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  1. Agrees with Prokofy. prims or land impact its all the same. If you can have 3000 prims to play with on your land and you set a mesh piece that has an LI of 1000 then you can only get 2000 more prims or 2000 more LI of mesh on your land. Same for prims set out a 1000 prim build and you only have 2000 left to play with. I think everyone knows how to read Li vs Prim count. Just sayin
  2. Same amount of time it take's to fix missing prims, which is not as bad now but still not fixed so I'd say 2 or 3 years. Not that prims are important or anything.:smileywink:
  3. Anyone else having trouble for about the last 4 days. Walking in place teleports throwing you around. Things not rezzing chat lag.
  4. For fitted mesh bodys its a waste of time because if they try to wear their tats the same time as clothes the tat will keep disappearing.
  5. Do you have Nickelodeon's permission to do this if not your breaking the law.
  6. Oh I see that now wasn't there when I looked first time. Thanks, time to surf thru the forum to kill time.
  7. Cannot Create Inventory just started anyone else having problems all of a sudden. Im grey man now.:matte-motes-agape:
  8. On XStreet free items did not dominate search as they do now. The Most Popular page was full of quality items. Where is all this free stuff? I keep looking but it dosn't come up in hardly any of my searches. I went to the best selling section and went 20 pages deep there was nothing free.
  9. I seen that also. Up in the left hand corner of the front page you can switch back to english.
  10. Even tryed logging in a bot just to see if it work and got the same responce.
  11. Same problem trying to get to any of my 5 sims. Theres a problem because restarts have been done for awhile in my areas.
  12. I didn't see anything outstanding in that video. If you dont see the world like that its probley the video on your PC. It takes a better then average video card to see things as they should be in SL.
  13. Do you have a sim surround on the sim. If so that will block out anyone seeing the true picture of the land on the map.
  14. Is part of her house hanging over a sim line or a property line.
  15. And again tonight. Had no trouble all day evening comes along and Im a cloud again took about 5 mins before I see myself.
  16. I've been having this problem for over a week now. Durning the day everything is good but at night it goes to cloud mode. I just stand there and wait. My partner is having the same problem every night as well and the only thing we found that works is clearing the cache and logging back in. TaDa there we are, between the two of us we have 5 sims and it does it no matter what sim we log in from.
  17. Search opengl second life in google theres page after page of post about the problem. And its been this way for a while. You can update video drivers all day long it wont help.
  18. The G force 400 series has a problem with open GL in Second Life. Just turn it off in the settings. Firestorm its pretty easy to find.
  19. I discovered another real good way to see the mess up. go back and forth from sunrise to sunset. The light is on the wrong side of the prim.
  20. :matte-motes-agape:Thats awesome, thought I was losing my mind for a second. Well losing what I have left.
  21. Did you flip it over and look at the under side. Laying down flat I never noticed it but soons as I flipped it over I was like what the heck. I kept turning it back and forth flipping it and theres a big difference. I also tried it on a different sim and a different avi on the 2nd pc still the same effect.
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