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  1. It looks like my name is leyna, but it's really TInker. I'll still answer to leyna though.
  2. Oh that's a good idea, hadn't thought of using them as landmarks for myself. Thanks Pussycat!
  3. I've been looking for cute summerish short dresses, could be casual or dressy. My problem is that I'm not sure what "cute" means to me, all I know is that I haven't found them. It's one of those "I'll know it when I see it." kinda things. (and usually I see it on everyone else, maybe I need to start clicking on people :)) So I thought I'd ask who some of your favorite dress designers are, I'm hoping I'll be able to break my dress shopping stuckness.
  4. I'm not sure what others do, but I definitely will buy stuff from the places I visit when hunting. Not from everyone, but from the places that I really like, yes. Sometimes I'm so focused on the hunt I may not buy at that moment, but I keep my landmarks organized in a folder of places to go back to when I'm finished, and I do go back and buy. Some of my favorite spots to shop that I now purchase from regularly I discovered while doing hunts. I've often wondered if a lot of people are just about the grabby hands and I've hoped that wasn't the case.
  5. (sorry this is so long!) I don't have suggestions of ways to use SL for recovering from an illness, but I wanted to share a few things from my own experience. The first thing I have to share is that there was a period of time (about two years) when I was unable to leave my house due to illness. I remember that one of the most difficult things for me was that I didn't need to *be* anywhere. No one was waiting for me to show up anywhere, no one missed me when I wasn't there, wherever "there" was. I almost felt invisible for a period of time. Had SL been around then, it would have been amazing to be able to have the experience of connection with community and responsibilities. It would have helped me in my need to be able to show up and be counted on, to be a part of something that mattered. The second thing is that my partner is disabled with a yet undetermined neuromuscular illness and is unable to drive or leave his house very often. We initially joined SL as a way to bridge the miles between us when we're not able to be together. We had no idea what we were getting into, didn't know that he'd be able to do things like row his boat, take me dancing, go exploring, build, and even open a store to share the RL images that show his perspective of the world he sees around him. I can't speak for him, but I can share a few of the things I've observed: He's had things to look forward to that he otherwise wouldn't have, like some of the parties we've attended, shopping for just the right outfits, picking me up for our dates, and taking snapshots to remember wonderful evenings by. It's been a place for him to express his creativity in any way he wishes. He's been building and terraforming and has had a blast doing it. Having a creative outlet is so important and is always a positive thing in my opinion. He's had some of the loveliest interactions with people that he'd otherwise not have had, experienced the exchange of heart felt kindness of the real people shining through their avatars. He's been able to use some of the skills he enjoyed using in his RL work before he became disabled, and been able to be part of a bigger picture, one that really does make a difference in people's lives. So I'd say that SL definitely can help in a lot of ways. Having things to look forward to, connecting with people and having an opportunity to take on responsibility or help others if one so desires are all things that can improve peoples quality of life and expand their horizons.
  6. "Aww this all looks like some of you people are threatening me. All that I have said was that I lost the feeling of FUN in Second Life and I am very grateful to some other peopel who gave me genuine advices unlike 1st people that are threatening me something because of my banner which is allowed." Hmmm, I haven't seen that you're a victim of any threats in this thread at all. Sounds like maybe you're working too hard? Maybe spending so much time focused on scripting and Wili and Amy Show doesn't leave you much time to do the things you enjoy the most. "Is it because I have a business in Second Life that some of you are so jellous about? Is this a business discrimination? I already know that some people in SL don't like business oriented people. But guess what because of entrepreneural people Second Life evolves. Well you can have your own business and help Second Life economy." I doubt very much that anyone is objecting to anyone else being business oriented. Business is about relationships, and having respect for people's intelligence is a great quality to posess, particularly because business depends on relationships. I'm not seeing a lot of this quality being exhibited by you on the forums. So maybe it's that you're working too much.... or maybe it's immaturity. Hopefully it's that you're working too many hours because that's a much more streamlined fix. . There's nothing wrong at all with being business oriented. I have my own business in RL, and I keep things fun for myself and my clients. If I want to enjoy myself then I've got to make it fun, there's no one else going to do it for me.
  7. Thanks Willow, I was indeed making it more difficult than it needed to be.
  8. I usually search the MP then go inworld to buy. Some of the best places I've found through doing hunts and 50L Friday type groups. I've run into some real hidden gems that way. One of my favorite ways to learn about cool places to shop is through word of mouth and hearing what others have to say about them. I finally found some great looking jeans after searching for months when I read about a couple of places in the fashion forum here. Coming across a name of a store over and over again, (like in the MP, forums, and blogs) is something that will get me to eventually go check it out even if I'm not necessarily looking for that store's product.
  9. I'm wanting to add a couple of things to the picks section of my profile that aren't actually places, but don't want to set it to my home location. There isn't an infohub on the sim where my partner and I live or I'd just use that. What do folks do when they create a pick but don't want the location set to their home? Do they go to a random location to create it? I'm sure there's a simple answer, I seem to be overthinking this.
  10. Well I'm thanking you Griffin, I did not know about the Character Test. Apparently when the OP said she tried everything and nothing worked, she really meant EVERYthing, the only exception of course being the unspecified thing that didn't work. Everyone knows the thing that eventually works falls under the "other stuff" category and has nothing to do with everything. :matte-motes-bored:
  11. Hi Patricia, I so understand how you're feeling. The learning curve for SL is steep, though I know that some pick things up quicker than others. I think I fall into the "others" category. Just when I think I've got a decent understanding of things, I go around the corner and feel l'm running smack into a brick wall. Okay maybe that's a little dramatic, but I've always been one to pick things up quickly, and in SL....not so much. Ask questions here! The folks are really helpful, and you can be sure there are others reading who are having similar questions to yours. The links that were posted are very helpful and worth reading. Builder's Brewery has classes that are supposed to be really good, and that's a great way to meet other people too. Builder's Brewery Classes and Events Calendar
  12. Hmm. Not sure where I'd fall on the scale. My RL significant other and I joined SL to help bridge the miles that separate us in between the times we spend together in RL. We're definitely ourselves inworld as far as personalities go. Even though I'm myself, I do seem to get completely immersed in whatever activity I'm participating in, whether it's at a dance club socializing, a community meeting, going boating, or talking with someone about shopping, When I meet people I don't talk much about my RL though, I'm a very private person by nature and prefer to just enjoy whatever we're doing in the moment. I don't mind someone asking me where I'm from, I give a rather vague answer but at least they can tell what time zone I'm in. In fact the couple of times I've asked someone what part of the world they were in was only after they'd asked me, and we were comparing time zones. Now I'm rambling. I'd say I'm a 5.
  13. Valerie, I'm so very sorry to hear about Greta. And welcome to Gordon - he's simply beautiful! What a dear face!
  14. I'm a tall girl in RL, and though I didn't set out to make my avi just like me, I've found that I am more comfortable with a taller avi. My RL best friends are between 5'1" and 5'3", so I'm very used to being around people who come up to my...well who are less tall.
  15. So you wanted to be social, and found a club where there were lots of people, everyone was nice, and they were friendly and greeted you. Sounds like things were great until you told them to turn on their mic. Hmm. I don't know many people that appreciate being told what to do, particularly by someone new. Maybe you did "ask" as opposed to tell? Either way, there are many reasons people choose to not use voice. There was an eleven page thread here recently about it, and by far the majority of poeple responding to the thread don't like to use voice. Not one of the reasons given was due to the price of a mic. For many it takes them out of the immersive experience, and there were other reasons as well. My partner prefers to use voice, there are reasons that typing is difficult for him at times. I really don't like it, so we try to find a compromise. He never "tells me" to turn on my mic. He's considerate that way. I don't undertand where you got the "fake lesbian" thing, but obviously this particular club isn't a good fit for you, there are plenty of others to try.
  16. B. Yes copy, no trans would be my first choice. I was thinking it would be great to have the option to choose, but if I'm gifting something and they can't copy for editing purposes I don't think I'd chance sending it to them. If I had an alt and wanted to transfer items like clothing, I'd need to be sure her shape was very similar to my present avi's shape.
  17. Hi Ikiro, welcome to SL! And it's not a dumb question at all. A sandbox is one of the places where you have permission to open or "rez" the boxes that are in your objects folder. Drag the box to the ground, right click on the box, and in the menu that comes up click on "open". A window will pop up. At the bottom of that window click "copy to inventory", and your items will be put into your inventory and will be ready to wear or attach. It looks like you were in a sandbox when you took that snapshot, and that's where you can open your boxes.
  18. Hippie that's awesome! It looks like you guys were having a blast and it was fun to watch. You're far more courageous than I am.
  19. I was just at an event and saw a guy (quite masculine looking) wearing women's clothing, a dress, stockings and heels. He had a five o'clock shadow and male short hair. His profile makes it clear that he is male in RL as well as SL, and that his preference is definitely women. And I thought he looked great! He seemed confident, playful, and a lot of fun - I'm not suggesting that men run around dressed like women, (though I have no problem with that) but this guy was certainly intruiguing.
  20. OMG! You're right! How funny I never clicked for it to launch. Well that's gonna be a big time saver. Thanks so much!
  21. I've had this issue ever since I began using Google Chrome a couple of months ago. (it's set as my default browser) Anytime I try to TP from a SLurl in Chrome, I get an "External Protocol Request" pop up that says GC needs to launch an external application to handle second life links and it wants to launch my viewer even though my viewer is already launched. Has anyone else had this problem?
  22. I wish I could give kudos in this particular forum. I like that Randall. I've only been here about six months and I'm not sure what I believe about SL yet. I will say that it's got one of the steepest learning curves of anything I've attempted in recent years (and have stuck with) Oddly enough the challenge of it has probably been one of the things that's kept me logging in. I'm such a stubborn egg. :matte-motes-nerdy:
  23. Renting movies is the second thing I've discovered on the forums today that I'd never considered doing in SL! (sleeping was the first) It's the simple things, ya know? That sounds like something my partner and I would enjoy. We do love going dancing, probably more than anything else, that and exploring new places. We've had some really nice moments when we've found ourselves alone in the middle of what is typically a busy place. We'll sit ourselves down right in the middle of a sidewalk or floor somewhere and chat away until we're sleepy. Or finding some nice cuddles somewhere unexpected where we just relax together, breathing in and out. Hmm....a homemade theater... *wheels turning*
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