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  1. Hi Qui, I spent an hour with it, I could see exactly what they wanted to do, and I didn't want any of it. Interestingly, now that I am using a TPV (catznip) I've found that when I log in my avatar pops into view almost immediately instead of being a cloud for 10 minutes. So really, I'm happy that they've done this. It forced me to look at alternatives, and they were better.
  2. I have a 32 inch LCD, is that large enough? It just seems absurd to cover a 3d environment with inappropriate clutter, and I dislike absurdity in tools, which is what this is. A tool. It isnt important, it's not helpful, it brings nothing to the 3d environment for which we play secondlife. It should be hidden away where only the "elite supercool" can find it, because believe it or not, we've been doing perfectly well without these features since 2004. If I wanted to go backwards, I'd install an irc client and use that on my second 32 inch lcd, out of the way of my 3d environment.
  3. I'm using catznip now till it's gone. Thank you for the video.
  4. I have been a linden viewer user for years. I've tried the third party viewers, and honestly, I don't need the features they offer, and I loved the clean interface of the new v3 linden viewer. Then today i was forced to "upgrade" to the latest viewer with this chui thing. After about an hour of standing there wondering why I have to have a window covering my screen displaying things that I have no interest in at all, and watching a * icon flashing away and not knowing why it was, then having other mysterious things happen I gave up and uninstalled secondlife, thinking that maybe
  5. Buying mesh items on the marketplace is a huge headache. I want to spend, i want to buy, but finding the stuff is next to impossible. Come on ll, let us shop for mesh stuff! i want to be able to click a toggle that means "my search results only contain mesh items". When i do a search now for "mesh avatars" i get all sorts of stuff in the results and it's frustrating and confusing. Shopping does not need to be those things! Help!
  6. I love mesh, I love changing my shape, and I love change! Let the old fuddy duddies have the old sl without sculpties and mesh while it lasts. Eventually all those who resist change will be left trying to get used to a new viewer *at the last moment* because the old ones just wont work anymore.
  7. get key, get ip from server log, what exactly is hit and miss about that? thanks for dropping by to er, i dunno.
  8. Are you using it to scrape ip addresses from residents now that redzone has gone?
  9. This forum is unlike any I have ever posted to. There is no quoting mechanism, there is an insulting scheme for spam prevention that is being abused by puritan moderators with liitle or no idea of what accurrs in a healthy debate, and there is well spam! Oh and there's this strange idea that the users are going to jump through hoops and install third party scripts in an effort to "customise" the software. Oh there's an effort to screen html for injection code which actually warns the poster. Helloo, please let the hacker know in big bold letters what will not work so that the hacking ca
  10. Re: why doesn't replying to a message generate a quote of the message being replied to? [ Edited ] 03-17-2011 03:16 AM - last edited on 03-17-2011 03:17 AM In your reply you can use the "Quote" button, and you can see below the mesage you are replying. I think it is no neccesary show the quote by default. ♦Aventura y Viajes ♦Manuales there is no quote button.
  11. I agree with realm, redzone really is putting a dampener on clubbing at the moment.
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