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  1. Put your mouse on yourself and do ctrl and shift then use your mouse wheel to move the view back up. After that you can click on your back and hold down the ctrl only and use your mouse wheel to get a better pitch.
  2. Not sure anyone else is having this problem. Took a 10x10 .5 thick prim and cut path on B to .5 and the prim changes colors it looks shaded. If I add a texture the same thing still looks dark. If I go over .5 or just under .5 on the cut the prim looks normal again.
  3. I dont think fitted mesh will take over for these things as fitted mesh follows the SL body countour and you cant get the shape you want threw the edit shape controls. Thats why most people buy these things. IMO
  4. Just some FYI. Create an ALT go make another avi. Don't give them build rights or anything on your main avi and use them to test your products. I use one just to make sure I set all permissions correct. I pass them the linden let them buy the house and have them rezz and de-rezz just to make sure everything is good. And yes on more then one occasion when they went to hit de-rezz on the build there was no de-rezz button. That tells me that there's something not marked right. Having an alt you could easily check your own builds to make sure there doing what you want them to.
  5. What this thread is about is if he could he would file the DMAC on his own without even knowing where the model came from or who the creator was. If he could.
  6. So whats your skin in this Game. Why is this effecting you or maybe you just like to harass merchants. And how do you know that the person selling it in SL isn't the creator of that model. With the new pro tools viewer were going to seeing a lot of professionals coming in world with there models.
  7. Gunner Grun

    Prim count?

    Land Impact or prim count what's the difference. If I have mesh that's made right and it only counts as 1 then that's just 1 prim. Or am I missing something.
  8. Make sure that in the nivida settings that you have the card running the graphics for second life. I know on my new dell using firestorm the graphics were set to use the intel and not the nivida. Had to switch it over in the nivida settings, now I have all the shaders and shadows
  9. I did a second install of the new viewer. Out box worked perfect. I wont play on that viewer as it seems theres a problem with inventory loading. But I will use it to send stuff to the marketplace
  10. If you have the check mark in "show place in search" in your about land settings you pay 30 linden a week for that. And I'm not looking for a perm position . Im just wanting any position. Right now Im gone off the radar.
  11. I was 6th on the list in my category for the longest time and once again Im gone as of Saturday. I checked to make sure the show in search was checked and LL is still taking the money to show place in search but you can't find me, even if you search by the name of the biz. Only my classifieds show up. Last time this happened it was 3 months I was gone from the search. I went from selling 6 to 7 homes a day to 1 a week. If you haven't looked at search in world for awhile you might want to check to see if your still there. You might be paying them for nothing.
  12. At the prices your selling at I don't think someone would pay that much just so they can give a bad review. I think maybe you just got someone that doesn't have a good graphics and didn't like the end result. Edit: I looked at your products and looked at every review. I didnt see anything bad in any of them. just sayin
  13. Just like on Ebay, when you shop there's a certain amount of money that your willing to lose. The market place is the same way. My limit on sl is 500L without seeing the object, and still I've been burned a couple times then. I watch my market place sales close and what I see for me is great. I sell one house in the afternoon to Mr. Joe Smoe and about 2 hours later Mr. Smoe is buying 5 or 6 of my homes. And that's how it goes almost every day. They rezz out the first and come back for more because Im selling them so cheap.
  14. This would be me, I used to have a beautiful sim and rezzers and all that fun stuff but with the search being so bad over the last couple years I've given up. So now all my homes are only on the market place and there all cheaper then your favorite outfit of clothes which you didn't get to try on before you bought them. Its kinda strange to me that people will spend 1000's of linden on clothes based solely on a photo shopped picture. But wont spend 100 linden on a building based on a picture.
  15. You made some textures for a sign using what program. If you used paintshop pro guess what, so do 100 million other people who could have made a texture that looks just like yours.
  16. There was a Jira for this last week but I cant seem to find it. And a linden said and I qoute"you might have to much stuff in your objects folder" which then went into a full scale rant from us merchants.
  17. And we can TP right to any of your 900 keyword spamming prims, nice:matte-motes-big-grin:
  18. In your prefrences take the check mark out of lighting and shadows on the graphics. If you leave it checked it will be a very brite world.
  19. Good thing you dont sell trees.
  20. But it will only show in search if you have it turned on in your land settings
  21. I figured out how to get on page one in the search right away. Took about a week of testing
  22. Slumped so bad I closed, hard to compete against 99 linden homes every week. Oh well more money in my RL pocket.
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