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  1. The unnanounced visitor thing happened twice today to my partner. We have a parcel in a residential adult sim where we each have a home. (because we both have so much fun creating and putting together our homes we decided to go with two - which is really beside the point) Earlier today he was working on a project when he heard his front door open and discovers a woman has let herself into his house and is walking up the stairs checking things out. He said "hello", and no response, tried again to talk to her and nothing. Eventually she TPd out. Just a few minutes ago, he TPd to our parcel and discovered a woman completely nude standing in my living room. I realize this might be a dream come true for some guys, but the fact that she was unannouned and completely undressed took him by surprise and was a bit awkward for him. I thought it was kinda funny myself. I don't mind that much if people pop in though I'd much prefer to invite them. If they're respectful and don't linger if I tell I'm busy, it's okay. I'm not sure I'd want to put a security orb on my place, part of it is open and doesn't have doors, and I like that open feel. (can I even use a security orb when I don't have doors?) I would however prefer people not pop in naked, yes the sim is rated adult, but at ground level it's all residential and it seems a bit presumptuous to assume that it's okay to hang out in someone's home uninvited and wearing nothing. Maybe the fact that there's no security and on adult land tells people it's okay to come on in and strip? What do you say to someone in a situation like this? I wouldn't want to be rude unless it became necessary.
  2. ( I don't know how to do the quote thing -- I'm responding to Persephone's first post in this thread) This explains a lot. The first couple of months that my partner and I joined SL he was getting hit on left and right. I don't blame anyone for hitting on him - he's a warm and wonderful man! The only thing that bothered me was that no one even tried with me. So silly, I know. But I'd read about how women got tired of being hit on and I started to get a complex, I figured my avi had monkey arms or something. I also know that the fact that we're clear about our relationship doesn't necessarily mean people won't attempt to be "friendly", it certainly hasn't been a deterrent in my partners case. I think in six months one person tried a pick-up line with me, and I'm not even sure about that one, it may have been wishful thinking. I'd love to just once say to my partner "Look honey! Someone thinks I'm hawt too!" The pick-up line type in SL probably isn't the relationship type. (speaking of both men and women) but what the heck do I know? I'm glad I didn't come here to get picked up for sex, I'd be mighty depressed by now. I do think the "assertive" thing may be the key here. I've met a few men in SL that are charming, kind, and intelligent and that aren't in a relationship. I'm not looking, but if I were I'd have to step it up on the assertiveness.
  3. Happy Belated Rezday Shadow! Of course you should throw yourself a party, doesn't matter that it's late. I would think six years has earned you that.
  4. Wow, thanks Melita! I'll be referring to this thread in the future and your list will make things much easier.
  5. Hi Mariah, I hope you were able to get the help you needed and that you do find friends who have similar interests as yours. SL can feel like a very big place and is much more fun when shared with others. It was pretty gracious for Smoothie and Kasya to reach out to help you, I'd have been so grateful if someone had done that for me when I first joined. My partner and I ran around aimlessly our first few weeks of being in SL, not knowing where to change, and bumbling along trying to figure things out on our own. As time has gone on, our experience has been that there are far more people interested in being helpful and kind than are out to create problems in SL. You'll come across people who's profiles make it apparent that their interests are very different from yours, and some will include things that you're not comfortable with. That doesn't mean that those topics of interest will ever come up between you and that person. It's highly unlikely that they'd ask if you if you want to join them in a (insert activity you find objectionable here) any more than you'd ask them to accompany you to a dog show. Help may come in the form of what you may consider unappealing sources. That doesn't mean the help is any less valuable, the heart behind is it any less worthy of being treated with respect, or at the very least common courtesty. It's not a bad thing to be mindful, but really there's no need to be fearful on your journey in SL.
  6. Thanks kryptic, I'll check out the places you mentioned. I think my partner might really enjoy them as well, his tastes run more to the metal/industrial/goth side of things. Mayalily thanks for the suggestions! If you come across the jazz place you mentioned at some point, I'd love to know what it was. Feel free to shoot me an IM or LM inworld if you want to.
  7. Alazarin I don't think it's surprising at all that your favorite music venue is yours. Bliss indeed! Rebuilding whenever you get bored and running your own show sounds like a great set up. I'm curious as to what kind of instrument(s) and music you play?
  8. Ahhhh the dance packs, yes, that makes sense! That would cagegorize them at least. I guess it wasn't purely by chance I found the couple of dances I liked, I'd finally taken to watching the vids (they've got tons of the dances on youtube) and was writing down the numbers to go check them out. It took me so long to find the numbers I'd written down, (I think I got lucky) and I gave up. They are good dances, I wonder how many people don't take the time to figure it out and go elsewhere.
  9. I'll second Akeyo, Animazoo and 3FX. Henmations - that place is so frustrating to me. Hundreds of dances with no categories other than women's, men's, and couples. If my memory serves me correctly the similar types of dances aren't even grouped together. I'd found a couple of really nice dances there purely by chance, but I don't have the patience to check them all out. Does anyone else find shopping there to be difficult? I wonder if it's just me.
  10. hmm, I probably should have put this in favorite destinations.
  11. The neighborhood where my partner and I have been living is very community oriented, which makes it easy to get to know your neighbors. A lot of folks who live there also have stores in the commercial areas and they're very friendly. The sims are themed and are lovely for walking around and seeing what new things people are doing. We recently got another parcel elsewhere to have in addition, where it's not very neighborly but we feel a little more privacy and quiet. We can also run around nekkid on the beach if we want to. Having both places creates a nice balance.
  12. Parhelion those are stunning images! I have got to go check out those trees at Botanical. I can feel another garden coming on.
  13. I love to listen to, dance to, and talk about music. My musical tastes are varied, I like classic jazz, electronica (mostly downtempo/trip hop kinda stuff), alternative rock, house music, blues. In the right mood, I can enjoy just about anything. I'm always up for having my musical tastes expanded and developing an appreciation for music that I'd previously not given much thought to. There are a couple of places I've been that are sometimes friendly and fun, and I've been to others where the people weren't very friendly, they were probably busy with IMs or other things and the energy seemed pretty flat.  I'm still on the hunt for some fun music venues and I'd love to hear what some of your favorites are.
  14. I asked a question about favorite places to find dresses and got an amazing list of suggestions here: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Fashion/your-favorite-dress-designers-shops/td-p/966009 I already had some of these places landmarked in my favorite clothing stores, but now have been to all the stores mentioned and have added quite a few to my landmarks list. I found a lot more than just dresses. Most of these places are on the MP, and I'd add PixelDolls to the list, plenty of affordable and cute items.
  15. So texturing them as opposed to tinting them could create a perfect match. I never considered doing this, it would save a lot of time in the long run. /me scribbles "must attempt texturing prim feet" down on her to do list.
  16. Such beautiful places you've all created! I couldn't agree more about gardening and lanscaping to feel zen in SL. Unfortunately I didn't get very good snapshots of the couple of gardens I've created, but I'll post what I have. Both of the gardens are no longer there, so I'm glad I at least have these images. You can kind of see the overgrown garden in the background, it had a huge oak tree to sit beneath, an old greenhouse, as well as benches where we could sit and chat, read, or just watch the sunset over the ocean. One night I when I was out looking for a willow tree, I suddenly got a wild hair and wanted to create something with a fantasy theme. So I put this on our skybox patio. I wish I had an image that showed the fun little details sprinkled throughout the garden, but this shows the gist of it. You can see me lying on the hedge couch thingy, completely mesmerized by the twinkling lights.
  17. That looks geat Marianne. I realize I don't even pay attention to others prim feet unless it's glaringly obvious that they're a different color, and even then it's not to be critical. It's usually more a reminder to me of how frustrating it can be to get a good match, and I imagine that they look fine to the person wearing them. Ariel, I'm sure I've seen the guide for popular skins you're talking about, I just can't remember where. It must have come with my N-Core shoes. I'm not sure if my skin is a popular one, I guess I can check the guide and see! Mayalily, I have no idea what "Disappearing sock feet toenail shoes" might be, but this made me smile and if someone ever makes these, I'll give them a try just because I'm curious.
  18. The new skins thing - exactly! I usually forget that I've got a different skin on then the last time I wore a pair of sandals and having to edit the color every time I put them on is, well, time consuming to say the least. My go to solution for that has usually been boots. But it's summer dress time and I've been determined to conquer this prim foot thing. I'm on Firestorm which has a ton of windlight settings and have been using the two you mentioned off and on. I'll be sure to use them when I'm working on color matching. Your attitude of not worrying about how others see you as long as you're satisfied is right on. I mean what else matters, right?
  19. Am I the only one that struggles with prim feet colors? The thing is I don't have too much of a problem getting them the right color until..... I move or TP somewhere. Sometimes I'll get them just right, then head out to go dancing and suddenly there are two marshmallow colored feet attached to my ankles. Or even worse, I'll just move my camera angle - they're perfect from one side and from the other side they're horrible, or great by daylight and completely off at midnight. I got a pair of strappy sandals from N-Core that I love and have had better luck with them, I'm not sure why that is. Also does everyone else see different colors of feet depending on their windlight settings?
  20. Funny, earlier this afternoon I was thinking, isn't it spam time? Then I couldn't remember whether spamday is Friday or Saturday - and it's neither. It's Spamurday! The eighth day of the week! Ok that was scary, I had to google "eighth", it just didn't look right.
  21. I keep swearing to myself that I'll quit feeling whiny about this, but it hasn't happened yet. "Your username is not meant to be displayed as a name, it is the name of your account not your avatar." This is exactly how I understood it when I signed up with some random first name that I didn't even bother to capitaliize. I rarely capitalize names that aren't going to be seen by others and are only used for signing in: I also didn't understand that I wouldn't have a last name. All the information I'd read (and I read a lot before finally signing up) stated that I would be choosing a last name. I wouldn't have imagined that the information I'd read was outdated, as I read it in so many places. I didn't quite understand how choosing a last name mattered since my username wasn't going to be seen by anyone, but I realized that I wasn't going to have it all figured out until I actually went through the process. So I created my display name, also having no idea that there were people who wouldn't see it. I'm okay with people calling me leyna, but have never felt it suited me. Get over it already leyna. I'm glad I had the forethought to snag a couple of the "babygirl with numbers" names before the numbers got too out of hand. I'm kidding.
  22. Thanks JoJo, I certainly will check that out! I almost always go inworld to purchase items I find on the MP, but I got click happy last week and bought a few items from the Sea Hole, it will be good to visit the store as I'd intended to do in the first place. I've had some good luck with places people have posted, thanks so much! It's always fun to discover new stores I didn't know existed. Melita, I visited the Twinkle Night Bazaar last night, and really enjoyed it! Lots of fun and tempting things on display there, and I liked how it was set up. I went in looking for dresses, and TPd away having purchased, of all things, a set of lanterns, and.... *drum roll please*..... a flowered eyepatch. A girl's got to be prepared, right?
  23. Thanks so much everyone! I've made a list of all the places here that I'm not familiar with and have enough to shop myself silly in the next couple of days. If you happen to trip over something that turns out to be me loaded down with packages lying flat on my face, no need for concern, I'm probaby just napping. :smileytongue:
  24. My partner and I joined to have a place to hang out and keep in touch since we have extended distance between us, and the "strange" is what's made it so much more fun than we'd anticipated. I don't know that strange is what's wrong with SL, it sounds more like SL isn't the ideal platform for keeping in touch with some folks. The learning curve alone can be daunting, I don't know that I'd have stuck it out if I hadn't been so highly motivated to be able to hang out with the guy I love. Strange is a relative term. I don't even use the word much, I think of things more in terms of being curious, interesting, and fascinating, though what I consider merely interesting might be another person's scarypsychofreakzone. And I totally agree with what Ceka said about closet cases, that subject can get extremely fascinating.
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