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  1. Do you have a link for marionette? I use 3ds max.
  2. Ok so i uploaded this https://prnt.sc/mgb9he Then got this http://prntscr.com/mgb9bc Does anyone have any idea what im doing wrong?
  3. Never mind there was just a problem with the wight paint mirror i fixed it now and i have it uploded thank you
  4. I rerigged it after fixing my unit scale and all that but now it wont shoe the wights option in the upload window
  5. The thing is,when its set to 1.0 its so small i cant zoom in or the model vanishes hard to work on and wight paint.
  6. Hello i use 3ds max and ive been working on someting for two months now kinda new to rigging, so my problem is when i go to upload it its like super huge to the point its like almost as big as a sim. I use slav to use its skeleton is there any fix to this ?
  7. Having 8.5 years or so of experience upon Second Life, I would like to consider myself something of a Veteran. I've been around, as they say, I've been in tight nit groups of various types, from trollers to builders. But for months to years now, i've been mostly occupied with building, creativity, specifically in mesh. inbetween playing other games and Real Life™. but over the time i think sometimes, SL is a social game, I can't be the only person out there who actively uses SL for Art that enjoys the social aspect also. So i set out looking, when i get the urge to brows the vastness of SL, fo
  8. Sorry i dont use blender i use 3ds max and i found out the problem and fixed it i just had to relax the uv map so it worked out so it was the uv map as that person stated
  9. nothing wrong with the uvs ive checked and i still have this problem
  10. Hello im working on a project nothing to fancy i just wanted to rig a second life avatar but theres a problem when on my avi the cloths look ok but when on the mesh it looks odd regular sl avi http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v222/benku/1_004.png now the cloths on the mesh http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v222/benku/1_001.png Is there anyway to fix this i use 3ds max if anyone could help could be useful
  11. For a project of mine i went to rig my sl av shape useing slav for 3ds maxs all the wights are perfect and every thing moves like i want it to but when i upload i there seems to be a bit of pull between the legs how do i fix this ?
  12. Never mind thanks for the help, aprentley i had to redo the entire mesh.
  13. I completed all th steps, still no go ive been all around looking on how to fix this ive been looking all at all the 3ds topics, still no help i have no idea if its working for others its sure not working for me i even posted a picture finding out how to fix that would be more then enough im guessing.
  14. Followed all the steps still the same problem i have no idea what to do seems more complacated i wish there was a better salotuion for 3ds max this is driveing me mad lol.
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