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  1. Well i hope this is over soon. My friend right now wanted to come online, which is really mostly once a week by now for an hour.. and now she can't. Hopefully the service is back online before she loses patience.
  2. Heya. Didn't know where it is best to put this. Well but to what i mean with editing. Is there a way to move the camera in mouselook around? Like more forward, down, to the right? Pretty much forever by now, mesh avatars are always clipping horribly for me if i go into mouselook, making parts of my head appear from it. Which easily could be fixed, if i would just be able to push the camera a bit more forward, moving it in front of my eyes, not in myhead. If that isn't possible, be it for now or forever, due to engine limitations or so, is there maybe a script which only makes my head invisible for me only during mouseview? A script maybe? Looking at how people try to implement VR again.. should that really get more attention again i would really need to be able to edit my point of view in mouseview, or i will always have wrong fixiation points for my eyes during it. And just right up front. No. I do not want to make my whole avatar invisible with that show avatar option. I do want to see myself if i look down. Thank you up front.
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