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  1. Drake1 Nightfire wrote: Catherine Cotton wrote: Apparently the term "alt" is foreign to you. Why is it that so many come here on their non creator avs? Are you that afraid to put your shop out there? " I wont post as my creator av so i can avoid vindictive retributional action by LL." seems to be the mentality of some. FIFY! © The Judge
  2. Ceka Cianci wrote: thier date is messed up on their email.. it's 2013 not 2003 hehehe What do you expect from someone in LL Marketing - accuracy? It's probably concocted using the same cut and post techniques as exemplified by most of the brainless responses in Answers, using boiler-plate segments from the www.howtobeanamateurlawyerwithaddedincompetence.com website. © The Judge
  3. Perrie Juran wrote: Does it sadden Hizzoner that the Oxford Dictionary no longer strictly treats split infinitives as a solecism, that they even go as far as encouraging their use? I actually do not believe that any grammatical "rule" is inviolable, in the appropriate circumstances, particularly if you know that the rule exists and decide that for coherence, elegance, or emphasis you decide to break it anyway. Having said that, I dislike almost everything that issues from the legal mind, which leads to obfuscation when the underlying intent should be clarity. But then, I have never met a lawyer who wasn't incompetent or a crook, or both. © The Judge
  4. Trinity Yazimoto wrote: we first thought to a forum, but it was tricky to find a provider and to create one, since we are not rich and free ones seems a hell. On the charge of being wrong: GUILTY Obiter Dicta: I use a free forum that is very simple to use every day, and the administrators tell me it's fairly straightforward to run; it's better than these forums - and has a very effective spam filter. Am i going to tell you what it is? No. Do your own research, but just because you're not very good at it don't make absolutely incorrect statements. © The Judge
  5. Trinity Yazimoto wrote: this was just a technical clarification On the charge of using a word in the opposite sense to its true meaning: GUILTY Obiter Dicta: Someone misunderstood you, Trinity? Surely not . . . © The Judge
  6. Czari Zenovka wrote: The sentence in that response that both concerns me and somewhat confirms some speculation that content may be used for LL's other products is: Accordingly, the revision to our Terms of Service was made in order to further extend the ability for content creators to commercially exploit their intellectual property through user-to-user transactions across Linden Lab's other products and services (including our distribution platform, Desura), not just within Second Life. It concerns me too. It's a really nasty and unnecessary split infinitive. © The Judge
  7. DigitaL Scribe wrote: Skype warns all users of the dangers of accepting fails Failure is NOT an option! © The Judge
  8. DigitaL Scribe wrote:be weary of random strangers sending you pictures, be weary of avatars coming on strong with no pre-emptive motives I'm pretty tired of people who post hyperbolised scare messages about the same old online threats. © The Judge
  9. KarenMichelle Lane wrote: Being banned from Forever Dammed [that reads HELL to me] sounds like a great status to have. Why don't you give Feels Like Heaven a visit? So what would you prefer? The Damned: Or Feels Like Heaven? I will accept a majority decision from the jury. © The Judge
  10. Maryanne Solo wrote: The OP is talking about & to talented & creative people. The community has been aware of your "contributions" for years now. Longer in fact than your name indicates (tip - rugby isn't creative nor is it considered art). \o_ *waves On the charge of failure to appreciate performance art, on a deep and complex level: GUILTY Obiter Dicta: Who are YOU to decide what art is? Add an f and it's smelly wind. Remove a t and it's a pirate ejaculation. © The Judge
  11. Leslie Trihey wrote: The trick about this virus is that there using friends accounts against people, the reason so many people have fallen for it is that they accepted it without thinking when there friends sent it. Having listened to the evidence I find that the problem is caused by having friends, which makes the solution simple: don't have friends. © The Judge
  12. I recommend that you obtain a snail or a turtle avatar. Then you could wear your house on your back. And nobody could steal it. © The Judge
  13. You're more likely to find heroin than a heroine in the art community. © The Judge
  14. Tex Monday wrote: The prosecution rests...... On the charge of laziness: GUILTY On the charge of failing to understand Latin: GUILTY Obiter Dicta: Try this legal stuff for morons explanation. An extract: "Latin terminology for legal interpretation can be a little confusing to begin with but a little learning will take you a long way". Dicta is merely the plural of dictum (qv the general usage of data for a single item of information, which is technically a datum, which is hardly ever used, other than by quibblers), and is a less restrictive method of indicating thoughts pertaining to a verdict, dictum suggesting that there is only one single further comment to be made. My comments are multi-dimensionally deep and meaningful, even if usually skilfully couched in a single sentence to encourage analysis, and merit the plural descriptor. © The Judge
  15. Tex Monday wrote: I know the difference between sexual ageplay and ageplay, thank you On the charge of making it apparent that you don't when it comes to typing about it: GUILTY On the charge of blindly relying on a single dictionary source when you don't understand a word: GUILTY Obiter Dicta: It's not enough to mean what you say, you have to say what you mean. © The Judge
  16. Janelle Darkstone wrote: It's also Halloween. Zombie Janis Joplin might put on a good show. Do you think she'd sing: "(Take Another) Piece Of My Heart"? "And some intestines, and a metatarsal or two . . ." © The Judge
  17. Tex Monday wrote: since you've been so adamant about no ageplay On the charge of persistently misreferring to sexual ageplay as ageplay: GUILTY Obiter Dicta: It's idiots like you that get innocents banned.
  18. Dresden Ceriano wrote: Anaiya Ahren wrote: Reasonable person: "So what did you do with your life? " Resident Troll: "I trolled SL forums? Am I clever or what?" Reasonable person: "Or what." I fail to understand the point you're trying to make with this post. I'm sure most people who actually troll this forum wouldn't count that activity as being the crowning achievement of their life. And, even if they did, they wouldn't care if you or anyone else thought they were being clever... in fact, I doubt that cleverness would be their main objective at all. No, I can only image that their main objective is getting reactions out of people, which is why not reacting to them is so very effective and what I usually tell people to do about them, if asked. Of course, there are times when I've failed to take my own advice on the matter... at which times, I feel as if I only have myself to blame for the outcome. I, unlike some, realise that my behavior is the only person's behavior that I can control... so rather than wasting my time trying to control someone else's behavior, I simply try to modify my own behavior, so that these so-called trolls are not able to have their wanted effect on me. Sometimes I'm successful, sometimes I'm not... but at least I don't live my life consumed by the level of paranoia that it takes to believe that there are groups of people that are out to get me and that my only recourse is to complain about them like a whiny b!tch. ...Dres Edited for clarity. What he said. © The Judge
  19. The skype is falling!!!!! The skype is falling!!!!! © The Judge
  20. I have had a continuing battle with some herons (owned by a pair of real idiots) that keep wandering on to my sim and eating the fish in my ponds. So I ARd them a few times until they stopped. Ah, egrets, I've had a feud, but then again, there's two fools to mention. I did what I had to do, and saw it through etc . . . © The Judge
  21. Perrie Juran wrote: Personally speaking, I don't know any one who gets sexually aroused by dirty diapers. On the charge of feigning ignorance of Rule 34: GUILTY The Judge
  22. On the charge of exclusionary attitudes and making envious ineffective trolls believe there may actually be an elitist claque working both behind the scenes and in public to bring enlightenment and good humour to the forums: GUILTY The Judge
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