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  1. hi everyone--are there any good RP communities close in spirit to Mystara? I am looking for more open-ended fantasy characters and interaction-based environment. My character has its own (supernatural) backstory and is a bit hard to classify--and it isn't strictly medieval either.
  2. No, individual group per renter is not an option, for whatever reason. It's either one group for everything or two groups, the other being for all renters. Would you mind sending me an offline in-world, so I could follow up on something there? Thanks.
  3. Even with rentals, is it advisable to have just one land group (right now we do)? It's not great, since it means monitoring every parcel every so often, to make sure no one exceeds their limit, but that's how the sim appears to be setup. So, for the purposes of prim count, is it best to keep everything deeded to one group?
  4. Yeah, we did in fact have two land groups. Why does that happen, do you know? What's the rationale? Thankfully, we got rid of the second group after that.
  5. Yeah, I'm noticing the nightmare part. So that would, in theory, mess the prim count, even by a 1000 prims?
  6. Me neither. I don't know anything about that rental system. So would the reorganization of space cause the loss of prims? We don't have any other explanation.
  7. That helps, thanks. Any idea why the Caspetech rental seems to allow the assignment of extra prims to individuals parcels? The option is on their web controls page.
  8. Interesting. I also read that the objects can be deleted--when does that happen, as opposed to the return? Also, is it possible to revoke or lower the bonus selectively (say, in a void) or only on the entire sim? I'm guessing not, since I am not seeing anything like that in the Region/Estate tab.
  9. Hi everyone, Our sim has the prim bonus of 1.7 that is applied to everything: the rentals, the voids, and the club that's on the sim. We want to revoke the bonus and to apply it to the rentals only. We can do this using the Caspetech rental system, but how would we do that using SL's native tools? On a related note: are there any dangers that revoking the bonus might pose, provided that we disable auto-return? The more information we can get beforehand, the better. Does it make sense, in general, to apply the bonus to the rentals only as opposed to having it everywhere? If so, what would be th
  10. Hi everyone, Does anyone know of any learning opportunities in SL that concern psychology (any kind, though clinical/abnormal is my preference)? Or anything related to the human mind/perception/brain. Thanks, Mallory
  11. Hi everyone, I'm looking for a realistic AO and/or dances that would work with the Zooby cat avatar. (I really dislike the one the avatar came with.) I assume any dances created for realistically sized, small animals would work. I've looked on MP--no luck. Given the increased popularity of tinies, there has to be something out there. Any ideas? Thanks, Mallory
  12. anyone know where this is from? http://farm7.staticflickr.com/6107/6351490840_40ea62171a_z.jpg no, the style card is *not* included in the demo. thank you.
  13. i definitely get the "no place to sit" error and a techie friend of mine told me it's how it is. we had to find the LL ground in her sim to test out my sits. i need "force sits" in my current ao.
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