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  1. Same. It slows down my dressing at home, but once I save the outfit, if I’m elsewhere and have problems detaching temporary stuff, I just go to the outfits list and click “Wear” on whichever I was using. Seems to work.
  2. Yes, but I don’t envy others’ obsessions, cos mine is already fantabulous.
  3. No. Years ago I was a competent if uninspired photographer, but I’m too rusty now.
  4. Unless we wore the blingiest, clickiest pre-sculpt boots we could find, over twin Ruths. Then we’d both be fugly and traceable. Just sayin’
  5. IBTL, and also to steal some of @Love Zhaoying’s yummy pupcorn 👀 😊
  6. Yes. ... Ooops, sorry, I talked to you. I shouldn’t have, not with that ugly system av. So I guess now I should be ashamed as well, right? 😜
  7. Here’s a quote I rather like, from an A.J. Quinnell novel: “Her beauty controlled her mind. From an early age it had allowed her to tread different paths from most women. It was a weapon, and a vehicle in which to travel through life. An armored vehicle, protecting her from discomfort and indignity. She had a good mind and in a body even slightly less beautiful it would have been free to expand and develop and see beyond the circle of light which her beauty illuminated. But when the vehicle moved, the shadows were pushed back and she could not see them.” I’ve seen quite a few system avatars who broke through the sea of indifference and got enough appreciation and warmth, by resorting from the beginning to things you definitely can’t buy from the Marketplace: charisma, niceness, intelligence, humour. Sure, you can also get more IMs and invitations and friendship requests and whatnot, by making yourself shiny, but... what kind of people sends those IMs, invitations and requests? Are they interested by your personality, is that the first thing they’ll try to know more of? Or are they just looking for shiny and, at best, shiny is all they’ll have to offer in return?
  8. I hang out at a very public place that also hosts new players, and often talk to these; some of them tell me, with some surprise, that I’m practically the first one who deigned chatting with them, and some go as far as guessing that it’s their primitive avatars that make some people be unfriendly to them. I always advise them, “perhaps those are exactly the last ones you want to be friends with”.
  9. To harass meself. No one does it like me alt.
  10. Shouldn’t you ask those who look at you like a villain? I’m indifferent to your RL/SL races.
  11. Sometimes, some mesh items fail to rez on top of other mesh surfaces like houses ’n stuff, due to their actual, invisible mesh bounding areas. What I do is to create a simple prim platform (Ctrl + 3, click the magic wand icon on top that says “Create”, then click on the floor or any other surface until a simple prim box appears, then edit it to flatten it and make it big enough to be your “mini-rezzing-platform”), then rez your furniture items onto it, then move them to wherever you wanted them. When you’re done, delete your “mini-rezzing-platform”.
  12. In Firestorm, create a Contact Set called for example “Friends”, add all the friends you want to nickname, then select each and with the gear button pick the “Set alias” option. The alias will then show in radar, lists & even chat. Be aware this is locally stored, not server-side (LL doesn’t support it), so settings_friends_groups.xml is one file in your local settings folder you want to keep a backup of, should you ever need to clean-reinstall.
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