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  1. Did you know the Arctic Tern is the only true bipolar creature? And if you think you are depressed check this out! And did you know there are almost a million psychopaths in London? Erm . . . forget that last fact. It should have said "cycle paths".
  2. Perrie Juran wrote: Charly Muggins wrote: You might learn a lot simply by reading the General Discussion forum here. It is a prerequisite that you have to be a masochist to participate. Except for me. Are you the sadist in this relationship? That would dramatically understate my involvement. Yes, I also have a superiority complex. An entirely justifiable one. And as for narcissism, you can always depend on the one you love. Although that multiple personality syndrome does worry me occasionally.
  3. Ceka Cianci wrote: The Truth We want you to give us lots of bucks so we can play games on really monster hardware. But it won't work on your pathetic little machines. FIFY!
  4. You might learn a lot simply by reading the General Discussion forum here. It is a prerequisite that you have to be a masochist to participate. Except for me.
  5. timmon Breen wrote: That competition was to see who could be the most polite to rude people from other country's . As for my citizenship . You might live in a place where it seems funny, but there are a lot of people in this world who wait years and years to come here. Perhaps they have problems passing the literacy test? So, how did you cheat?
  6. timmon Breen wrote: I really don't understand That's obvious.
  7. I'd rather stick a pen up my nose and try to drag my brains out.
  8. Venus Petrov wrote: Ohhhh no no no. Never, ever share your password with anyone. Especially with people who say "Trust me!" Trust me!
  9. See this post. Actually I have just thought of another reason for necrospam. You have just been released. Either from judicial incarceration. Or perhaps from commitment. Relating to either matrimony or mental health.
  10. Voff Uggla wrote: You were right, it was a bug, and it was fixed long time ago. You mean, like before 12-11-2011 - almost two years ago - when this thread was last live? Let's be generous and assume that you have been hibernating for an extended time. Or that maybe you are an AIbot. AI standing for Artificial Idiocy. Rather than that you are either incompetent or deperate for any sort of attention.
  11. dollihead wrote: i'm probably making myself sound ineducated here, but i have NO idea what that is... other than it sounds like some sort of lovecraftian / dr seuss entity The name hides a link . . .
  12. Storm is on his way. Warming his hands on the engine of his Harley golf cart.
  13. Theresa Tennyson wrote: Yes, most kids put away their Legos when they reach adolescence. By then they're too busy setting up their little lunch table cliques to determine who's "cool" and who isn't and to find fault with and pass notes about those who they feel to be beneath themselves. Fortunately, most of them grow out of that too. Unless they become bankers. Or journalists.
  14. KarenMichelle Lane wrote: dollihead wrote: because knowing her, she'd go to the police and say im making an attempt on her life x3 This sounds like a sub-plot in the novel HaltinG StatE by Charles Stross. Perhaps she's a Wunch?
  15. KarenMichelle Lane wrote: The tells being, real eye contact, body dynamics, pheromones, tics, posturing, touch - and with the advent of voice the tone of your conversational style became possible but the other "tells" were still missing. Most people are good at the obvious tells in rl. Few are really good at the non-obvious ones. It takes real insight to understand the subtle online versions of them. It helps to have teleempathically-enabled mirror neurons. I call it being epsychic. But it's a bit like x-ray vision. Because it helps you see through people.
  16. Why don't you roleplay a professional assassin and roleplay murdering her?
  17. Second Life is now a milestone on the Internet Highway. The future is communities of individuals who communicate with each other. Not individuals who create things. Which is what Second Life was set up to be. And which it was, and still is, fairly successful at. Except it has no growth potential. And therefore no commercial future. Kids put away lego before they meet adolescence. Except the obsessives. Second Life is the same. A place for building castles in the air. And dressing up dollies to play princess in them. (Opinion simplified so even the more intellectually challenged forumites might understand it.)
  18. Trust me, you're better off not seeing all that rubbish.
  19. The French had the right idea about de-nutting. Vive Madame La Guillotine!
  20. LeetahSoulstarr wrote: Boobilicious success! After a few more grueling hours of tweaking, rotating, moving, sliding, pulling and pushing, I have my lolas right where I want them! Storm will be so jealous.
  21. timmon Breen wrote: Yes 600£ is ridiculous. I'm sorry you have to pay that for an iPhone. But I live in Canada and Bell Canada gave me the phone for free. They are more interested in keeping me as a loyal subscriber. I guess you can always move here. There's more than enough room. I heard about a competition in Canada for which the first prize was an iPhone. Second prize was two iPhones. And Canadian citizenship.
  22. If you want to waste money just to try to look cool to other fashion victims then go ahead. Otherwise, get an Android phone, save money, get real power and apps which work. But don't use Apple Maps to find your local store. You might end up in Mumbai. Or even worse, Paris.
  23. Storm Clarence wrote: Hey Qwal. Feeds or forum, I have a responsibility to keep my followers (and there are many) both engaged and entertained. I agree with keeping them engaged. Don't let them get married!
  24. Azwaldo Villota wrote: The VWBPE 2013 conference is still kicking, if you consider the post-event content being posted On that basis you might claim that World War II was still being fought. Given the number of movies being made about it. Oh, and Elvis isn't dead; he had a hit a year or so ago.
  25. Melita Magic wrote: There is also an opening for a fraud specialist The spambots have already applied for that position . 3 million times.
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