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  1. What do you think of sims that ban noobs? is there a good reason to do so, and if so, how old should avatars be before being let in?
  2. One way around it is to not use mouse look but instead to left click and hold on your self, it allows to to still move like mouse look but you can see your self works great for ball games. There's all so short cuts that can zoom you in and out while in mouse look. ctrl + 8 and ctrl + 9 All so can use the photo tools in firestorm to change your view angle to zoom in or out but has to be adjusted out of mouse look. There's preferences all so to show or hide yourself/attachments while in mouse look. There's lots of setting in the advance > debug menu for camera controls been years since i played with debug settings don't remember how they effect mouse look.
  3. The first 3 days or so they had the crystals rezzing much faster then normal. Finding green is hit or miss but when you do there's more to find not 100% but looks like at lest 8 green per sim and 2 blue, so if you find one keep looking in the same sim. If out in a sim ans you see all the crystals disappear (not including sim crossings) and them new ones come out that's when green and blue show up. Again not 100% sure but seems like its around an hour for green to show up but some sims once in a wile get stuck in a green cycle and they show up about every 5 minutes the problem with that is everyone runs to that sim that seems to happen most in the forest right before the desert. Once you figure out the guest there not that hard to do weekly, I don't really spend extra time each week on quest I just work them in to my normal crystal hunting. What trouble are you having with the quest?
  4. I hope Arbor Mole reply's too. I'd Love to see what Lind lab thinks on this. That's the problem with an unofficial group hunting cheaters. You could try to AR them for that, might help to get LL to clarify a few rules in linden realms, and the best way to report them. Waiting out a sand storm should not be a violation ans spamming people is not the best response.
  5. There's a group called "Hunter in the Realm of Crystals" it's free for any one to join they hunt people they think are cheating, they post in the group any one they find cheating so other members n all so file AR reports. They use AWDetector available on the MP AWDetector Remaining at the same spot for a long time is against the official rules, it's too bad LL did not give a time frame for that, Waiting out a sand storm or taking a bathroom break should not be long enough to be a violation. All though their intentions are good I don't agree with how they go about it all the time. From what I've seen in the group there's little no effort to educate people on the rules first before reporting people. Some cheating is obvious but other types of it is not. They consider creating lag cheating and it could be if some ones trying to crash people with it, but how do you tell if some one intentionally is dong that or if its just some one with high render cost clothing getting called a cheater by some one with a slow computer. @Abnor Mole Love to hear from any Lindens whats useful or helpful for reporting cheaters. Last I checked Linden realms wasn't even a category in the AR system. If LL has anti cheating built in for some types of cheating then is there even a need for group to harass people about it. Teleporting is against the rules so how do you get out of being stuck between rocks you fell between. Would be nice to have some question and answers about the rules.
  6. that's simple to avoid don't jump and move at the same time, as I said before jump,THEN hit your forward arrow, if you don't first jump then don't move forward. Lag tends to slow you don't but it can then be predictable. Ive won ball games in some really bad lag just had to get use to the slowed down timing. If your controls don't respond as they should, sounds more like it could be connection issues, have you checked if you have any packet loss? what kind of avatar do you use for Linden Realms, may be an AO is interfering with your jumping, your picture suggest you may have a non human avatar I've seen some animal avatars that will lag a whole sim, I've never used tiny avatars but that might effect how you jump. Can't help much from just hearing its sucks, the new Linden Realms is just as busy if not more busy then the old one, it's not the game.
  7. I haven't even tried mouse for jumping, haven't had any need to Ive only not made the jumping in the last quest the first time I tried it. The swamp jumping is not harder but there's other things beside jumping to watch out for. The mud splashes can take you out to, I watch fore them and wait until it clear. There's quick sand or dangerous water on the islands to, I all ways jump to the first island then walk to about mid way to get back on the stones. I all walk when jumping not run so you don't overreact when landing. For jumping i don't use mouse but i may have my camera angle set different then the default so I can see my feet better, I adjust i all the time on the fly so not sure exactly were its set. For the actual jump i get to the edge then just tap the page up button really quick, then hit the forward arrow but don't hold it down, unless I'm jumping longer. To get good at jumping for paleoquest I rezzed some boxes to practice jumping on, much less frustrating them getting killed in game.
  8. I use mouse look for collecting crystals and running around are you using it for the jumping part to ?
  9. it's more of a mater of when then where, there's around 8 in each sim, most or easy to find but only appear every 1/2 hour to hour. When you see all the other crystals disappear and then reappear the green and blue come out.
  10. I had the same problem the last 2 days but just in the swamp the other sims were fine for blue and green for me. if you touch them and they just disappear its like your connection and your viewer is just not updating them being gone, but the last 2 days in the swamp they just seem broke
  11. The one with the least people in it... You can't just run in circle all day in one area any more, need to move to different areas, so changing realms my help to, but I haven't seen any one realm better then an other, it's really just a matter of timing. When it rains it pours. hit the right time/area and you can get tons of green or orange. When there's fewer crystals explore more or redo the quest if you need to.
  12. I found the wreckage of the old LR sun spire in the swamp, still looking to see if you can get to it... Ive all so found the mole camp , and rock monster nest, and old rock monsters in two places, wondering what else there's is to find from the old game still...
  13. highest place I've got to so far was 82 meters, haven't found any crystals in the really hard to get places that's to bad
  14. please don't miss quote me I never said: " Now the maps are bigger and it's harder to play. I do not get blue and green. and it is very difficult to gather oranges.The stones they chew malfunction, I was running away from one of them, I was bitten, but I was far away. the moving sands are also wrong, you run close to him and also drag you inside " Not sure what you mean by the maps are bigger, its the same 16 sims just with new landscaping. It's not hard to get around if you use the road signs. The new rock monsters don't use collision any more, there ether sensing or using cast ray ether way just means you have to sat father way, same with the and stones. For the jumping stone I always walk when jumping instead of run, that way I don't over compensate when trying to get close to the edge. I agree I"m getting fewer orange, but i'm still learning the new lay out so not focused on getting crystals, Blue and green even after the slow down I'm getting more then I did at the old LR It took me weeks to get good at the old LR not expecting it to go any faster this time.
  15. I like it a lot and I'm on a 12 year old lap top with a bad connection whit 12% to 20% packet loss.
  16. Looks like blue and green are like the old game, not surprised, I was shocked how easy they were to find at first. I loved getting the easy free L$ but not expecting to to rain L$ all the time. I'm thinking of it as a bonus round. My guess they gave out more to stress test it to get more people playing at one time. A few more orange would be nice with the blue and green back to normal.
  17. I when to LR 182 to test and its still broken, I got them before first time i completed all the quest but not sure what sim it was at the first time Just tried in LR 2 and got the glasses there
  18. Just finished all 4 quest, over all I like it a lot more then the old LR, having to do the quest should get rid bots, the rock monsters are way more aggressive need to say farther away from them. Having to do the quest is not to bad you can get a lot of crystals on the way and I mean a lot.
  19. what is this " Allow merchants to choose to list multiple "Custom Avatar Brand Names " where are the setting for it ? I'm not seeing it at my merchants home page on the MP, I may be missing it haven't uploaded anything new to the MP in 7 years
  20. Do you have a link to what Oz changed for string literals, not finding anything googling it or searching the forums, thanks
  21. key user; default { state_entry() { user = NULL_KEY; } touch_start(integer total_number) { key toucher = llDetectedKey(0); if (user == NULL_KEY) { user = toucher; llSay(0, "object was not in use toucher is now the current user"); } else if (user) llSay(0, "touched again by curent user"); else llSay(0, "object inuse wait your turn"); } } this is how i do it, has an option for it the current user retouches, adding a timer would be good to reset
  22. Did they enlist ? If they don't get banned from SL all the time and replaced with new accounts as soon as they do, there not the droids there looking for...
  23. Open Loop Factor or Open Loop Feedback, works for me helps if the variable name means something to me but i like to keep them short to when I can. Open Loop Factor or Open Loop Feedback makes since to me because if your still doing --olf or ++olf the loops is still open. Thanks this helps a lot, but now i'm going to be questioning all my variable names for a while..... lol
  24. I got in to the new Linden Realms for about 10 minutes before it closed down, it looked very different to me, not bad just different more like some of the landscaping in Horizons or PaleoQuest. The rock monsters look very different and chew on you when they get you. I all so got killed by a splotche in the new LR. lot more/different mesh landscaping looked like you might need to jump more to get up some of the hills . I did see a pay out place for a weekly quest but didn't see what it required you to do.
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