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  1. Isn't that the same one that would kick out women if management cammed under their ball gowns and they was not wearing panties
  2. I know this to be a issue when building or doing things you don't want to be disturbed at while doing so I tried the viewer options I still got the flashing IM tabs, and sounds, I have learned how to turn them off. **For sounds in FS: Preferences > Sounds &Media > UI Sounds 1 look down to ninth on the list, to turn off there is check boxes and there is drop down arrows for sound choices. **Now the flashing in FS: Preferences > User interface > 2D overlay there is two sliders on the bottom of that, slide both to the left to 0. now click save. Now to stop IM's ever from groups with out having to go into each group profile? here is a lil device I have been using since 2017: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/JK-RLV-Ignore-Button-Box-v10/1993446 I love this lil device. it uses RLV and it basically blocks IM;s not only from anyone but blocks group, it sends people a typical RLV blocked IM message but I can custom make any message. I have RLV on and go to my RLVa tab in FS, then go to Strings and then put in my custom blocked message , then relog to save it. I tell you the RLV ignore hud is awesome, I can FOCUS but yet I can allow whitelisted friends n groups if I am doing something that requires help or keep informs of group activity if I need to monitor something. The Hud does allow IMs to pop up and your custom message gets shown, you will never see what they typed though but if you have sound and flashing turned off no problem. Hope all this helps.
  3. Drop boxes can be renamed, and hidden under/in things so there is that..
  4. Why not just a old fashion big cup of mind your own business if it don't affect you?
  5. I recommend Calas Caladhon park, it has 13 regions to ride in and a formed coastal trail to ride your horses in as well as many guided rides, spectacular views. They have horse rezzers if you don't have one of your own. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Calas Galadhon/128/128/2
  6. What I find annoying is getting this spam from just being IN a group, even when you have group notices off. I am like damn if you do and damn if you don't. I have even left groups just for this very reason some even still send you spam even if you do leave the group and you have to hunt down the owner and ask you be taken off the list. I have even bought something off MP, a one time purchase, nothing else they had interested me but magically I get a spam notice. I think what it is that they have their MP product linked up with their Casper venders for re-delivery reasons or sales tracking and use the update system through the venders. Here is what Casper Wiki says about that https://wiki.casperdns.com/index.php/Merchant_Tips And this in his update feature page: "Just a friendly reminder that the "Updates" feature in CasperVend is NOT to be used for marketing. You may use it to send important information about products your customers have purchased. You may not use it to advertise new products, releases or other unrelated things. We will revoke access to this feature from those who abuse it. If you want to send marketing newsletters, then we (currently) recommend a stand-alone option" I don't know how many decent creators I have had to block, then forget I blocked them for their bot/vender/group spam if I decide to buy something else later. I know of a couple of creators have set it up you physically have to go into their store to hit a unsubscribe button to Opt-out, like really?! I never Opted-in,in the first place! I would love a "So and so is trying to send you a update/anouncement-Do you want to opt out?" before being sent anything I did not purposely subscribe too, kinda like those experience permissions pop ups.
  7. Well, that was most dramatic.. think this the most informative thread in the forums.
  8. In other words.. patience as this was posted before the moles had time to do stuff.. it's like expecting the rl store to open the doors early just for you while you're sitting in the parking lot a hour before they officially open.
  9. Hi, what you need to do is log into MP and set your maturity ratings you want, then in the search bar put in a random search like t-shirt and click the search/ Wait for it to load then hit the Second life Icon on the upper left of the page. you maturity settings is now set.
  10. There is a rule about using your Linden home as a sandbox in the covenant
  11. ok Thank you, that helps with not gonna bother..lol
  12. Ohhh ok. yea, won't do me much good, thank for the info.
  13. Where do you get Speedlight? Google play or?
  14. You are right, thanks for clarifying what was previous already stated. Thanks for your input😁
  15. *Whatever https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Whatever&msclkid=09b8c296ce7b11ecb169d0352c3d7b03
  16. Yea, I get that, but it's not a issue for me persay. The radio ads are not that big of a deal to bother with VPN. I clear cookies about once a month as well as monthly PC health maintenance. Run two spyware programs, clean orphan files once a yr etc..
  17. More than likely you have some sort of spyware on your PC that picks up key logging, Facebook is notorious for that as well as other social networking. clear your cookies, do a spyware/malware cleaning on you computer, run a virus scan too.Get a adblocker also if you don't already have one. I notice that when I run radios here as sim music, if I don't clear out my cookies, I get radio ads for my local area so it's something on you Personal device.
  18. What you need to do is explore using the SL search for sims. Be sure you check the about land to see what the over all traffic is and how long it has been there. There is plenty of places that allows you a small prim rent to set up a mini shop. Be sure to gather the info on what you can or can't rezz down, make sure affiliate venders are allowed, some sim owners renting out a stall won't let you put down affiliate venders, they prefer you have your own created products there to insure the quality of products sold to it does not hurt their reputation,irritate other sellers.
  19. Is there a way to turn the notifications off? NM I see there is not.
  20. I would love a creator shop blacklist also, I know how to use filters, and such but sooo many creators misuse the key words so I get listing for irrelevant or redundant items even in the same category. With a personal blacklist I can mark creators that have pages of pages of junk that nobody buys(Like mine..lol) outdated stuff, creators who put out 20 pages of same item but diff colour instead of learning how to make an use a colour changing hud, creators who have no product pics... etc. A option to no longer see selected shops would be nice even if you never use it.It can be done, each MP shop has a ID number.
  21. I have had the same issues for a few months now, adding a new friend, then no matter how long I am in world, once I log out the next day poof, gone. not even a calling card. I have even posted this issue months ago. It seems to be linked to a region, as I had two Linden homes, one I could log out of and nothing would happen. The other region if I added a new friend, poof the next day or even a few hours.Did not matter if they was offline or me offline or both online, if I logged out poof. It happened to one friend three times. poof off my list. This happens randomly though with no warning. I have to add new friends to my no contact list to make sure I can find them again if they poof off my actual list.
  22. Most mesh clothing you can derender have the naughty bits alphaed out so they fit the avatar, plus that is is a ahole dick move as it is even if they didn't.
  23. I noticed this dot on top of my SL hand logo on my Market place home page, anyone know what it is and why it has appeared? It looks like a pull down but nothing happens when I click on it but only the page refreshes
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