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  1. I'd say I do 50/50 store and marketplace. There has been a lot of times the customer would be standing right next to the vendor at the store and still buy it off the marketplace as their standing there.
  2. My sales we're ok, I like to do a visual thing so I can maybe see a trend of what people are buying. All those boxes in the background "represent" homes I sold in Nov & Dec. Edited for Rya cause he's a goober.hehe
  3. Did she try a sim restart I've seen some strange things over the years that a simple sim restart would fix.
  4. .35 up is slow if you were trying to dj in SL you'd have a hard time doing it. I'm at 60 down and 15.0 up just so you know.
  5. If your on the firestorm viewer go to Preferences, Move & View, under the view tab put a check mark in Allow the camera to move without constraints through prims. Then you'll have to restart and the problem is gone. I wish this was on by default.
  6. I've had a sale going for over a week now and I made sure to change all the prices on the marketplace to match in world because I didnt want to go against TOS but your right I see other stores have in world sales all the time and not change anything on the marketplace. It might just be a weekend thing but still its going against TOS
  7. Did you try and get a hold of the merchant first to see if there was a fix for whatever you didn't like or did you just leave a bad review without contacting them.
  8. Chibiusa your wasiting your time down playing mainland on this forum its filled with people who love mainland. They could make it 40,000 prim on a sim and cut the tier in half and I still wouldn't own it. IMO
  9. I had one today give a 1 star review because she thought you had to unpack the rezzer box and put the house togther yourself. Shakes Head I contacted her to see if I could help but she didnt have time.
  10. Just checked at lunch the private regions are starting to get the 20,000 now, my sim is set to 20,000.:smileytongue:
  11. And I dont think you can put anything in the air, unless they changed that.
  12. I was watching my girlfriend play and I noticed there was naked people and asked where she was. She was at a strip club and I said sign me up. I was a noob looking for about 15 minutes because I had a bunch of friends already playing and they hooked me up. For the first couple months I played I really didnt care much for how SL looked then a beta viewer came out named windlight and SL changed for me right on that day I never stopped exploring after that becuase the fog was gone.
  13. "I had assumed after break up the business partnership naturally she would move on and create a new store name" So if I'm reading this right you left and now because you left she should have to start all over. If I'm reading this right your the one that needs to move on and start a new store and brand. IMO
  14. I just recently bought a new house and it does the same thing, Its 100% mesh home and it drove me crazy so I took it up and I wasnt the only one seeing it my partner was seeing it to.
  15. Its the same every where. I can remeber back when you couldn't move inside redgrave it was so busy and LAQ was the same a lagfest because there was so many people. Now you go there and its empty most the time.
  16. I still have things in my drop down list to choose thats from 4-5 years ago. I've never been able to figure out how to get them out.
  17. I did there was nothing at the time. Posted by Status Desk on February 15th, 2016 at 06:08 pm PST My inventory is fubar right now.
  18. I was logged in for a whole 5 mins and gone. Cant get any avi in now.
  19. dont do anything else until they give the all clear on the grid status page.
  20. I cant be the only one this is happening to this week. TP faliures, clothes slow to come off and weird error messages just out of the blue. I relogged and this was on my start screen before I even tryed to log in.
  21. Heres a new one just poped up out of the blue wasnt doing a thing but chating with someone in I.M.
  22. This is a new for me and might just be a firestorm thing. In world an error window pops up out of no where for the market place. It's even happened on my Alt 3 or 4 times in the last week. I dont even have the marketplace open and my Alt has nothing on the site.
  23. I was a couple weeks ago but all seems good now. Heres a link to my post about it. https://community.secondlife.com/t5/Second-Life-Server/Bad-Lag/td-p/2955375
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