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  1. Hello, I am currently selling the region known as FurNation Prime for $600. I need to sell it as soon as possible. The transfer fee is included in the $600. Please contact Inferniel Solvang if interested.
  2. I whole-heartedly agree with this....if there were more insentive for not just Builders....but Scripters as well....to development more great content for SL, perhaps 90% of those accounts (which are really dead/alt accounts) that Linden Labs claims to having would be used more. If sim owners could purchase different tiers of SIMS at lower cost, that would be dedicated to building, scripting, and/or RPing with development through builds and scripting systems, Linden Labs would have more sim owners paying for sims. Expand this idea to include scripters, however. Without great scripters, the buids are just build that wow the eye. Add scripts to the builds and you get interactive content. We do need games with in SL that need land (some that need as much as a entire sim) in order for the "residents" of SL to play.
  3. Linden Labs has said the only thing they can do is help sort your account, so they have not made announcements. Skype just says to NOT accept any files from friends or strangers unless they tell you what it is. But as far as people saying this it not true....2 of my personal friends have been hit....i have several friends that have many friends that was hit bit it...one of my friends that was hit had his person REAL LIFE info posted on that blog along with his bank account info..... as far as the .png file is....you can change the .exe to a .png and when people try to open it to see it, the computer will execute the process because it is really a .exe....you can do this with any format/extension....so the .png is merely a way to fool the unsuspecting downloaders into opening it You try to warn people to NOT accept files....something as simple as that....and you get people that are snippy and grumpy and totally ungrateful....i was just trying to warn everyone to not accept files that the sender will not identify for you pre-download... that simple
  4. i posted the link to that blog because a few posts above that, someone asked for more info/proof....so i posted proof for that person
  5. There is a virus making its rounds on SKYPE! If a friend sends you a file that is either with Snapshot or IMG followed by an underscore and some random numbers with "drcs.png" at the end....CANCEL!!!!!!!!! DO NOT ACCEPT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! "snapshot_(NUMBERS)drcs.png" "IMG_(NUMBERS)drcs.png" DO NOT ACCEPT ANYTHING from any friends on Skype unless you ask them and they respond to tell you what it is... Once you download this image the virus takes hold of your computer. It sniffs and shuffles through all your files. It gathers information and photos...The man responsible has a blog with the pictures of all the SL accounts and Computers he's hacked with this virus....he has posted screen names, real names, bank account info, business info, passwords and Second Life account info, and even nude pictures of his victims on his blog to brag about it. DO NOT ACCEPT ANYTHING FROM ANYONE on skype unless they can tell you what it is!!!!!!!!! If you're SL account has been compromised, contact Linden Labs right away!
  6. I am interested in buying a full (15k prim) region. I do not want to rent it. I want to outright buy the full rights to it so I can wipe it clean, rename, and move it on the grid to start a project fresh. Please im me in game at Inferniel Solvang if you are looking to sell. Would love to talk about terms. Thank you.
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