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  1. I’m neither. I just suck at socializing.
  2. Or “this place is dead”, or “full of bots”, or “how boring!”, or... yeah. I actively refrain from engaging all the whiners who basically expect the rest of SL to be there for the sole purpose of entertainment, and on keen watch to start talking—no matter what about—the very second they arrive... lest we disappoint them! (Funnily enough, a lot of them remain exactly as silent and as unwilling to start a conversation themselves, and only usually drop a disparaging comment right before a ragequit).
  3. Bleh. A lemon daddy, on the other hand...
  4. Yes, I balance it. If a hair is too render-costly but I like it, I’ll usually pick lighter items for other parts of my outfit.
  5. I’m not sure how to take not ever having managed to confuse anyone... I shall have to ramp up my efforts. Meanwhile I guess I’ll settle for a decent score on laughs.
  6. I type fast enough not to need sacrificing correct punctuation; it’s as much a question of habit as anything else. And if someone is that impatient, I’d gladly not talk to him or her at all. Recently, someone told me in IM that ending phrases with a period made me sound blunter. I resisted the temptation to demonstrate proper bluntness.
  7. @GracieLeeba, go to a Governance meeting. Seriously. You’ll see how it works.
  8. I’d love me a Klingon relationship. They’re so bloody romantic.
  9. It isn’t, and I know LL intervenes when they can, and have gathered solid evidence. I’ve seen accounts cancelled on it. If you truly want to know—that is, if that “all I know [...] period!” wasn’t your way of saying “I don’t care about anything anyone says; either LL do exactly what I want, or else!”—, then attend one of the weekly Governance meetings. Hear them explain their work process. Ask, if you need. Then you will know.
  10. For newcomers maybe, who do seem to come in hordes misinformed that way—and many of which log off to never come back if they fail to score within 5 min. For anyone with more patience and not quite as horny, no.
  11. I’m not beset by visuals (or by others’ need to strut like peacocks), most are just a once-over for me, so on my previous PC I used to derender a lot of eye candy. Less so now, but I still far prioritize usable FPS.
  12. I place value in being deemed a snarky curmudgeon—there’s a niche market for them, after all. But I admit to, as you do, have on-the-spot fun with some of these repetitive questions; even if I use pre-written answers for some of them—which, in turn, afford me some additional fun when the other thinks me a bot cos I couldn’t possibly write that fast!
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