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  1. Much as I’d love being the recipient of some of that “drive-by charity”, I agree that user-to-user helping areas, or individual accounts of a certain SL age range, are your nicest choice; in the latter case I’d go for users not too new to know what to do with the L$ (or even what they are), nor too old that they can’t—and haven’t probably—gotten their own.
  2. ... 🤔 (Do notice I added an emoji for further elaboration. Don’t break me!)
  3. Yer all wrong. It was demonic rings, and I just got the guy for it...
  4. Stamina. The rest is negotiable.
  5. He used to have there a pic of himself as a crude troll avatar, dancing with a man in London City. That’s why someone else commented on his appearance that he’s now denying. He probably took out the picture when forum moderators deleted his previous troll thread in which he proposed that all women should be voice-verified, then when someone asked him if men should be voice-verified too, he answered, “why should we?”. It’s also where he said that it would be a “good” idea if “all Jews were verified” too, before thinking that that was risking too much and ended up editing “good” to “bad” (though not before several other members saw the original and quoted it). Which, I suppose, is why he’s had to start this one with big, bold mock-disclaimers that “this isn’t a troll thread”. It is, of course, but I reckon he wants to stretch his run as much as possible, as trolls do.
  6. Or roleplaying sims where noobs would land by chance and, in their confusion, spoil the play. There can be many reasons, so I think nothing in particular of sims that do it.
  7. Brain verification! Surprising few pass that one.
  8. Same. It slows down my dressing at home, but once I save the outfit, if I’m elsewhere and have problems detaching temporary stuff, I just go to the outfits list and click “Wear” on whichever I was using. Seems to work.
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