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  1. I love it. I do use some appliers for makeup or controllable transparency, but I was oh so happy to get rid of my body’s ‘onion layers’.
  2. Once or twice but, being a weirdo, my overriding thoughts are to stand my ground and not let myself be swayed by concerns of superficial originality or ‘uniqueness’, so I absolutely don’t go away or change even if the entire avatar seemed a pixel-by-pixel clone of mine—which would be improbable enough. If anything, I’ll join whatever general amusement may ensue from the circumstance.
  3. The miles-away-hello doesn’t terribly bother me. I assume it’s highly scripted and therefore absolutely valueless; so, like most of these scripted congenialities, I just ignore it—and sometimes actually mute it, to filter out fake chat spam. Every now & then this means I end up muting the owner or host, but that’s alright: they’re probably too busy if they need a script to do their talk, anyway. What does creep me out is when a host goes way overboard and, upon my first ever entrance into the club, greets me like “Ren! So glad to see you!”—or, even worse, “Long time no see!”. I don’t
  4. I am the absentee. Or was it the absynthe? 🤔
  5. “Give me your WhatsApp, your Facebook and your Instagram”. Yeah, that’ll never fly... ... unless you’re Arnold Schwarzenegger. In which case, it better does.
  6. One of these days we’re gonna have to settle on E.V.E.R.Y.O.N.E. Might be easier to remember, if not type.
  7. Every now & then I get ‘assaulted’ by weirdos who IM me out of the blue to rudely object to something in my profile. I rarely need to give them the benefit of the doubt (that they have a honest peeve) since, almost without exception, they behave like trolls.
  8. “How did you get THAT tall? Oh, wait, nvm... hover height up the ying-yang. Yay!” Then a week later, after discovering Camera Controls... “How did you get THAT tall?”
  9. I’m homeless in SL, and I keep forgetting what clothes I did/didn’t buy, so it’ll be #3 for me.
  10. Remember the French saying, “vive la différence”. Look for variety, don’t limit yourself to those who seem a perfect match based on trite ‘likes & dislikes’ lists or banal similitudes of age, gender, race, etc. Sure, it’s good to have some common interests and views to share; but if you take that too far, only seeking amongst those who most reflect you, you’re not looking for friends, you’re looking for mirrors. If you think you don’t do the above, ask yourself if you let time pass and don’t tend to quickly discard those who seem reserved, taking their time to open up and accept frien
  11. Sort of, at least in some viewers. Firestorm lets you reject requests automatically, with a message—which maybe you could leave empty, or perhaps write something very neutral like “this user has disabled requests and prefers to make friends organically”. Some people understand & accept it. Others don’t, but whoever won’t talk to me unless I add them, that’s actually to my benefit: they save me the effort to discern the ones I’d never add—or even talk to.
  12. ... because, in many cases (and, in some, quite purposely), it is designed to make you feel bad—and so, to avoid it, you will say ’yes’ without wanting, or being yet convinced it’ll result in a good friendship. Fact is, they already got you in their list, and further down the road some form of melodramatic “hey, I thought we were friends” will ensue, as a continuation of the same strategy. Normally I just let it go over my head and never ‘rubber-stamp’ anything until an actual friendship has grown. But in cases where I feel the other is getting cute with the “you don’t like having friends
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