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  1. Have you thought of applying to be a Forum Moderator? You need no qualifications and the hours are very short. Moreover, your original spelling of "councelor" suggests that you would have no problem in meeting the minimal literacy requirements. © The Judge
  2. You have to appear to be at least 18 to get a job in SL. © The Judge
  3. Well, I normally wear my reading glasses, but occasionally, if I am watching TV at the same time, I use my bifocals. © The Judge
  4. KarenMichelle Lane wrote: I'm sure there is an audience to be found for Miguelito, somewhere else. FIFY! © The Judge
  5. So the saw's not true; you can teach an old dog new tricks. Whether it'll be remembered tomorrow is another matter, of course. © The Judge
  6. Only three of those ten would feature in a British most visited list. © The Judge
  7. I think the OP is confusing anti-semitism with anti-illiteracy. Which tends to confirm the accuracy of criticism of him. © The Judge
  8. There was a thread the other day about ineffectual guerilla marketing. You should have posted this there. © The Judge
  9. One of my acquaintances had to sit through this video as part of her new employer's orientation process. What other suggestions might you add? © The Judge
  10. I'm delighted to hear that Mad has deleted you from her friends list. © The Judge
  11. Cerise Sorbet wrote: the rodvik.linden profile got corrupted. (his feed is still messed up, atributing his comments to nessiah mint If Nessiah is proposing to sue for impersonation and defamation, I hope the case is allocated to my court. © The Judge
  12. LL keep pestering me to join the dark side and become a volunteer moderator, but so far I have resisted the temptation. They have obviously seen and been impressed by my sagacity and the balanced consideration of my judgments here. Which shows just how stupid they really are. © The Judge
  13. Qie Niangao wrote: Phil Deakins wrote: On the other hand, the old RA forum had a resident moderator who did not misuse his power in the forum. I've forgotten his name but he was very good. I didn't even know about him for a long time. That's how good he was. So not everybody would become power-drunk idiots, but some would. Wanting to be in charge, just for the power, is natural for many people, and when they get the power they do like to let people know they have it. Strife Onizuka. I agree that he was an exceptional moderator, but he also had detractors. I think there's simply no way to be an effective moderator without creating some enemies. It would be a mistake to try: the better the moderator, the more s/he would suffer. There were also other Resident "Stealth" Moderators who used to remove posts that upset their personal friends (who were nervous ninnies) without explanation. Plus ca change . . . © The Judge
  14. KiriaRayne wrote: Also what can I do about the breasts? My entire chest/torso area looks funny after playing with it for about an hour lol. Any suggestions on that? Stop self-pleasuring yourself. Underage sexual activity is not allowed in SL. © The Judge
  15. You're wrong jwenting, as Peter has highlighted, they have the right to: "exploit in any manner whatsoever" LL can't cherry pick and have it both ways, assuming some rights while denying other responsibilities. And since LL is effectively now taking joint ownership of all and any child porn activity they are exposing themselves to further prosecution, and may find that their marketing - especially of the supposedly "child-friendly" new products - is severely damaged, particularly with Google and Microsoft censoring inworld images of kid avatars. Every cloud has a silver lining! © The Judge
  16. Hurrah! Google and Microsoft are going to rid the internet of kid avatars! © The Judge
  17. Kenbro Utu wrote: Great memories eh! I posted this same video a week or so ago, but it bears multiple repetition. © The Judge
  18. Jacki Silverfall wrote: me facepalms; I've never seen it.. How sad is that. :smileysad: Not sad at all. Discriminating. Neither have I. I presume the soundtrack was identified as the major disaster in the movie. © The Judge
  19. In my garage I have a 7 inch black vinyl flat circular disk, with a spiral groove inscribed on each side and a hole in the middle. Is this a record? © The Judge
  20. Phil Deakins wrote: I've done a little bit of camping in my time - why not if you're not doing anything else. It was good for many people. The best bit of camping I did was in a club that had a couple of dancing pads. The pads paid 1L every 5 minutes you were on, and it actuially paid every 5 minues instead off paying you the total when you got off. So I was on a pad one day, happily earning 1L every 5 minutes, when the sim crashed (froze). I relogged to my home but the pad kept on paying me and there was nothing i could do to stop it. At the end of the day, while it was still paying me, I logged out and went to bed. The next day i got up and logged in again. The pad had been paying all night and it wa still paying me. Later that day, it stopped. The don't make camping like that any more lol This sounds like just the sort of in-depth human interest - but with both commercial and humorous dimensions - story that hard-hitting journalists from the SL Enquirer are desperately searching for. I nearly laughed. © The Judge
  21. Griffin Ceawlin wrote: It'd be more cowardly if nobody knew who it was. :smileyvery-happy: But surely this forum plays host to a plethora of semi-literate alts? So many sock-puppets, so little time . . . Isn't HappyFesteringsore due soon? © The Judge
  22. This is the best ending of a movie ever. © The Judge
  23. Leanisa wrote: What about out of date DJ's or DJ's who think no ones knows the true meaning behind their posts What about cowardly semi-literate alts? © The Judge
  24. Chic Aeon wrote: LL has historically not policed copyright infringement; they wait for a complaint from the RL company. And now under the new TOS it is questionable what happens after that. Erm, since LL now own all material in SL, then they have made themselves prime targets for litigious rl organisations, who will be able to sue them for their culpability - which makes a lot of sense to the latter, as LL both has money and cares about their reputation (although not much apparently). © The Judge
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