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  1. I’m the opposite, I can’t play a ‘good’ character. I play very cruel and sadistic characters and often sought out for those who like to be on the other end of that kind of thing. That’s totally IC, OOC I’m respectful of the person behind the avi, easy to approach and a emphatic person. On my main's profile, front page, my first words are how I rp a cruel predator sadistic top...to be honest never had anyone hassle me about it, even being in the more mainstream places. Hell I've even met some of my prey in RL...the RP can be very bonding. Of course by then we're very aware of the fan
  2. Hi…I enjoy dark environments/urban decay, horror, apoc sims in SL….I know plenty of places, and you probably do too, we can swap and explore places together if you’d like. I tend to be in my thug werewolf avi often…he’s what I use mostly for RP, and I can’t’ be bothered to change, most of the time. Would love to see the darker side of SL (non-sexual wise) with another enthusiasts. This is not my main, and will NC you in world. Just putting this here to say there’s interest in this kind of stuff.
  3. Hi what times are you usually on? I'm already in a wolf pack, but it's a rather dark themed one and tend to be more grumpy wolf. Looking for something more 'lighter' then what I usually do here.
  4. Both you and I, haha. I msg Lucy in world and she's aware, it was the old tp point for the RP parcel. And it is open, they were having their grand opening gala when I entered
  5. [2011/05/22 04:12] xxxxxx Resident: Sorry just a bit busy right now [2011/05/22 04:12] yyyyyy: If you ever want to visit, let me know. =^.^= [2011/05/22 04:12] xxxxxx Resident: sweet... Sure, look forward to it [2011/05/22 04:12] yyyyyy: Okay! *Hugs* I (xxxxx, just removed names) was going through some of my old logs (too much time to kill!), remembering old friends here, my first avi when SL was new and exciting. She helped me massively when I was new in SL, we were rp'ers and enjoyed our time together and often hung out. I remember she had made her first home, and was e
  6. My RP partners, whom 98% of my friends list usually are, I couldn’t care. But with my significant other here in SL, I do. But for them to be significant other, they have been a friend for quite some time…and usually they’ve volunteered some of their RL by then and we’ve chatted.
  7. I have myself a big bro….and a little sis, though it was more of an organic dynamic of being around certain people for so long. It wasn’t something I ever sought. Certainly see advertising for families here, and I’m sure there’s plenty of groups dedicated. Probably better with the groups, not too many visit these forums. Seeking family I imagine is like seeking a mate here, just need to find a match and compromise a little. Certainly heard of many disasters and drama from families too…probably more of that then success. But I don’t know, since I don’t seek such a dynamic in SL. De
  8. Looking for another to rp a post-apocalyptic theme with two others (one predator, and one already captured prey). I’m not too sure if this is in the right place, due to it’ll likely end in a long term capture (IC only). Very dark themed, and like to hear from those who enjoy that kind of thing. I rp a large humanoid wolf (a monster of that world), but other than that follow a realistic theme. Pref avi female. Long term RP. Around 7-10pm SLT and maybe frequency of 1-2 times a week. Have a themed place for this. That’s the technical side of this, I’ve put a small preamble of th
  9. Refreshing to hear. I play a rather aggressive angry wolf, and the number of times I've been told by prey it's fun to have a wolf they can feel fear from in RP, rather then a soft cuddly werewolf. I get overwhelmed for RP requests....so send them to the extreme side of BDSM edge type play
  10. There’s a tiny 32m2 plot of land near my place which is devoted to a Garth FairChang, who had passed away September 2009. The avi is 14yrs old. I’m not sure who’s kept it for all these years. But it’s always sad to open his profile and have a read of it. Who-ever has kept the small land going after all these years has done an extraordinary thing. In the land’s description it says ‘Read about Garth and Pituca in 'Memoirs of an Oldbie'. But sadly the web pages are long gone (have been since I’ve known about the small memorial) Garth FairChang Memorial Park, Brown (34, 130, 23)
  11. Thanks guys. Love the sound of the resident evil laser one of that Restrained Freedom creator.
  12. Hello, I’m a sadist Dom, and my sub is a psycho sadomasochist. We’re both semi-para rp’ers, and often hunt for victims together, by the SIN tracker or dark themed sims. We both enjoy fear play. Wonder if anyone can suggest unique looking animation props that are terrifying besides the usual gallows/guillotines/stretch racks. For example I remember a cage that had the walls slowly close in, threatening to crush whoever was trapped inside. Always made for some fun play (both sides) I know of Sardina, (awesome but big $L) John C (stuff looking very dated ow), Frenemy (t
  13. Thanks to those who replied
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