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  1. using one wearable lumipro light and personal lighting, with eep light,. [EUPHORIA] fin de siecle
  2. Tasing ruthless umbrellas loudly, yelling OH MAN!
  3. Sophisticated kinksters indulge naughty kisses FNEAM
  4. After watching Cheer Camp Killer, which turned out better than I thought it would, I veered off to watch a romantic movie. I've stopped watching it for a little bit. I tend to pause a movie to watch something else or just do something else and then come back to it. It's called, The Vow, and it's on Hulu. Hulu | The Vow Movie(drama and romance) It's a very old story line, used in many other romantic movies, of years past. There is a tragedy and then you are watching how they met, and their good memories of getting to know each other and the time they spent together. This type of story line can get old, which is why I put it on hold but I am curious how the story unfolds. I hope they put in the bad times too, not just putting a shine on only happy moments. Maybe I'll even be surprised with a plot twist, but this is Hulu, not Netflix. Although that is what I do like about Hulu, that it has a softer approach in a lot of its content, than with Netflix. A lot of wholesome content but it also has its drama and horror, too. I love the actress though. I've seen her in a lot of movies and she is awesome, not to mention she has a unique look to her face, which makes her even more pretty to me. Also the way she expresses through her face, in each film I have seen her in, is great.
  5. fellow friend https://www.quora.com/Is-the-use-of-fellow-friends-in-public-speaking-acceptable
  6. Hello. I've recently shared the vlogs I created and posted to my Flickr, to the forums so that more people can lean on how to create tattoos with their art. For skin making, I have a link on my blog, that I found in Pink Fuel creator's profile picks. It's a DIY Skin tutorial. The link is one of the links at the top of every blog post inside my blog. https://justmystyleinsl.blogspot.com/
  7. You're right, it is two words, as I went back to the first page to look. It's really not that big of a deal, for you to point it out. This is a game of fun, not to be serious.
  8. I had to google, "copy buffer". Collecting data is what it is defined as. Otherwise, I've not seen the phrase in the snapshot window. It would be nice if you would use layman's terms, and especially words that are only found in the viewer menus. Otherwise you're only confusing me further, with the assumption that everyone knows what you are talking about.
  9. Time traveler https://www.ranker.com/list/time-traveler-stories/jenniferlennon
  10. Do all prims do this? I didn't have this problem when applying my seamless texture on a mesh cube. I noticed it needed sharpening and more saturation. I did that and some adjustments, and then it turned out beautifully inworld, on the mesh cube, wrapping nicely on the corners as well. But this thread is about a texture on a hud prim. Thank you for telling me how you came to the number. I didn't think to divide the numbers. I thought it was shown somewhere in the viewer. When someone is asking you how you got to the final result, explaining it helps, not repeating what you said, especially when the asker already directed their question to the same statement you said the first time.
  11. Are you measuring the 0.5m cube as a snapshot to disk? That part confuses me, how you know instantly the resolution size, just from attaching the cube to the hud prim. I have to assume you also took a snapshot of the cube to get its dimensions. I've always wondered how much to stretch a prim to make a 1024 texture to the correct height and width. Is there a free tool to measure the width and height to show the 1024 texture how it's supposed to be displayed? I've created a seamless texture for SL and I did not see any loss of detail. I did apply the texture to a mesh cube, though. I'm guessing that makes a difference. I also created the art on a bigger document. I was testing to see how adobe capture worked with my art, to create seamless textures for print on demand products. Although a seamless texture in adobe capture is not the same thing as rotating your design 4 times, to create a "seamless" texture for SL.
  12. Smoky waters glisten in a ripple of despair Thine eyes mist over, 'tis a shame you were not there. Hopeful beginnings wash over the tide. It's almost midnight, come nigh sister of mine? Dredging through sifts of crumbling ashes, She once grew old over stairs of yonder. Raising a hand to the west, Were you a scorching deliverer from beyond the pallor? Thumbing down the pallets, ashy and stale from soak stained memories. Tumble from lofty clouds, aspiring for distant planets. Were you an echo of mind? Or just the mirrored reflection of insanity? By me, created in this moment, October 17, 2021 This was fun to create. I am an abstract poet. I love to use a lot of metaphors to make the reader think and have their own version of what the story is about.
  13. I was wanting an explanation. Repeating yourself tells me nothing of how you got that number. How would I be able to find this number from inside the viewer?
  14. It's a B movie but enjoyable still. I'm watching it on Hulu. Cheer Camp Killer (TV Movie 2020) - IMDb The Chosen https://watch.angelstudios.com/thechosen/watch I came across this on instagram and the tv production team was saying it's only available via mobile(free) but I was able to find it directly from the film studio website in my pc browser(free - no sign up) This is about the personal life of Jesus, and getting to know the people he met. It's done very well. I'm already on the 2nd season but sadly, I see there are only 2 seasons. I hope they get funded for a 3rd season, if that is their goal. Netflix Original Series: Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events https://www.netflix.com/title/80050008 This has 3 seasons and it's true to the books, the storyline is very tight with the books. It feels like the story just drags on but I always find myself enjoying each episode. I just started the final season, season 3. 2 cult classic movies have come to roost on Netflix and I'm very excited about it! Well 3, but I already watched Ghost(https://www.netflix.com/title/60010395). So good! The other 2 are Jim Henson's Labyrinth(https://www.netflix.com/title/680020) and Titanic(https://www.netflix.com/vi/title/1181461) I'll be watching the latter very soon.
  15. How do you get 384 from 0.375? Does it tell you in the viewer, in the edit window? Thanks a lot for replying with info, but I'm still clueless.
  16. I often get complimented on my shapes and styled looks. Often, I explore the grid in a shape I've made for my store and also still wearing the clothing from my sponsor, for a blog post. I take advantage of the compliment, to tell them about the sponsor and that I created the shape. It feels good to be complimented on the shape, feels like I'm a step in the right direction. I also love being able to tell them it's a sponsor and give them the LM if they want it, to further help my sponsor. I recently helped a girl at the genus store and we got to talking. She complimented the skin and clothing I was wearing. I told her they were from my sponsors and we eventually traded discord ID's, and she joined my sponsor's discord. We also both play gta5 online, so that was awesome, to find someone with same gaming interests.
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