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  1. Ladies (and apparently some men), demand to see the "fruits" of his labor and be sure to get references :matte-motes-wink-tongue:
  2. Boobilicious success! After a few more grueling hours of tweaking, rotating, moving, sliding, pulling and pushing, I have my lolas right where I want them! Phew! A victory hard earned that was Again, thank you all for your help. It's greatly appreciated I'm off to get my diploma in rocket science now Leetah
  3. Thank you all for your responses and thank you Madeline for the help inworld After more tweaking, and the help of a few others (I sense a joke in there somewhere...How many people does it take.......lol), the consensus is that lolas were meant to be worn BIG..much bigger than I wish to have them, and wearing them smaller, makes it difficult to have them lined up properly on the sides. It's sorta a one or the other type thing...good on the chest, but not good on the sides and vice versa. That can be worked around with certain clothes, but it is just that, a work around. I love the lolas, jus
  4. I recently purchased Lolas and I am finding it to be far greater a challenge than I expected to get skin tone to match and for the breasts themselves to blend well. I'm very frustrated at this point and am in desperate need of some help. If anyone out there who has managed to get their lolas looking good, would be willing to share their knowledge and tips on how best to do it, I'd be so grateful. I've seen them done well in the past and they looked great so I know it can be done, just clearly not by me :matte-motes-dont-cry: I searched YouTube and was surprised to see there is not a video on
  5. Anyone have any idea where this tat is from? Im'd creator of outfit but no reply. Any help greatly appreciated! :)
  6. My boyfriend and I attend ALOT of live music events..the talent in sl is nothing short of amazing. For the most part, the spam seems fairly reasonable at these gigs. Conversation flows easily. People are very friendly but respectful of being disruptive in any way. Feel free to hit me up inworld if you'd like to join us at a gig sometime or would just like some info on names of musicians/singers, their groups and their respective genres
  7. Group is growing with some really awesome people Anyone else looking for some cool friends to hang out with, chat, enjoy live music, clubs, exploring and shopping, hit me up inworld! The more, the merrier!
  8. Hey Girls Hitting you up inworld. If I miss anyone, add me. Mariah created a group..open enrollment. Lets crash it!
  9. I had this EXACT same problem for months. Couldn't spend more than a few mins at any place busy and if I tried to cam around, forget it. I'd quickly start getting the discarded textures due to insufficient memory messages and the "boot" always followed shortly after I tried all of the suggestions posted on the forums and then some. Nothing worked. Was so frustrating. I finally came to the conclusion that my system simply did not have enough memeory to handle sl, particularly the busier places. I upgraded my OS to Windows 7 64bit and added more memory. With Windows 7 32bit, max RAM is 4.00
  10. Hey all! I've recently returned to sl after a break and would really love to meet some new people and make some friends along the way :) SL is so much more fun when you have friends to enjoy things with :) I'm very friendly, funny and easy going. I enjoy shopping, going to clubs, live music and sporting events. I love finding and exploring new places all around sl. I'm generally on in the evenings during the week and on and off throughout the weekend. Hit me up inworld if you'd like to chat and possibly hangout..lets have fun! Leetah
  11. It won't replace though when I add new hair. Could it be because it is so big? Do I have to get like the biggest hair on the planet to cover it??? I don't get it..Should go away with new hair and it doesn't..Stays. Ridiculous. It's gross.
  12. Hi, I just started playing sl and am having a problem that I just can't figure out. I started with the unicorn avatar. I bought a shape and skin..I was able to detach all parts of the unicorn but the hair which is called "Blank Hair" in my inventory. Usually when you right click on an item you are wearing, you get the option to detach or remove. I don't get any option for removing this hair. I bought a new hair and thought perhaps when I "wore" that, the other would be replaced. But it's still there. I have like the bottom part of my new hair but have this ugly box head pa
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