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  1. Wow, I hadn't planned on being all sniffly this early in the evening. I can cry with any kind of music, it's embarrassing. Happy, sad, romantic, and if I'm hearing it live? Forget it, I'm a mess. Here are a few that come to mind This: and this: The Lark Ascending by Ralph Vaughan Williams - I'll post the whole thing (it's in two parts) for anyone interested in listening to the whole thing.  
  2. This is the only video I could find of this. I've always loved "Wild Horses", but heard the Elvis Costello and Lucinda Williams version for the first time the other night dancing with my partner and I was a puddle. The lyrics never got to me before like they did listening to these two sing it. *kleenex please* (oops maybe this belongs in the songs that make you cry thread. but it wasn't sad crying, it was love crying. romantic dreamy tears. okay I'll stop talking now)
  3. Thank you Canaro! All better now. :matte-motes-smile:
  4. Oh - yes I saw that question posted in the Answers section, I've had that happen with the MP before, but this is the first time with profiles. Peewee mentioned it happening if she clicked on a URL of someone's profile that was in another language, but I was bringing up my partner's profile via google search, I logged in and there it was in Spanish and he uses English. Inworld my profiles are in English, (I'm using Firestorm installed in English) but if I do a search on the web they're not.
  5. For the last two or three days, if I log into SL profiles via the web they're in Spanish. I've logged out, run CC Cleaner, restarted my pc, logged back in and still Spanish. Any ideas?
  6. It's so hard to just name five, so I'll just go with what comes to mind first (I definitely agree with Venus about The Smiths - How Soon is Now) Head Like Hole Nine Inch Nails Red Hot Chili Peppers - Give it Away Led Zeppelin - No Quarter Pearl Jam - Why Go Talking Heads - Once in a Lifetime
  7. In the images posted I'm not sure it's the weapon that makes these women appear sexy, they'd still look sexy without the weapon. These women appear confident, and confidence is sexy.
  8. Mayaliy I think it's important to remember that people come here for different reasons, all with different RL experiences that have shaped their reality, just as yours has. Not everyone is going to have the same experience as you do or feel the same way. My partner and I came to SL to have another way to connect because we live so far apart. We are free to dance with other people but haven't really felt like it. I don't believe dancing is cheating either. If I don't dance with someone it's not because I'm not allowed to, it's because I don't feel like it. It has nothing to do with the turn on factor. I do believe it's possible to get turned on pixel dancing with someone, not because the pixels are touching and looking into each other's pixel eyes, but for the same reason that people get turned on in a chat room. The brain is the biggest sex organ, and it doesn't necessarily matter what's happening with the pixels. People come here for different reasons. Some people are playing themselves, others have created a persona or character. Some will take things to RL, others don't. There's a whole lot more freedom to express oneself and ones fantasies here than in RL, no matter what the reasons for being here. People have made lasting RL friendships in SL, even getting married in RL to someone they've met here. If people can experience all of these RL emotions in SL that lead to lasting friendships and marriage, then why wouldn't they experience jealousy in SL as well? You're wanting your SL to be monogamy free and there's nothing wrong with that. My partner and I are having a blast with our biggest fantasy (and yes we know it's not reality) of being able to be together every day, socialize and dance together, take walks on the beach, etc. So some of us are enjoying our monogamy, and it doesn't mean there's something wrong with us. It also doesn't mean that we've placed restrictions on each other. We do what we want to do, which doesn't happen to include doing other people.
  9. Be thankful for the silence, I encountered my first tummy talker last night. Disturbing. Disturbing on so many levels.
  10. Wait a minute, soaked with tea? /me runs off to google "tea soaked eggs"
  11. The latest in my ever changing scrambly egg concoctions is with mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, fresh basil and fresh grated parmesan sprinked on top. (I love it when a little syrup gets on my eggs too)
  12. Qualities I desire most in a partner in no particular order, (and I'm fortunate that my partner rates high on all of these except for his occasional propensity to blather on about random topics, making listening difficult for both of us) Down to earth and easy going Compassionate Honest Has a sense of humor, laughs easily and can laugh at himself Good communicator (talks and listens) Intelligent Responsible Emotionally available and doesn't require a road map Sexually creative and responsive The qualities I desire most in a partner are different than those I look for in a friend, for example I don't care if my friends are romantic.  Oops, apparently I don't care of my partner is either, it didn't put it on the list. I'm tired after deciding on the most desired qualities, so I'll have to pass on the unnatractive and undesireable qualities. Let's just say they're the opposites of the qualities I desire.
  13. About 12 hours a week. Not as much as I'd like to. It feels like much of that time is spent searching through my inventory for stuff and editing clothing. I definitely don't socialize as much as I'd like to, maybe only 3-4 hours a week.
  14. /me scribbles down names of places to shop for hair besides Truth (I love Truth hair! But I'm always wondering if there's something else out there)
  15. My reason was the same as Voids, to connect with my RL partner when we're apart. It fills in a lot where phone calls and texts can't. Being able to work on projects together for example, look forward to dates, add another layer to intimacy, it's been pretty amazing. Also because he's disabled, it's allowed us to do things we couldn't do in RL, like go dancing and do lots of exploring. Obviously it's not the same as RL, but we've found that the emotions that come along with doing these things together are very satisfying.
  16. I think having one outfit is only bad if you're not happy about it. If you're happy then what does it matter? I have too many outfits. I'll get excited about a certain style of clothing I find and think "Oh this is IT. This is going to be my new look!" A week later I've forgotten about it and moved on to something else. Having the attention span of a gnat can get expensive.
  17. LOL!! Nah, he's brown hair and dreamy green eyes, but you got the height right. Maybe I'm missing out on some fun and should give this a try! Any strangers have homes I can get naked and speechlessly wander into? Oh... no wait..... I just asked permission didn't I? That kinda ruins it.
  18. Which dude? Me dude or another dude? Probably another dude since I'm the asker and not the sharer in this thread. Alazarin I listened to your music - definitely interplanetary! I thought you'd shared the links here but then realized I'd seen them in your profile. (your name makes me think if crimson pigment even though it's spelled differently) And Jo Jo, thanks! I'll definitely check out that venue!
  19. I did hear something mentioned about Linden panties.
  20. Oh this is good to know. Some folks were talking about this yesterday but it wasn't clear to me what had happened.
  21. Omg that vid lol! Now that's exactly the kind of uninvited visitor we'd love. Running! . Thanks for the slight of hand tips Pussycat. Yeah, we each have a sky platform as well and realize that putting our homes up there would likely be the most effective way to handle things. This is the first time we've put our homes on the ground. We're going to do the security orb thing for our homes for now and keep the land open. We don't have visitors to this parcel really so it won't be a big deal with putting people on the list or whatever. We know it may not be the best solution overall, but we'll see what happens. Here's an update: Today my partner logs in to find our special visitor from yesterday (I'm over the naked thing) hanging out again, but this time she wasn't alone. At the end of her leash and on his knees was her slave. My partner says hello and asks if he can help her with something (depending on how she took that, it's kinda funny) and she says "No. We're playing." At least she was speaking today. He was being nice with her and also let her know that our parcel is our private residence and not a public area to play in. She wasn't so friendly. She said a couple of things and then something about how it's to be expected since we've given our land an Adult rating and then left. Her slave came back awhile later to apologize and to share how awful she is. Oy. Drama llama and really not my business. Only in SL right? It gave us some perspective and we actually had a good laugh about it. Eileen - agreed, a sense of humor about things is always helpful, and being pleasant but direct is also important. I think most people are not rude, I've run into very few rude people in SL, maybe this means I need to get out more. Plan B is to move into the sky if and when we've had enough. If things continue at this rate it could be next week.
  22. I definitely see your point Pussycat. When I initially wrote this, it was bothering me that someone was inside my house naked and uninvited. In writing more about it and particularly when reading what Persephone mentioned about people dropping in getting old quickly, I think it's more about the uninvited people part, especially when they're uncommunicative, and what then feels like awkwardness of wondering what they're up to. We love living where we do, we like the freedom to sunbathe nude if we wish to, and we do. Surprisingly all but one of our neighbors are clothed anytime we see them. It wouldn't bother us if they weren't, people pretty much live and let live on our sim and they don't walk into each others houses uninvited. There is PUHlenty of action happening in the club above our sim, but on the ground it's quite mellow. I imagine we can expect this quite a bit, and clothed or not we'd prefer people not come hang out inside our houses uninvited. They can cam in to their little hearts content, but it's really our place to have time to ourselves. All of the above being the case, it probably seems odd that I'd mention the nudity thing in the first place. Having had only a rare visitor in another parcel we lived in, first it was funny that there were two in one day, one being our first nekkie drop in, then we began thinking that if people dropping in is the norm it might be a good idea to find out how others feel about it and handle it. Thanks so much everyone, your feedback has been really helpful.
  23. If my house wasn't so open and had doors instead of curtains, I'd definitely lock my doors. I'm thinking that for us the security orb is the way to go and set it to give ample amount of time for the person to TP away. I doubt that the majority of people are up to no good, but it could get annoying quickly as Persephone said. I also like the idea of being able to set the range of the security to the perimeters of the house and to allow people to enjoy the landscaping if they want to. I can understand your feelings Persephone in regards to your pet wolf-dog, it doesn't matter if she's "real" or not. Your feelings about it are real. I'm ridiculously attached to my pixel kitty Sweet Pea. He may be made of pixels, but he reminds me of cats I've had in the past and it's been so much fun having him around. I agree about things depending on how a person responds. I've had some lovely conversations with people who have shown up on another parcel of mine. It didn't happen often but when it did it's been a nice experience. The notecard giver is something we could have fun with too.
  24. Thanks so much for your replies. Ban lines aren't allowed on this sim, which is fine by me. We've only been there a month and this is the first that it's happened so it may be an isolated incident. I might have asked naked lady if she was she looking for someone, then tell her I was busy with a project and thanks for stopping by, have a fun rest of the day. I have no problem being direct with people, so if she didn't take off I'd ask her to move along, then I'd have to ban her if she didn't go. We're not offended by nudity either, not at all. But I'd still prefer people not hang out at our house naked, between the two of us in different time zones, we spend many hours a day on our parcel and we always are working on projects etc. Nudity can be destracting! I was kinda kidding about showing up and stripping Good points about people not knowing whether they're welcome or not. How are they suppose to know unless they're told right? Especially since most folks have different feeings about this. I've had similar experiences of showing up on people's property unintentionally or accidentally, but if they were there I've always let them know what was going on. I also don't want to keep people out necessarily, but if we end up deciding we need to do that, then the security orb might be the best option. What I'd like is for people to be considerate, I like talking to considerate people and obviously I can't control that. 
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