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  1. How interesting to stumble upon this thread today. I recently had a guy send me an add request without a message. I usually decline but was curious, accepted the add, and asked who this person was, what did they want? Unfortunately, this guy was very immature and me asking questions was considered, "serious". I don't get this new generation, how asking simple questions can bother them so much, they consider me to be serious for trying to communicate with them. Eventually, I was done with the conversation and decided to stop replying, since him trying to reason why I tried to get him to open up, failed and I could tell he would be the kind to never admit to anything and have many excuses or try to be in the right. I deleted him and I believe I also blocked him. I thought it was interesting to see he changed his Display Name to a female name. I started to remember that his username was familiar but could not recall anything else. 7 years is a long time. [2021/10/14 08:36] Me: another blast from the past friend offer. so...did you just come back to sl and you're adding old contacts from your calling card folder? or is this about something else? I don't remember you. I do see I left a comment on your feed, 7 yrs ago. [2021/10/14 08:38] Me: I've acepted your friend add to see what this is about. [2021/10/14 08:39] Me: hello? [2021/10/14 08:39] Me: why would you send an add and then not reply/ talk to me? [2021/10/14 08:40] Blast from the past: ur right, i'm just checking out how things is going on here. Looking for people I was playing with. Thats fun but i dont remember you as well, sorry if i bothered you [2021/10/14 08:40] Me: what is fun? [2021/10/14 08:41] Me: you didn't bother me. I am asking you questions. would be off if I didn't. [2021/10/14 08:42] Blast from the past: lol why so serious, you willing to do what you want, i just add you to check if there's somebody alive from my past [2021/10/14 08:43] Me: you obviously want to reconnect with old friend to start your circle of friends again. did you expect me to just say hi and nothing else? why are you getting offended over normal and simpe questions? [2021/10/14 08:43] Me: so it is serious to ask questions, after a 7 yr old contact, sends me an add without a message? [2021/10/14 08:44] Me: you can actually send a message without sending an add . this isn't discord. [2021/10/14 08:47] Blast from the past: I didnt expect nothing, i wast sure your still playing at all. I have 3 persons in contacts and just checked each one, than i saw that we were interaction. keep calm I'm not a maniac (sorry for my bad english) [2021/10/14 08:47] Blast from the past: *interacting [2021/10/14 08:47] Me: we obviously met through the game system, bloodlines and most likely were in the same clan together. "blast from the past" is seeming familiar but that is about it. I sent that message to everyone on my friends list, 7 yrs ago, about humping my prey, to get a reaction since most people go silent after awhile of being added. [2021/10/14 08:48] Blast from the past: Got you, thanks for info, sorry again ❤️ [2021/10/14 08:48] Me: I am calm lol. asking questions of almost a decade old contact sending me an add, is normal. I also always ask why players will send me an add and refuse to message me. it's weird. [2021/10/14 08:49] Me: if you are going to contact people, feel confident enough to know how to start and retain a conversation. [2021/10/14 08:50] Me: I'm guessing you are young and immature, as an older adult wouldn't say "serious" when asked questions. you want everything to be simple and simple minded. so now you know I am active and enjoy a great conversation with one who knows how to do so.I have conversations with foreigners too, who don't use their language barrier as an excuse. [2021/10/14 08:52] Me: yea be sorry for lack of depth! lol gah it's so frustrating when people message you out of the blue and expect a simple minded convo or the old, "hi how are you?" crap. if you know you lack in communication, it's best to not send adds. [2021/10/14 08:53] Blast from the past: I see, but it's just a game you know. I'm 26 old actually, dont playing online games now much. [2021/10/14 08:53] Me: omg you went in invisible mode on me, while I am typing to you. lol I haven't seen behavior like that in yrs! [2021/10/14 08:54] Blast from the past: damn its just hard to reply as quickly as i want to lol [2021/10/14 08:54] Me: it's a virtual world business platform for creating and making profit, with devel;opers who create gaming systems and add the sims style of gaming with their products. [2021/10/14 08:54] Blast from the past: i dont speak english irl t all [2021/10/14 08:55] Me: but you went invisible on me. should have just deleted me then. literally telling you I haven't seen this behavior in yrs. [2021/10/14 08:55] Blast from the past: I not even sure what each buttons means in UI [2021/10/14 08:55] Blast from the past: sorry [2021/10/14 08:56] Me: yes you do because it shows you when you hover on them. nice try bud [2021/10/14 08:57] Blast from the past: we are speaking like im old man maniac from idk some sort of nowhere and trying to abuse you lol [2021/10/14 08:58] Blast from the past: or i didn't chat with foreigners from sl for too long
  2. It's wonderfully relaxing and melts the stress away from me, instantly.
  3. How do I find how many pixels a prim goes across inside the viewer? How is the image going 384 pixels in width, if it is created at 1024 in an app?
  4. eBODY is now offering a monthly perk giveaway body contest for their store group members. 1 group member will be selected as a winner; for yourself, to gift, or a refund if you already own the body. eBODY Reborn Designers Official Group Promotion | Every mont… | Flickr
  5. Did you not create the shape to be obese? This "is" a full figured shape, with thick arms, neck, wide waist and legs.
  6. There is a new skin store on the grid, called Implode skins. She states in the description of her Flickr ads, that she created skins 10 yrs ago and has come back to make skins again. She creates photo realistic skins. Currently, the skins she has released, 4 or 5 so far, are made on the lelutka - evolution xtreme avalon head. You can use any lelutka evox head to wear with the skin. I have seen 2 that really look like the celebrities; Britney Spears and Kendall Kardashian. She has another skin as a group gift and her store group is free to join. She told me she also applied for a dev kit for LAQ heads and the creator of LAQ has joined her store group.
  7. She did explain quite clearly. There are the first skins for the evolution line, and they are now called Evolution Classic. Then Lelutka created new bento head for the evolution line, called Evolution Xtreme. They also updated their Evolution Classic heads to 3.1 version, to work with the Evolution Xtreme HUD. You must still use an Evolution Xtreme skin for an Evo X head. There is the Discord invite link in the Lelutka group profile. This is where you go to get help from. There is a help lobby channel where both the Lelutka team and customers give help. There is also the vlog showcase channel, where vloggers post a link to their Youtube channel, explaining how to use the heads, how to create your avatar and so on.
  8. Ebody sent out their dev kit before releasing the body to their store. If you go to the Equal10 event, they have all of the designers who registered for their dev kit, as scripted logo prims, that give out a landmark or redirect you to visit their marketplace store. From skins to nails, apparel and shoes.
  9. Hello everyone. I have created several vlogs on Flickr, on how to create tattoos with your art designs, for any uv map. I do feature the lelutka uv map in the most recent video but you can use any uv map for the head and / or body you create for. The videos are in order from last to first. I did a lot of troubleshooting for myself until I learned what works and I show my findings in each video. Important information you need to know, to create sharp designs that look great, once uploaded into SL. I've also included information on a free software you can use, to turn your art into amazing masterpieces. It is recommended to send a ticket to support to ask for access to the beta grid to do unlimited free testing of your design textures. I hope these videos can help you and if you have any questions, please make a comment here or on the videos on Flickr, and I'll respond to you. TATTOO MAKING - XLARGE RESOLUTION & HOW TO BRUSH SHAPES Tattoo Making - Reduce Tips & Adobe Fresco THE ANSWER TO TATTOO MAKING! TROUBLESHOOTING ADVENTURE QUEST DOING TATS THE RIGHT WAY
  10. Yes, I do wonder about the public. They do like all kinds of things. Usually what I dislike that I made, they like! What I like, they don't as much. LOL Thank you for the compliment! Thank you so much! I'll give ya a follow back. ^.^
  11. Oops! Forgot about replying to your question. This is the Inithium - Kupra Kups body. It's a shape I created.
  12. Thank you! I've done a lot of tutorials and troubleshooting, then talking to a tattoo artist in-world on how to make my art designs look great in-world. It's so hard to get help from the community on making tattoos look sharp and nice to stay away from blurry/ jagged edges. Yes, I do like the oiled look effect and yes, I know how to use the body and face huds to turn down the gloss and intensity. I do laugh at myself often, when I do this oiled look but it does look cool. I'm usually into a matte look but I know that the public enjoys oiled skins so I appease them a little. Feel free to follow my Flickr. I'm active on there, unlike the forum.
  13. Pretty Liars has made a body deformer for the low back, chest, belly and butt, with different levels of deforming and different combos for ebody reborn. I viewed their video on Flickr and it shapes the body nicely.
  14. When you shop in real life, you have to buy the skirts individually. These virtual merchants are adopting the same process. What one creator does, doesn't mean the other creator has to follow what that store does and how they sell their products. It's not being dishonest, it's their creation and their store. They sell how they want to. You don't have to offer a texture hud to appease the consumer. Isn't this a platform for business to make profit? Would you rather that creators continue to bend over backwards and give away their products and sell for less than their worth? $1.25 USD is what these skirts are worth to you? It's very hard to rig, if you have no experience with 3D mesh model software. I know times are hard but that doesn't mean a creator should heavily reduce their prices because of ungrateful demands of the public.
  15. featuring a butterfly mask tattoo I made I can now do ultra in the official viewer and for my pc, this usually wouldn't work. I visited the autumn cafe from the editor's picks in destinations I chose to keep the eep light for the parcel. The jagged edges aren't as noticeable along the lines of the avatar. pretty happy with this capture.
  16. I agree with you, about it being Japanese creators. I said in this thread that SL creators were inspired by the gachapon in Japan. You get a prize in a plastic package or plastic ball. they aren't like the flimsy plastic toys you get at a grocery store. they are much nicer, and many are lined up in retail stores, and retail stores in malls. I do remember the 2L - 5L pulls inside mainstores. Then gachas become gacha events but initially wasn't everywhere like it is now. I stopped going to gachas because I want a specific product and can now afford to do that. I shopped gachas in the past because that was all I could afford. I'm happy to see the gacha system leaving SL. Yeah, I dreaded The Arcade, because it was addictive for me. Although SL itself used to be addictive for me also. Just depends on the person, if you can be easily addicted to entertainment pastimes or not.
  17. If you would have mentioned retextures instead of a very broad statement about worth, then I wouldn't have replied to you and said what I said. When I see rares, they are not retextured. It is a completely different product.
  18. I already gave you an example, pertaining to SL. It was a very simple and easy to understand explanation. I only incorporated a RL example because I ran out of options to tell. I only mentioned the bonus because that is how it works in RL. I know nowadays creators offer bonus colors and/ or prints if you buy their fatpack but that is not how the fatpack started. Fatpack= buy everything in 1 purchase for 100-200L off the price. Set(or Collection)= buy everything in 1 purchase, no discount Singles= buy everything, 1 by 1 Although nowadays, creators I see, aren't offering all of the singles. they choose certain colors and/ or prints. Then the only way to get everything is to buy the fatpack but the fatpack does not offer a discounted price by paying in bulk aka as 1 purchase for everything. Do you understand now? It is very frustrating to break it down over and over. I feel you do understand and are just playing mind games with me.
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