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  1. Jiggly can definitely be a problem. I liked the Tonya presets too, it seemed the most natural. Apparently it doesn't look natural to everyone. I finally stopped wearing it because what I saw and what my partner saw were extremely different things. My partner saw the Tonya preset jigges on me looking so extreme that he wondered why I didn't have a black eye. What I saw was subtle and natural. When we'd be out dancing he'd point out women that were wearing physics, and I could see no movement whatsoever. When I finally got the settings to the point where my partner loved them, I could see nothing at all. I got bored with the whole thing at that point and decided to scrap it. My partner has seen bounce that looked so horrible he's been tempted to IM them, like telling someone they've got toilet paper stuck to thier shoe or something. He hasn't felt it was appropriate though, figuring if they look good to the gal wearing it then they're enjoying themselves and he doesn't need to interfere with that.
  2. Looking at your profile, the way it reads now with your interests including flirting with the ladies, romance, and seduction, there's no indication that you might not be interested in things going further if the right woman were to come along. You can always put something in your profile to make it clear that you have a RL girlfriend and aren't wanting any romance outside of SL.
  3. Thanks everyone for your responses. Kylie, just the build itself was gone. I've had similar things to what you describe happen, so I went into edit mode and tried selecting in the area in which the house was sitting. The furniture, accessories and and windows I'd put in were all there. Then when I checked the about land, and saw that the prims belonging to me were about half of what they'd been I realized it was likely gone. Amethyst, I've heard of that happening with DMCA notices. I'd purchased it from the MP, honestly it wasn't particularly nice, the reason I bought it was I'd planned on changing the textures and taking it apart so that fact that it was really cheap helped me to not feel any attachment to it. Pamela I recall reading something about that, I'm glad you had them in your inventory! (btw, my neighbor just purchased one of your houses - it's gorgeous!) Ceera, yes I did check my lost and found and it's not there. Interesting, I did not know about full parcels sometimes returning the wrong prims. Typically we get a "parcel too full" message - that would be frustrating for either one of us if the other person's things were returned because one of us had pushed it over the limit. Having destroying a couple of houses with mouse mishaps or with just not paying attention has helped me to not get too attached to my items in SL, plus reading about things that happen with people's inventory. (so sorry to hear about yours Jaimee ) Who knows, maybe I'll log in tonight and it will appear somewhere.
  4. I have copy and mod permissions, and I'd done some extensive editing to the house, turning it from a two story into a one story cottage. I didn't make a copy of the modded house, my bad I know. I'd checked the about land earlier when I was on, and the prims owned by me was almost half of what it had been. Since I wasn't logged in for two days and my partner saw it yesterday, I'm confident that there were no accidental edits that took place, but I do know what you're talking about as I've done things like that in the past. My heart isn't broken or anything, it just seemed incredibly odd that only this one thing would suddenly disappear.
  5. It was there two nights ago when I was last logged in, and still there yesterday when my partner was hanging out in it, then this morning he sent me a snapshot of where our cottage *used *to be. :( I logged in, and sure enough, it's gone. Nothing else that I own is missing, either from our parcel or from my inventory. It's not in my objects, my lost and found, or in any of my folders. I tried clearing my cache and relogging, nothing. Any ideas on what might have happened to it?
  6. GRRRR!!! What I don't understand is how even though I block these incoming adverts I continue to get them? One in particular that has been the worst, there isn't even an inworld store. I absolutely did not join any kind of group or anything with this merchant, I believe I purchased one item 8 months ago on the MP and a couple of days a week I get junk from this person. I've blocked object and person, but I continue to get them. I finally sent an IM asking to be removed from whatever list I'm on but I'm not holding out hope. I've never filed an AR on anyone, is that what I should do here if I don't get a response? Is mute different them block? ETA: Maybe it wasn't okay to mention the name the merchant that I think is the worst so I removed it.
  7. LL fails during the sign-up process to emphasise the importance of choosing a username that you are happy for others to see and on occasion to address you by. Thank you Ian. This, exactly. I'd read quite a bit about SL before signing up last December, I'd hoped to have some clue as to what I was getting myself into. During the sign-up process, when no "pick your last name" option came up, I figured that maybe they'd added this step - creating a username separate from the avatar name. It said that the username was the name I'd use to sign in with and I'd pick my avatar's name later, so just threw a name in there and didn't even bother to capitalize. As far as it being next to impossible to find a decent username, a few of weeks ago out of curiosity, I created an alt account using my display name as username -TinkerDrew Resident. While I was in the sign-up process, I tried maybe 10 other somewhat random firstlastname combinations and was surprised at how easy it was to find available names. But - because of the lack of clear information during the sign-up process, I don't know how anyone would know to do this or understand why it's a good idea.
  8. It is indeed feel good time - LOVE it! Thanks so much for posting these Ceka!
  9. It's difficult for me to say what it is about men that amazes me, maybe "fascinates" is a better word. I find myself thinking in physical terms because I see the personal qualities of men as being so different from one another and fitting together in different ways. The first thing that comes to mind is the quality and texture of the male voice, depending on who's it is, it can just undo me. My partner's in particular. It's rich and deep with a fine silvery finish to it. Sometimes when he's talking it feels like I'm floating in warm honey. Don't even get me started on the sound of his laughter. Lovely OP by the way Jaikke
  10. If they'd been greeting people or chatting I think it would have seemed less odd, I think I might have appreciated that someone was letting me know they were available to help if I needed it. There were probably about 12 of them and I kept having this urge to go up and poke one to see if they were real avatars. That doesn't even really make sense and I'm not sure how I'd have accomplished it but it was fun to think about.
  11. Oh okay, that makes sense. I was also wondering how they got so many people willing to be stuck to a posestand for that long.
  12. I was shopping last night and TPd to a store that on the map looked to be pretty busy. When I got there I realized that all the green dots were actually models on posestands. I'm sure they weren't all cammed in on me and watching my every move, certainly they had better things to do like sort inventory or IM friends while standing there, but I felt really awkward for some reason. Does anyone else feel like this when shopping in these places? I think part of what seemed odd was that there was no conversation at all, here are all these people relatively close together and not a word being spoken (in open chat anyway).
  13. This isn't really cute or funny, it just makes me feel good - I guess it could fall under the "neat" category.
  14. If you watch this video Maya you'll see how people can cam will be camming into your house.
  15. I turned mine off too Jacki. It ended up being too much hassle to find settings that were even noticable to me but didn't look idiotic to my partner. We used different viewers at that time, maybe that had something to do with it. He's using Firestorm now too, but I'm so over it I don't think I'll be spending the time on it again.
  16. You could always get a pixel job that requires real work in order to buy the pixels you want, but since you've already stated that you don't feel it's worth it, I don't imagine working for it would appeal much to you. The people who have spent countless hours working hard to create all the content you would so like to enjoy deserve to be compensated.
  17. I believe you're in basic mode. Try logging out, then open the viewer and choose "advanced" from the mode drop down menu, then click quit, then log back in. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Basic-mode-FAQ/ta-p/733541
  18. It's so hard to choose favorite movies, there are so many I love and for different reasons. A couple of foreign favorites: And old (and some very old) favorites:
  19. I'm cheating and mentioning a place I've been fortunate to visit, but when I saw the title of this thread I knew my answer was Charleston SC. (me too Lynda!) I went for the man, and fell in love with the city, (as well ) The people are some of the most gracious and lovely I've met anywhere. I'm a texture freak, I swear I wanted to lick the walls of some of the old buildings I saw. I'd give anything to TP there in RL!! The nearby beaches are so beautiful, they go on for days and days..... And the food. Can I talk about the food? Okay I'll spare you, but I've never had better fried chicken in my life. As far as places I've not been, New York city is in my top five. I'm an urban girl and have never been to New York!
  20. Yo la Tengo - Autumn Sweater, and thinking I need to sort my inventory
  21. Just two more and I'll stop... This one makes my whole body smile
  22. Yay! I'm glad I saved this thread for after the crying thread (I love the energy in this video and unfortunately it's not very good quality but I haven't found another one that includes this video) Sigur ros ALWAYS makes me happy! The live vid of Gobbledigook with Bjork is so much fun! And speaking of Bjork and happy:
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