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  1. Depends hugely on whether the conversation happens naturally—i.e, if there really is something to talk about.
  2. For short inactive periods it just isn’t practical to keep logging off & on. At any rate, and much as it might seem surprising to some, interaction isn’t a requirement to play SL; it’s part of the culture of SL that as long as it’s not something offensive and/or harmful to you (and it’s hard to argue that not getting an answer could be), it should’t be construed as objectionable either.
  3. 99% on my initiative, 1% on the other’s, and 0% of those who ask more than once (or think it’s a way to cultivate friendship, let alone start it).
  4. Maybe that we can’t conceive Sagan having done his fair share of sex & mindless shopping. I can. I have a vivid imagination.
  5. Occasionally. I’ve sometimes pointed out that it would be a major AI feat for any bot to actually hold a conversation at that level—and, ironically, many didn’t understand what I meant.
  6. Unreadable ones (inverted or otherwise fancy lettering): if you want to make it hard to read, how about I don’t read it at all. “Put this in your profile if you care about puppies” (below a mess of ASCII codes so vaguely resembling a dog, you wonder if they really care enough not to have put a damn picture of one).
  7. I do a lot of verbal dancing—sometimes very nearly offer it. Not many appreciate it over the pixelated version, though, but I find that useful: whoever won’t talk with me unless we’re “physically” dancing, I’m even less interested in talking at all.
  8. While far from the most sociable person ever, I’d not entirely do without it—there’d still be plenty to do but, tiresome and even irritating as it can sometimes be, socializing entertains me... and yes, sometimes fulfills me (gasp!). What I reject is some people’s notion that, SL being often considered a social game / platform, it amounts to a requirement. They’re, ironically, those I’d least interact with.
  9. I’m an out-of-the-box thinker. I’d immediately find creative uses for dem binders.
  10. When you find out, can I haz the landmark, please? I’ve heard they’re a riotous bunch
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