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  1. I just had to hit refresh page maybe a couple of times at first, I also cleaned out old cookies from my PC, re-logged in and issue solved.
  2. From a creators point of view I wont be including it in any line of clothing, I already get full perm stuff for Maitreya, Bellezza, Slink, some mesh makers have been including legacy, phasing out the TMP stuff and are including petite, Signature. It is already a lot of time and work to add in new body models to make clothing. While I love doing it and improve tremendously the amount of body models for clothing is getting ridiculous , I quit including mesh models for system avatars, the xxs,s,m,l,xxl ones, I just don't have enough time in the day. I won't be doing anything for Kupra unless al
  3. I had one customer rebuy a item so I had to refund for a double purchase and LL still got a percentage cut.. really? sighs. of all the things to get borked..
  4. Want a place to play, but just can't afford a parcel? Need a place to bring your sexual partner? Escort friendly, feel free to bring your clients! Worry no more, featuring a elegant place that is not hard on the eyes or budget. Up in the sky is a lovely house with some features with lover in mind. We support the new Bento Physics C***K by ASA Animation Standards Alliance( ipro) The physics C***K is available down at ground level in a vender for your convenience there is a vid to check it out and see what it looks like before you buy. We also support the new V-Bento V****
  5. When you bought the Casper system you should of got a invite to the Casper support group, they can help you better. Just rez out the delivery box you got in the first place and open, you should get another invite, join then delete the extra stuffs.
  6. Welcome to the world of being a estate manager in a virtual world. dealing with issues is a part of the job. However perhaps a better way of approaching other humans who think differently, not everyone reads signs, as they may or may not rez fast enough to be read or even read English. Perhaps a earlier warning? There is rental boxes that do include security orbs with each one, teaching your tenant also is part of your job to get them to set up orbs. Setting orbs to zero is rude AF though, really would you shoot a trespasser on sight with no warning in real life, no because you know in your h
  7. Your store had been disabled, so you will have to start a new one via this posted article by the Lindens back in 2019 sometime..
  8. From the flip side: Former admin of a huge 13 + medieval fantasy sims As a formal admin of these sims, one of, well many but I am not gonna list here of the things I dreaded during my time admining 1. Players who was whining in my IM box about other players not wanting to play with them when they: Stood in a sim AFK for hours, had such a ridiculous looking avatar that nobody knew exactly how to engage them in a rp. Was a rude d* in OOC chat, never finished a rp , always crashed. Had a relationship with someone off sim and broke up with them so they suddenly left SL and came b
  9. Laughs, in a public forum, mkay.. gotcha.. 🤣
  10. Why is this still a thing..lol It's always about you, yea, we got that in the Cat thread ages ago..😄🤪
  11. That feature is used to share what profit percentage you make off a item in your store. I have a alt and she gets 100 percent of my sales so I can manage finances off my main account. Plus I sometimes collaborate with other creators to make a final product so we split the profits on agreed percentage. So Product price, creator percentage, creator percentage, Linden Lab percentage. If someone is sharing a profit percentage it till show there what you get each sale from creator xxxxname. Plus I turn on my offline notifications so my alt gets a email on each distribution sale.
  12. I doubt anyone would bother unless to be malicious. But given in this day n age and with people locked in the house with nothing better to do, stupider S* has happened in SL.
  13. Ha, that just reminding me of a issue I had with a client, wanted some modern Disney background put in behind, I noped her right off my list after she said " Fine I will get my sister to do it", yea you do that lady.
  14. As a professional photographer I have ran into those articles before researching copyrights, I have had to file several DCMA replies to several websites using my photos off Flickr. If you want to see parody branding in full glory here, go to the MP and look at the food n drinks category, if it is a real brand in RL, I can promise you will find it's parody in there..lol Thing is why would clothing and items in MP be safe from that? Why would even anyone get upset at finding off brand parodied clothing? Its beyond me. But I am pissed because my shoes are not real Converse in SL.. I want the real
  15. Well there is pretty solid guidelines and rules about copyrights, but Parody's, pretty much push the envelope in the subject. Only the courts can really put a end to offenders if nessary, just a matter of intent and how much money each end wants to spend or can afford. Most people in SL can't afford much past a attorney consultation on matters, that's what big company's count of, just a letter is all it takes.
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