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  1. What do you think of sims that ban noobs? is there a good reason to do so, and if so, how old should avatars be before being let in?
  2. One way around it is to not use mouse look but instead to left click and hold on your self, it allows to to still move like mouse look but you can see your self works great for ball games. There's all so short cuts that can zoom you in and out while in mouse look. ctrl + 8 and ctrl + 9 All so can use the photo tools in firestorm to change your view angle to zoom in or out but has to be adjusted out of mouse look. There's preferences all so to show or hide yourself/attachments while in mouse look. There's lots of setting in the advance > debug menu for camera controls been years since
  3. what is this " Allow merchants to choose to list multiple "Custom Avatar Brand Names " where are the setting for it ? I'm not seeing it at my merchants home page on the MP, I may be missing it haven't uploaded anything new to the MP in 7 years
  4. Do you have a link to what Oz changed for string literals, not finding anything googling it or searching the forums, thanks
  5. key user; default { state_entry() { user = NULL_KEY; } touch_start(integer total_number) { key toucher = llDetectedKey(0); if (user == NULL_KEY) { user = toucher; llSay(0, "object was not in use toucher is now the current user"); } else if (user) llSay(0, "touched again by curent user"); else llSay(0, "object inuse wait your turn"); } } this is how i do it, has an option for it the current user retouches, adding a timer would be good to reset
  6. Open Loop Factor or Open Loop Feedback, works for me helps if the variable name means something to me but i like to keep them short to when I can. Open Loop Factor or Open Loop Feedback makes since to me because if your still doing --olf or ++olf the loops is still open. Thanks this helps a lot, but now i'm going to be questioning all my variable names for a while..... lol
  7. It could be but olf is a common acronym for many other things, so was thing there might be some meaning for it for math or scripting, but not fining any. olf seems to all ways be used for increments and decrements, but that could just be because its copied from the wiki so much. I just googled foo as a variable and turns out its got a long history of use to it, commonly paired with bar. I only script in LSL so was thinking there may be more to some of the common variable names used. My first thought when you said foo as a variable was script foo. We're talking about variable so the na
  8. Thanks That's what I was referring to, and because it was used in the wiki it's seen in many scripts in SL
  9. Silly question that got me thinking... I see integer olf; used a lot in loops. I get how it's used and what its doing, but have no idea what olf stands for? I don't think it's referring to Oromo Liberation Front, or how the loop or script smells...
  10. It might be related to people cheating by using mutiple copies of the same damage script to cause extra damage.
  11. if the items is an actual marketplace delivery failure then its not the merchants fault, reviewing it as such the review can be removed. First start by checking both your market place transactions history to see if the system even thinks it got there. If it's a failed delivery LL might look in to it if you have the transaction record and put in a support ticket. If this happened recently then the merchant like most people this time of year may be taking time off from SL work, and my be afk, logged in on a phone or even running as a bot to do group invites or other work. normally id say giv
  12. did you buy your avatar or did you create it your self, if you bout it they could have just bought the same things, its not hard to click on some ones attachment to see who made them, then find the store on the MP
  13. here's the official guidelines from LL http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Clarification_of_policy_disallowing_ageplay If some one gives you a hard time just send them the link and point out this part of it, people are less likely to argue when shown the policy. If they still don't get it ban, block , mute. "In some cases there may be an element of subjectivity as to whether an avatar (or other image) appears to be a minor. Objective factors which will be used to decide, including whether an avatar has childlike facial features, is child-sized, has clothing or accessories g
  14. Chrismaky wrote: It is 2016 and SL is still loaded with a lot of terrible looking high prim non-mesh items, especially in its marketplace. Now I am a bit biased because I'm a hardcore mesh addict and I like to have my items, objects, clothes and myself look nice. But a lot of people it seems still prefer (and alot of designers continue to make) non-mesh stuff. Why? Mesh is more realistic, better looking, resizeable, and is much lower in prim/land cost. Do you think there should be a push to make SL 100% mesh? Bad mesh is much worse then bad prim work or sculpt maps here's an example o
  15. I've had similar problems for the last 4 years when I moved to a new state. After have repair people out about 6 times a year I finally had one tell me our neighborhood has old wiring and there is no plan to ever replace it. Doing some research on line shows that many cable and phone company's are not going to even fix these problems as most are looking at going wireless in the next 10 years. here just one example https://gigaom.com/2012/11/07/heres-atts-14b-plan-to-kill-its-copper-network-and-leave-rural-america-behind/
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