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  1. Now that land is becoming available again, I'm hoping to open my own rp SIM. It's a simple small town theme. I've gathered buildings, roads, decorations, and made a website. All the thing i feel are obvious. I've never ran my own SIM before and was wondering if anybody out there had any tips or know anything that i should have ready before i start. Like how to get traffic or anything. Thank you in advance.
  2. Is there a work around then? Like can I check who owns the item put into the board and delete it if it doesn't match the allowed avatar?
  3. I'm making a board for people to rent and set a picture to the face. I want the renter to ctrl drag a picture into the board's inventory, but I can't figure out to restrict permissions to a single user. Can somebody help me, please?
  4. OMG thank you so much works great! I was tweaking all over the place and just couldn't get it.
  5. I have a script listening to a chat channel. When it hears a word it checks the list for the word. If it's not already on the list, it adds it. I'm having trouble checking the list for the word. Here's what I am doing.
  6. I think that last way is gonna work. Initial tests are good. Thank you both for your help. I tried so many methods of the same command and it just wasn't working correctly.
  7. I'm not trying to rotate the root prim. I'm trying to rotate a child prim when the child prim is clicked. Eventually I want a couple of the child prims to rotate individually when each is clicked. I can obtain the results I want by using separate scripts in each child prim, but I would prefer to use one script in the root.
  8. I have this script which I put into the child prim. It rotates it fine. When I try to use llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast in the root prim though, rotates weird. It's like reorienting itself to the axis before it starts the rotations. rotation rot_xyzq; default { state_entry() { vector xyz_angles = <0,0.90,0>; // This is to define a 90 degree change vector angles_in_radians = xyz_angles*DEG_TO_RAD; // Change to Radians rot_xyzq = llEuler2Rot(angles_in_radians); // Change to a Rotation } touch_start(integer s) { llSetRot(llGetRot()*
  9. Sorry it's a bit of a mess and there are unused variables in there. I've been trying a few different ways with the same effect.
  10. I'm have a cylinder that is cut into five pieces I want to rotate those pieces as if there was a stick going the center. I'm using this float y = 90; float yh = 90; integer yt = 90; integer yth = 90; integer One = FALSE; integer Two = FALSE; integer Three = FALSE; integer x; integer t; integer th; float gap = 30.0; rotation rot_xyzs; default { state_entry() { // llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast( 5, [PRIM_ROT_LOCAL, llEuler2Rot(<0.0, 0.0 , 0.0>*DEG_TO_RAD)] ); // llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast(2, [ // PRIM_ROT_LOCAL, llEuler2Rot(<0, 0, 0>*DEG_TO_RAD)])
  11. if (message = "R000") will make the message R000 making that statement true everytime. It needs to be if (message == "R000") also you are recalling the listen event. It's not part of the Weapons portion so you should have that closed off. Kinda like R000 was a button option to begin with. Sorry if that sounds confusing, but it will be more like this. list buttons = ["Weapons", "Music", "Return"]; string dialogInfo = "\nHow can I help you?."; key ToucherID; integer dialogChannel; integer listenHandle; default { state_entry() { dialogChannel = -1 - (integer)("0x" + llG
  12. Thank you everybody so much. This helped out a lot.
  13. I am trying to make an object usable by anybody, but only one person at a time. I've seen sales boards that will go to a busy more while one person makes a purchase. How do I set up this busy mode?
  14. I want to make a HUD that allows people to chat with other people also wearing the same HUD. I'm gonna want the HUD to randomly assign small groups and allow them to talk to each other. Is this possable? I haven't done much work with HUD's yet. For my purposesI think I will need a central item like a table. So that I can assign three people to one group or something.
  15. I'm not having trouble with the vehicles motion. I want animations to play I'm moving and a different when I'm stopped. I tried to put in timers that checked for control buttons being pressed but all I could get was a check if the button was pressed we've the last timed event, so if I hold the button down threw two timed events it would pay the idle animation again instead of the survival one.
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