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  1. Hangout at chat areas. There isn’t always an ongoing conversation—or one I’m interested in—, but I fill the holes browsing the Internet or doing other stuff. I never count on SL entertaining me at any given moment, in part because I’m not necessarily entertaining to others myself.
  2. My orb reads them their Miranda rights, promises to let them call their lawyer, and even tells them, “It was so nice to kick you! Let’s do it again, sometime.”
  3. 90% of the time I just ignore them, because their very crudeness doesn’t exactly promise an intelligent conversation ahead, and I’m not in the habit of trying to discuss with dogs. I’ve tried—I prefer to give everyone the benefit of the doubt—but, alas, the vast majority of my attempts ended up with the verbal equivalent of a blank stare if I so much as suggested to discuss anything other than the specifics of ‘where’ & ‘how’.
  4. They speed up the process of the intruder going elsewhere where those things are assumed and indeed offered. Therefore they too contribute to great warmth, companionship, etc.
  5. My only feeling when that happens is, ‘hmm, the orb seems to be taking its jolly good time to do its thing’. I wouldn’t describe it as a feeling, though. More of a clinical curiosity.
  6. Vasily Arkhipov, the man who averted a probable nuclear war in ’62. Had he gone along, we may not be speaking right now.
  7. I treat them as trolls, cos some actually are. If they’re not, they get upset and ask why I assume they are, at which point I ask them why they assume my gender. That’s usually when they get upset enough to descend into a full, name-calling, AR-worthy tantrum.
  8. That’s quite OK if your prospective SL partner knows that and goes along with it. Not all do, mostly because there’s a possible contradiction in wanting all (or most) of the perks of a ‘real’ relationship within SL, but none of the commitments—can’t have it both ways, ‘real’ for what satisfies you, unreal for what it doesn’t. If she has the same exact expectations or lack thereof, great; but it’s gotta be clarified beforehand, for both.
  9. I’ll add London City. Mix of new & old players, too, plus helpers, so there’s always people to ask if you wanna catch up with the technical side of SL—or the social one, for that matter. It’s active without being overwhelming, there’s parties but also sedate chat areas, so you can choose to be the soul of the party or, like me, more the stand-by-the-wall type.
  10. Name? Asking for a friend. P.S: kidding. No naming in here, it’s against the forum rules, even for such bargains.
  11. He tried me. The beating went the other way.
  12. I already do. And of course I make myself carry all the shopping bags whilst asking myself ‘do you think this looks good on me, honey?’, then proceeding to ignore my own answers and do whatever I please.
  13. If it were just a personal situation, I’d say pick your battles, you don’t need to interact with him. But if you’re co-responsible of a place he attacks, you compromise your commitment to it by allowing his behaviour on account of his partner being your friend. Sooner or later the owner would know, and in my experience they don’t like having compromised officers—you might not be fired, but your standing in the team would suffer. So ban him, if & when it becomes abundantly justified. And yes, inform your friend privately, but keep this in mind: if she then unfriends you, it won’t be for anything you did wrong, so the question will be, how good a friend she really was, that she beholds you not to do what’s right? Being a doll isn’t necessarily the same as being a good friend.
  14. Reporting it to the ones with kick/ban abilities.
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