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  1. HI I have had the same thing happen three times random times, but I seemed to narrowed down my issue, seems it is region related. I never have had any issues till I log out of a new Linden Bellisseria stilt home region, none in my other Linden home, I purposely avoided logging out of the Stilt home for a month, added 5 friends, no problem, I added one the other night and logged out of my Stilt home, they gone off my list, no calling card, nothing. Just to put some information, the people I had added to my list was club staff member's so no they did not remove me
  2. It's fake af either way, trust me,, hosts won't remember your name and any names hours later, but someone long ago figured out that when you greet someone by name, it gives the visitors the warm fuzzies, fake or not. For people who have no clue about social manners, cultural protocols, they don't know it's fake. It is proven when someone is given a personal touch welcome, they tend to stay longer, feel at home, obligated to stay longer. Stores in RL use this tactic, Wal mart greeters, high end dept stores, hotel doorman etc.
  3. As a DJ in a few clubs, I can tell you why they do that, because some greeter huds do not show the distance so hosts do not know if you are 34 meters away or 10 meters away. If they are using some sort of radar hud or built in viewer radar it simply is because they do not pay attention, they are busy doing club stuff in local( meaning they too busy clicking gesture spam, posting announcments) looking at boards, or in IM's. Mainly because they just do not pay attention, they are not there to select distance, personality types, weed out stalkers, creepy exes, as long as the region owner, sponsor
  4. I have had the same issue, three times, I did two things. I noticed that I was logging out of the stilt homes on the linden homes regions, I changed to logging out at my workshop which was a diff regions and the issue stopped after I did that. once I gave it a few days for the server to have the list saved I have not had a issue since. Even logging out at the stilt home the issue has not replicated so I can't tell if it was or is region related. I also made a copy of the calling card and put it in a diff folder in the calling card folder.. The issue seems to have stopped but it seems to b
  5. It seems my name got harvested from who the hell knows from and now I have gotten unwelcome spam from the spam bot they pay for from smart bots. If this is the kinda business they have resorted too I am not going too or supported this kinda nonsense, It is unwelcome, invasive, if I was interested in this I would of used this posting or search. You bots interrupts my SL, violates any form of consent. I get people need to promote their regions but getting unwelcome, unwanted notices from someplace I didn't have any interest in in the first place is abusive. https://gyazo.com/a246834509ff9
  6. I just changed my sim to only allow those with payment info allowed, this is not permanent but just long enough to let the owner of these bots know my sim is not a ideal landing spot. I have noticed this too and I had tried the age defenders but once the 7 days past, they was back again. I don't want to restrict my sim too much, but the no payment info seems to have sent a passive aggressive message.
  7. Hi, I use this trick to see passwords in Firefox.. especially passwords I forgot to save. https://www.tricksntech.com/see-password-using-inspect-element/
  8. Now a second location. A cozy log cabin with the same fun. On a full private parcel. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Artemide/160/195/42 To make things clear for those not understanding: This is NOT a parcel/land rental, you get no land rights, no rez right, no building right, no settings, no nothing normally found on a parcel rental. The general public can and do still can come to the parcel. This is equivalent to a no-tell motel, you pay the front clerk and use the room they give you for a hour or so depending on how much you pay for. Just as if you pay to get into
  9. I just had to hit refresh page maybe a couple of times at first, I also cleaned out old cookies from my PC, re-logged in and issue solved.
  10. From a creators point of view I wont be including it in any line of clothing, I already get full perm stuff for Maitreya, Bellezza, Slink, some mesh makers have been including legacy, phasing out the TMP stuff and are including petite, Signature. It is already a lot of time and work to add in new body models to make clothing. While I love doing it and improve tremendously the amount of body models for clothing is getting ridiculous , I quit including mesh models for system avatars, the xxs,s,m,l,xxl ones, I just don't have enough time in the day. I won't be doing anything for Kupra unless al
  11. I had one customer rebuy a item so I had to refund for a double purchase and LL still got a percentage cut.. really? sighs. of all the things to get borked..
  12. Want a place to play, but just can't afford a parcel? Need a place to bring your sexual partner? Escort friendly, feel free to bring your clients! Worry no more, featuring a elegant place that is not hard on the eyes or budget. Up in the sky is a lovely house with some features with lover in mind. We support the new Bento Physics C***K by ASA Animation Standards Alliance( ipro) The physics C***K is available down at ground level in a vender for your convenience there is a vid to check it out and see what it looks like before you buy. We also support the new V-Bento V****
  13. When you bought the Casper system you should of got a invite to the Casper support group, they can help you better. Just rez out the delivery box you got in the first place and open, you should get another invite, join then delete the extra stuffs.
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