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  1. Hoshi Kenin wrote: If you have been in SL for more than a year or two, you should know by now that LL - and the damp squib CEO - are not exactly renowned for caring about their customers! thank you. im in sl for 4,5 years now and i know this pretty well. So i wont disagree with you of course.. but we still think that is the right way to do. First trying to contact them directly. That's how things works usually. We know already that it wont be easy. We also invite all those who have good alternative ideas for this to join the group and share them with us.
  2. United Content Creators of Second Life The UCCSL October 21, 2013 Rodvik Humble, CEO Peter Gray, Director, Global Communications Linden Lab Headquarters 945 Battery Street San Francisco, CA 94111 VIA: Email & SL Forums Dear Sirs: The United Content Creators of Second Life is a group of residents and content creators, in both the commercial and artistic communities, who share concerns regarding the August, 2013 Terms of Service, specifically Section 2.3. To resolve these issues and concerns, we ask that you sit down and meet with the UCCSL Council. Please contact Kylie Sabra in
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