgot about Lelutka's discord. You get help from their team and customers. You can grab the discord invite link from their description, https://www.flickr.com/photos/15634428@N06
  9. I recommend the ebody curvy body. There is a lot of support for this body. It's great for getting that thickness with soft curves. The 2nd I'm adding as a link only with no preview since bums and breasts can be seen. This one is recent, talking about new bakes on mesh skins for in collaboration with Mystery, for ebody and other body brands. The skins also include a chubby option, which can be seen in the photo. https://www.flickr.com/photos/133873458@N04/49671469001/in/dateposted/ For the head, I love Lelutka. There is more customization, the detail is amazing, no lag in the hud and constant updates. With their new evolution x head line, your bento ears can wiggle and there are ear jewelry and ear tattoos across the grid. https://www.flickr.com/photos/15634428@N06/ They use Discord for all updates and communications only now. The evo x heads are on the 1st and 2nd row of their photostream. Very realistic resolution on these new heads, using its own special uv map to make a richer resolution. This photo below is a raw photo selfie of me, with the evo x briannon head, on ultra graphics, wearing one of the included skins in the folder and using personal lighting with an eep light,
  10. Or even include your landmark so we can visit your mainstore. My recent purchases from several stores refuse to add a landmark. I have to go into edit while wearing the product and click their name, and hope they have the store slurl in the 2nd life tab or in picks.
  11. Search all categories with this keyword phrase, evo x contour Relentless, Father, and M.R. have contour for evo x
  12. I like to switch it up and look "ugly" but nice to look at. I'm using Lelutka Evolution River head, their androgynous head. I hadn't known when I tried the demo but in the full version, you get both a male and female head.
  13. You could try Ayashi or Limerence hairs. Ayashi I think uses loose tops in her vendors. It's worth a try!
  14. The first photo is the before, unedited. The 2nd photo has been edited with Adobe Lightroom.
  15. You're in luck! I saw a Viking tattoo at the Beauty event, which is also a discount fashion event. Walk to the very back, go to the 2nd floor, and it's to your right, at the Soli's Dream booth. The event ends on June 11th. They are celebrating their 1 year anniversary and offering free gifts at majority of the booths. The Viking tattoo is 1L when you left click the vendor. I've just notified the designer that she didn't set the object to the event group, as it is set to the event designer group. If it's still not set by the time you read this, if it is tonight, feel free to message her and let her know about the group not set correctly. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Good Girls/64/191/24 Edit: It's a unisex tattoo, bom(bakes on mesh) only. A full upper body, front and back, in black.
  16. Have a look at the Sibilla brand, that is creating a sub brand under them named Sissybilla. Clothing and skins made for Inithium's Kupra Kups flat version body, paired with Lelutka's Lake head, for the Damean femboy look. More information in their preview, https://flickr.com/photos/181793890@N06/51191003534/in/photostream/ And another preview, https://flickr.com/photos/181793890@N06/51216566423/in/dateposted/ Inithium's Flickr, https://flickr.com/photos/inithium/
  17. If you want to buy an ao hud and drop animations into it, that would work well also. I don't know of any animated animations for walking and running. I do know of a store that makes stand poses specifically for full figured avatars. The brand is Mewsery. https://flickr.com/photos/kittycutiepie
  18. Yiff Club and The Ark are two popular furry clubs. the latter doesn't allow freelancing so you would need to apply to work there. It's always busy when i go there.
  19. Stripclubs offer real life experienced tarot reader services. You can ask if the ones who offer this would be willing to hire a 2nd tarot reader. You can ask in the adult entertainment forum if any club would like to hire you for your services. You would set your own rates and a nicely done poster would announce your service, name and rates or to click for your info notecard.
  20. I have just arrived at the club but it's called D'UPPER LEVEL. It's also decorated very differently. Is this the right club and the name was changed yesterday? Or did you use an incorrect slurl?
  21. It clearly states how to apply for this job. Cannot understand why you replied to the post instead of doing as directed? You have to put in the effort. Teleport to the club, get the app, fill it out and return it. Very easy.
  22. Good for you Cece! I wish you much success. Utilize the forum for any question you have regarding design in SL, in the appropriate categories.
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