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  1. . if u can help that would be great, i cant afford to stay on sl as a paying customer anymore ,i have 2 properties on the main land one in boncarus 184,174 moderate 512m also 1 in heaton166,248 moderate1008m i want to sell them but it asks me to put a price in the box and thats where i need help anyone know what is a FAIR price i should sell for ? your help in this matter would be greatly appreaciated thank you in advance !!! anyone ???? .
  2. Alot of recent ppl have had luck with canabiss oil or i think thc oil something like that but doctors wont even talk about it, i guess they cant make money on cured ppl ... good luck .
  3. Arcadia Asylum !!! omgee wow imagine if that person came back and delt with mesh ! even now years later those rooms and furnishings imo are unrivaled, and they are all now FREE ! i tell you there are ppl in SL ( some still around some gone some just lurking lol ) that are so talented it is scary ! .
  4. wow i find that vid fascinating !!!!! they were right about a few things too ha ha !!!! .
  5. HI i am just a voyeur/noob who shouldnt even be making comments here, but i feel that this thread is very special and should be preserved in some sort of time capsul / secret archive of some sort ... ok i am slowly backing away now and i think it is time for my nap . :matte-motes-evil: .
  6. lol no that is not the old look. the furry guys were the old look . i do not like the buff guy ha ha ! .
  7. YES !!! i agree with you 100 % ,the old look was awsome !!! hey you should start a group and call it the no mesh club or old school noobs lol something like that i am sure many of us will join ,count me in !!! .
  8. Hi guys i hope everyone is having a great weekend, i have a question for or old timers or pros lol . is there some website or blog or site etc.. that alot of you guys frequent concerning SL ? i am sure there are plenty but i would really like to know the top 5 or 4 places that the old school players visit . i feel like i am out of the loop. any help would be great and i would like to thank you in advance ! THANK YOU :matte-motes-big-grin:
  9. Thanks guys :matte-motes-grin::matte-motes-grin::matte-motes-grin:
  10. Hi i just bought an expensive new car with all the bells and whistles (i saved up a while for it) and i really want to show it off , but all i see are lonely tiny roads etc... can someone tell me where to go, i need a really great road , ooooohhhh maybe even a giant highway . are there any highways in SL ? any help would be great and thank's in advance ! Thank You . .
  11. lol when i go to the mall i do not complain . but rl and sl are very different, i can not fly in rl , do you understand now? i prefer more choices and fantasy as opposed to rl . i do not think asking for a shirt to come with a color hud is an outrageous request. but lag i guess is a big problem in sl so oh well fatpacks and a million items it is ... no HUDS for us !!! HAPPY NOW ??? .
  12. Hi we need more clothes with HUDS please. i recently bought some clothes and it had a hud so i could change the shirt the pants the shoes etc, the colors, sizes everything it was amazing ! also i bought a car that did the same thing. the HUD controlled everything i was so amazed ! now heres my question,are designers being greedy ? do they want you to buy every color shirt they have at 100 lindens each? if so make a shirt with a HUD , then put say 6 colors and charge 600 lindens, problem solved you wont lose money. helloooooooooooooo HUDS exist ! do not ignore them , customers should demand them and designers should offer them, right now there are hundreds of designers and only a small percentage use HUDS ! I DO NOT MEAN TO BE RUDE TO ANYONE BUT CMON PPL ITS 2014 AND HUDS EXIST,PLEASE USE THEM WHEN EVER I SEE SOMETHING I WANT TO BUY, IF IT DOES NOT HAVE A HUD . I DO NOT BUY IT . Thank you .
  13. ok i found it you have to go to inventory then library then clothing then older outfits thank you ... YAYYYYYY !!!!! LOL
  14. ummm what happened to the silly robots and cars and wolf avatars from a few months ago ??? now all i see are the new mesh ppl and when you click on classic all the you see are a few old ones. i liked all the cute silly stuff , pink robots exagerated wolf men etc ! had i known they were going to get rid of them i would of saved 7 or 8 i really liked ! did anyone get a heads up ? or were they just gone overnight ? the the new ones are cool but i already have serious looking mesh avatars, am i wrong is there still a way to wear them ? can i buy them ? i am really upset ! this is not cool guys !
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