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  1. It would be nice to have answers on what is going on with the group chats not working right, some comments from the Lindens would be nice on what is going on and how long we are going to have to deal with the chats being borked. I totally hate the idea of having to use Discord as a second chat platform for SL in general, so annoying. Feel free to post your rants about it here.. this is getting old and I would love some answers..
  2. Hey just wanted to announce a reopening of my Tentacle Alien adult park, It is a sci-fi fantasy park with fun slimy tentacles, RLV beasts needing sex crazed SL people. In the park there is RLV traps, BDSM toys to play with all over the park. The Park is the only one in SL, that IS actually a park.Here you will find a naughty cave at landing point that has a BDSM dungeon to play in as well as a new feature to the park a 3 hour park collar. The park collar is a RLV collar that last only 3 hours for some playtime but you don't want to buy a pricier collar permanently, it also gives those new
  3. Actually I do and my give a F*s is all out, next...
  4. I have no intentions of changing my name but I was looking at the list just out of curiosity, my first though on the choices of names was" How very childish, immature, demeaning these names are" The reminded me of names you picked out for Spiro game or put on arcade games at the local 5&dime long time ago. They reminded me of names I would see walking down mainland and seen a furry club with toon/bot names. I had envisions of 12 yr olds running amuck in a classroom with free reign to the chalkboard. Must be the Lindens way of really discouraging name changes as they said but really, why no
  5. I didn't mind the message, how ever I was not even on Bellisseria and got the message.. I almost blocked the sender then I seen who it was from..lol opps.. I get those messages in local from creators who for some reason think it is ok to do that when you only bought something once 2 yrs ago..
  6. I role played intensively, a number of char, I took on the persona of each I played, my interpretation of who I wanted that char to be. From buying visual clothing, detailed odds n ends from the market to make my char more believable. I Googles some aspect of the personality or creature habits, studies real instants of my char, I learned how to develop who my avatar was playing, it was like a Hollywood actor but with out the huge paycheck n scripts, all my work was done on the fly with a basic understanding of the story. Sometimes it took on a whole different story, the ideas flowed and free f
  7. Kinda like how people speak in pronouns and weird story book genders?
  8. I managed to log in a couple of time but things was broken. so logged right back out...nope
  9. I cant even get to my accounts page, Marketplace page log in just fine
  10. Having log in issue now.. not sure whats up, same thing
  11. 5. Prepare to pay for your own place for a very long time with your RL money for months. 6. Pay for marketing out of your RL pocket, you will need to place ads at various other regions weekly, renting ad-boards is recommended, which means marketing posters someone creates for you, or you make. If someone makes one for you that is not something tossed in, you're going to pay for that too. 7.You will need to find and pay for a regular DJ, and not just anyone will do, people come to clubs to listen to top, good quality music, stay away from Karaoke. Most clubs like Rowan said usu
  12. Here is the thing, when a creator makes a product, any feature in that item usually is assumed by the consumer, that the feature will be used for news and updates re-guarding that said item. When the creator of a script uses that feature for their own propaganda it tends to annoy the recipients and in the end it is consumer duping basically. Yes you can turn off the feature, but it is not really about turning it off, never was. Clothing, Texturing HUDS,, shoes and other worn items do spam you with the starting up announcement to let the account holder know their worn item is talking to the v
  13. In real life, people have to duck and adjust their life to being tall, they duck through doors, live in higher ceiling homes, have to get their cars drivers seats custom adjusted. They live with this because they HAVE to, they was born that way. How ever in SL, you get to pick your avatars looks, persona, you are what you make yourself. In all my years in SL, I have no idea why people think it is ok to be odd shaped avatars and expect Second Life world to cater just to them for what they COULD change to life a normal Second life or at least close enough to avoid issues with doors, animations,
  14. So nice to inspire others to do tutorials, it's very helpful:)
  15. Quinn? what region name do you have this home in?
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