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  1. Despite what Gadget says, it can not be at all difficult, since LL has managed to do it already. For themselves. It's also available to those who have hacked God Mode. But I'm not going to elaborate on that here. © The Judge
  2. Look within, Grasshopper. © The Judge
  3. Pussycat Catnap wrote: Elly Earnshaw wrote: The thesis is about the impact of trust, identity and technology's success on the virtual world's overall success. The general view of the scholars about virtual worlds is always very skeptical because they have many prejudice regarding the lack of identifiability of residents and the relevance of virtual worlds in business. The results of my analysis however showed that having unmatching identities actually lead to stronger trust development, when personal disclosure and intimacy are present. Freed of their RL identities and the social constraints that come with them, people are more able in a pseudonym environment to express a completely fake persona, expressing artificially composed feelings - and that leads to greater trust by ingenuous participants, including passing research students. I've been spouting that point for some time now. FIFY! [Even the OP's embarrassing mis-spelling of "participants".] © The Judge
  4. Elly Earnshaw wrote: Let inspire us, please Again, in English? © The Judge
  5. I have a couple of spare "things" I don't use any more. I'll send you one. I didn't really think you were that way inclined though, Tamara . . . © The Judge
  6. Elly Earnshaw wrote: The results of my analysis however showed that having unmatching identities actually lead to stronger trust development, when personal disclosure and intimacy are present. Would anyone like to hazard a guess what this doubleunspeak means? In English. © The Judge
  7. KarenMichelle Lane wrote: OMG - Am I going to get in trouble? When I typed out "[spelling it out ]D o c t o r Who" in the above post and try to post it, I received the forum error message "D o c t o r Who" is not allowed in this forum! Is Linden Lab afraid of Time Lords? OMG - Who Knew? That's because the cognoscenti - there must be one in LL - know that you don't call him that. He's "The Doctor". © The Judge
  8. KarenMichelle Lane wrote: This is going to be soooooo Good It was. I had tea today with a cameraman on the first series. He said that William Hartnell looked scary because he kept forgetting his lines. © The Judge
  9. Best facial. Does that count towards your "Five A Day"? © The Judge
  10. Perrie Juran wrote: From what I saw on his website it appears his primary target is people who do naked webcam. He also targets Furries and my guess is it is sexually active Furries. That's probably why posters are suggesting that "their friends" are being attacked . . . Although it does beg the question: Why is Phil being targetted? © The Judge
  11. Sorry, you'll have to excuse me for a moment, I have to get on with my dayjob. (Tongue-tied? Me? Now you're really getting into fantasyland!) © The Judge
  12. As an aside, our foreign friends probably aren't acquainted with Yarkshar Poodan: it's stodgy and sour, full of air and impossible to stomach without a good dose of sauce. Remind you of anyone? © The Judge
  13. Phil Deakins wrote: On the charge of embarrassingly squirming: GUILTY Judge Sane. See above. © The Judge
  14. Phil Deakins wrote: On the charge of self-delusion: GUILTY Judge Sane. Stop talking to yourself. It's the second sign of madness. The first one was making up things that didn't happen - remember. Ah, that's right, you don't. © The Judge
  15. Griffin Ceawlin wrote: Davvek wrote: I also got a PM from jujmental swearing at me.. I can imagine how that started... Davvek: @#%& you, @#%&$^!!! jujmental: Sod off. P.S. Thanks for your PM. P.P.S. 1. I'm perfectly relaxed. 2. Don't tell me to relax. You and Dres must be psychic! © The Judge
  16. I think that this announcement might be a bit of a shock to those Ramones fans who thought that Johnny, Joey and Dee Dee had snuffed it about ten years ago . . . © The Judge
  17. Davvek wrote: This is not worth the time in here. Well, you got one thing right. Now I hope you act on it. © The Judge
  18. I'm sure that Lanai Jarrico, the erstwhile "publisher" of the SL Enquirer (and herself a naive amateur of many supposed typos - "infridgement" indeed!) will be delighted to discover that if you type "SL Enquirer" into Google, this thread appears second on the list of links, after her lightweight electropamphlet's site. Way to go on the PR initiative, Davvek! I must have a word with my old friend Lacy; she's too good to be associated with amateurs like Davvek, who proves Fark's point about Florida. © The Judge
  19. Davvek wrote: omg dude you are mental The clue's in the name. © The Judge
  20. Davvek wrote: Discussion closed!!!!!!!!!! Did Obama die and put you in charge? Or maybe you figured your subliteracy qualifies you as a Forum Moderator? More likely you're getting a bit carried away with your self-endowed online superpowers as a Green Lantern. You'll have to excuse me now though; I'm off to inform DC of another theft of their intellectual property. I'm sure you'll be hearing from them soon - they get quite nasty about people stealing from them. © The Judge
  21. Davvek wrote: I also got a PM from jujmental swearing at me. Actually, I was attempting to assist you (in response to an unsolicited, ignorant, and inaccurate opinion you yourself offered via PM) regarding the advisability of taking forum matters elsewhere, since there are no artifically imposed constraints on linguistic expression in PMs as there are in the forums. Unfortunately you chose to ignore my suggestion with what you alternately should do with the single digit that you must use, painfully slowly, to construct your subliterate prose, and have not, as recommended, attempted to scratch your duodenum from the inside. I used the vernacular because I thought you were less likely to get confused, as you obviously have been here by the use of long, complicated words and sentence constructions. Longer than four letters and four words, that is. © The Judge
  22. 20 WHOLE minutes! That's not long enough to rez a pair of mesh boots. And you got a statistical "no effect". BIG surprise, eh . . . © The Judge
  23. Davvek wrote: that did made me chukle; but I understand what you mean't If you're going to present yourself as having anything to do with an acceptable written communication I would suggest that you first spend a considerable length of time reviewing your lack of command of English spelling, punctuation and grammar. You currently write English like a fifteen year old exchange student from Borat's Kazakhstan, and I doubt if you really understood half of the comments made to you in this thread. © The Judge
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