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  1. This is so confusing. On the blog post, it says my next billing date is dec 10, 2019. That is wrong. That is the sim tiers billing date. My premium billing is in june. So you are offreing me to pay 89 now, and next year in december it will go back to regular pricing. What's happening to what's already paid till june 2020?? I'm paying 6 months twice? What a deal! 😕 Yanik
  2. Won't even open for me. Is that a good start?
  3. Hi, not sure if I am on the right forum, but i cannot seem to even found out if what i'm looking for is possible. Right now, I have a jukebox where the club DJ can change the stream on the parcel when they start their set. A simple menu loads the stream in the about land. Also, a second script sends a sim wide message, and receivers on some parcels will change the stream there. It's only sent when someone changes a stream on the club parcel, using the jukebox menu. Would it be possible that the message be sent grid wide, so it can change the stream on another sim, when a DJ changes it at the
  4. Yes, that I knew, but what about the 31st? since there ain't 31 days in all months? (Buying a new one from LL)
  5. If i buy a homestead on the 31st, when will the monthly tier date be? Just wondering if its pushed to the 1st Yanik
  6. I'm currently on Snow Leopard with a Mac Pro and ATI graphic card. SL viewer 3 is running quite fine with very rare crashes. What if I upgrade to Mountain Lion? Does SL support it at all?
  7. I thought it was about time that search got fixed, but after looking at Torley's video, I can quickly see that it is not yet. Torley does a search on "beachfront", but look what happens when he sorts them by "area' (00:1:47 in the video), #2 is Anik's Fierce Bunnies, and #3,4 and 5 are Protected Roadside. There is something deeply wrong with search, and its not only related to the tags. If someone can try it with this new 'new-search' (because I won't), do a search on "blues". You know, blues music, or I got the blues. See if it returns everything tagged "blue" (no 's'). Returning results by
  8. After putting in all these different ways to interact with other social networks or the web, you are explaining how to turn chat and IMs off... why would one log into SL then? I'm really worried where this viewer is heading to.
  9. The gaps is a Winamp problem. Of course SAM is the perfect tool for streaming, but more expensive. There is a plugin for Winamp, called Nullsoft Crossfading Output. Might want to check it out.
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