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  1. Mostly I hang out at London City, occasionally alternating with Ahern. I don’t visit activity sims like sailing or fishing, and when I explore it’s always on my own, so that I don’t have to compromise—I’m too curious about some things, and too indifferent to others. As for shopping, I’m more of the subscribing type, so it’s about sources... groups for the stuff I use (Maitreya & Lelutka), of course, and also some things off Facebook; mainly from the stores themselves... some of the most popular, like Addams & Blueberry, but also from stores with a tradition of release sales and economi
  2. It was never my intention to outright bash Orwar’s beliefs. Prod them, poke them, roast them a bit, yes. I believe he’s particularly fond of the whole roasting thing—and I’m always glad to use my blowtorch. But at the end of the day, Luciferians and agnostics usually get along just fine. We don’t kill each other (it just isn’t practical to dispense of so much fun), so don’t worry for him.
  3. Watch out, he might send you all to heaven, along with the tax collectors and street workers.
  4. If it helps, @Qiu Heungsung, 95% of them are counting on your reaction, that’s why they say these things in the first place, not because they think they can do anything like that. The remaining 5% are essentially incapable of counting. I know one of these, he’s threatened to kill me on a couple occasions; most of the times he IMs me to send kisses, and meanwhile he usually reintroduces himself to everyone (who already knows him from years) by stating he’s 1,000 years old in real life. So there’s that.
  5. I always prefer the 4th: the IMDb trailer. Might not be true even to the story, but it’s punchier.
  6. “Ask not what Linden Lab can do for you—ask what you can do for Linden Lab.” In other words, Abuse Report what you believe is clearly against Second Life Terms Of Service, either hate speech or anything else, and then pay no further attention to it.
  7. That’s something you could, and perhaps should, file an Abuse Report about. Block you already did, so after that, just forget. Most of these are either *****s or loonies, who’d spout any threat no matter how impossible in practice; but insofar as they may indeed do it to others, you just AR it & forget. When & how LL will act on it is up to them, but it’s a common misconception that they never do anything, and one that quite often ends up helping the offenders—since no one ARs it, LL never catch wind of it in the first place.
  8. ... which is exactly what many of them are counting on. And that, in turn, is why you should stick to your guns. You’ll only get that reaction once, and your Friends list will have less people inclined to manipulate you.
  9. I have a difficult time convincing them not to bother telling me.
  10. Hey, psst, lil’ secret here... [whispers in your ear] “... hacking is for wannabes. We’re far more likely to befriend your new wives and tell them you have performance issues. And not just with your viewer ☺️”
  11. Swear to God, I read “... only usa holes are left” and was thinking all kinds of ’murican kinky...
  12. Here’s mine: they may lack the manpower to watch that voice isn’t abused. (Sorry if it isn’t mean enough for you. Reverse psychology is so 1990’s, it’s uninspiring)
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