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  1. Nope. The few times I come across a recommendation, I might go there at another time, on my own. I don’t like being given tours or explained why so and so are great—I have eyes, and certainly my own opinions and preferences.
  2. Ren Toxx

    add me

    That kind of thing only makes it worse with us weirdos. We get real interested.
  3. We live amongst you. Always did. Only, we never wanted you to take us to your leaders. We already are your leaders.
  4. For some reason I enjoyed your post and read it all—skimmed a bit thru the part about your club, mostly cos I detected a bit of risk of it being semi-promotional—, but overall it was an easy, engaging read. And yes, it has the potential to translate into a personal blog detailing your experiences.
  5. s’OK, I said it tongue-in-cheek. And I enjoyed every word of your Mark Twain 😉
  6. Ren Toxx


    RP is on topic. Do you actually know what RP is, and that in SL there’s no way of forcing someone? Oh, and btw... “if you disagree with me, or use examples I can paint as trivialization, you’re in favour of actual slavery” is also a tactic. Doesn’t even qualify as a formal logical fallacy, I think. But it does qualify as bad taste, not just dishonest discourse. And it does so literally regardless of how many times you try to ignore the very concept of SL roleplay as associated with what you’re still trying to establish on your own as actual slavery.
  7. Ren Toxx


    Even setting aside the mishap of your alt and your attempt to ignore those pointing it out... 1) Sounds like you’re trying to establish that actual slavery exists in SL. You ask what we think, and when we say ‘no’, with or without reasoning, you refuse the answers. Why did you ask for our opinions, then? Just say “slavery exists in SL cos I say so, and you better agree with me”. It’s more honest. 2) You yourself say “some” sims, then immediately ignore your own “some” and go on to generalize it to the whole of SL, with “at large”. Trying to downplay the pizza example as a trivializat
  8. Ren acknowledges and starts saving for @Orwar’s sadistic—in more than one sense—fees, but just witnessed @Amina Sopwith’s dissection in undisguised (if still third-person) awe, and is now in an ‘oooo, shiny!’ kind of dilemma. She can’t help it, she likes things well-roasted.
  9. Ren sits and just enjoys the thread while sipping coffee (too early for popcorn), but the obsessive-compulsive in her is tempted to ask @Orwar if there are sadists who aren’t gleeful, or is he just like a Premium Sadist? And if so, she also wonders how can she apply.
  10. I use one of Firestorm’s no-shadows, as I don’t like the shading of even default Midday. The result is of course cartoonish flat, but practical. Every now & then I try the parcel’s or one in the library, but rarely appreciate its aesthetics over visibility.
  11. “Wise men speak because they have something to say; fools because they have to say something.” ~ Plato
  12. I too hangout in London City and know there’s many Brits. I rarely wonder—let alone ask—where anyone is from, to the point of frequently and rather happily forgetting when they volunteer that info themselves; even so, I’ve come to know many who are indeed from the UK. Far as I can tell, however, they’re quite like the RL London I know, in that sense: having people from everywhere in the world, and happy about it. One of the several things that makes me like the place.
  13. It might get them some back, I don’t know. Me, if they did this I would most likely think of anatomically hidden parts where they could insert their pleadings, and then I would look for the “Unsubscribe” and “Block as spam” mail functions.
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