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  1. I realize this is an ongoing issue, but wanted to get my name on the forum of folks with the same problem....I have discovered, I'm able to get into SL Marketplace via world, by going to the Content tab, dropdown list to SL Marketplace and my account does come up populated with my username. BUT, if I click "Home", it brings me to the log in page. After putting in my username and password then login, it brings me to a blank page.
  2. I've been having the same problem not being able to log into SL website since Wed evening EST. This is the error message I receive: The page isn’t redirecting properly An error occurred during a connection to secondlife.com. This problem can sometimes be caused by disabling or refusing to accept cookies.
  3. I was attempting to purchase Lindens for the first time today using my active and updated PayPal account. Unfortunately, it's not allowing me to make a purchase. The following is the message I get when it's processing: To use your PayPal account with Second Life, it must be verified with a bank account "click here for more information" There was a problem with your PayPal account. Please contact PayPal to resolve the issue, then try again. I checked and rechecked PayPal and it's showing the credit card info I use, but I've never had to list a bank account to mak
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