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  1. Dear Lindens, 2 groups of our community are hit disproportionately hard by the coming changes, the basic members and the content creators. Basic accounts punished Basic accounts are punished with lesser groups and im’s capping sooner while premium accounts get more groups they didn’t ask for and don’t need. It’s also made harder for them to get into nearly full regions, experiences and premium area’s then premium members. Taking it away from one group to give it to another. Only natural they feel upset. They deserve to be seen as full members of our community. Because basic accounts bring a lot to the SL economy too. They pour their money in through microtransactions. They buy, they rent and there are great innovative content creators among them. And after they have invested in their Second Life for a while, they may go premium. Or not. And that is ok too. Because premium is really expensive, too much for most people in the world to spend on a game in one go. Bonding and communicating inside SL But the results of punishing them with lesser groups and capped im’s are more harmful than just offending the basic residents. It will make it harder for them to communicate and to bond inside SL. You say groups and im’s are hard for you, or costly. No matter how hard this is to fix, this should be a priority for you. Enabling bonding and communicating inside SL should be a priority for you. Your technical and financial people no doubt have looked at this. Have your community managers too? Groups make you feel part of something. It's super important for human beings to belong to groups. It is they only way clubs, musicians, roleplay communities and content creators can reach their targeted audiences inside SL. Content creators Which brings me to the content creators. The people that have been making the incredibly important content that kept SL innovating and interesting for 16 years. The user created content every other virtual platform, including your own Sansar, has been lacking. And which is why all other virtual platforms have failed and SL is still on top. As a content creator I pay you for 2 sims, I pay you for ads on the MP and inworld, I sell mostly on the MP where a percentage of all my sales goes to you, I pay upload fees for every model and texture and I pay download fee for every picture. I pay premium, I pay you for exchanging L$ to US$ and I pay cash out fees. I’m sure I forgot a few things I pay you for. Now you are taking an even bigger cut of my income. Double my cash out fees, raise the price for premium. What do I get in return? What do content creators get? The perks and benefits you give are only useful for a very small amount of residents. Only a handful gets into one of your prefabs. Most sim owners in SL are premium, what do they need prefab linden houses for? What do they need a 1024m plot on the mainland for? Premiums already have more than enough groupslots. I turned off offline IMs because as a merchant it's horrible to get work-related im's 24/7. I have no use for the gifts you have sent. Expanded live-chat customer support? I live in Europe, you are not open when I am awake. Whenever I contact support, I get copied and pasted from the textbook. When someone sells an empty box on the MP with my brand on it, you do nothing, no matter how many times that empty box is flagged by your customers. They have to come to me for support over this empty box they bought from you. It should not be our job to police your MP. In fact, a lot of work we merchants do, like replacing lost inventory and such, is not our job, but yours. 5% of all cash outs is also 5% of all copybotted or otherwise stolen content. How about some more protection for the higher prize I have to pay? I would not mind paying more at all if I got something back for it. Like more protection of my work, against copybotters, grievers, trolls etc. SL’s content creators are your greatest asset. This anonymous workforce has been giving you the content that kept you the biggest platform in virtual reality for 16 years. For free. How about you give us some perks as well? How this will play out Anyways, best possible scenario is you roll back one or two of the minor changes and we all go back to business as usual. The content creators can't go anywhere anyways, right? Please keep in mind that it takes a lot of work and commitment to be a good innovative content creator, it is a full time job that most of us can barely live off. Skimming more of our income will force us to look for other jobs. Not because we want to, we love this world, we have given it a lot. But we have families and rent too. Don’t kill the goose with the golden eggs. Thanks for reading.
  2. 1. Automatic delisting of all listings that have not sold for over 365 days. This would leave the MP with the only latest and the best. A merchant would be forced to think the listing over before having to actively relist and that would save a lot of clutter. 2: The Lindens take care of all the inventory loss from now on, instead of making it a merchants problem and forcing us to buy expensive tools or spend hours a week making up for what is essentially a problem between Linden Lab and the end user. Customers that loose inventory should be able to go to you, not to us. 3: Make it possible to do redeliveries or updates in bulk. 4: we cannot search transaction history for people that have gotten a gift, only for the purchaser now. Add the name of the receiver of a MP gift to the excell sheets and such. Related to this: what is going to happen to the transaction info after the names of avatars can change? Is the transaction info going to be by key or name? Are they going to be 2 different kinds of transaction history? 4: Ban possibilities on the MP. We can control most of our SL, but you leave us open to anyone that wants to throw dirt at us on the MP. 5: Make the comments option under the reviews only open for reaction from the merchant. I have had over 20 mails of Linden Lab in one hour once, all with comments, deletions and new comments. Merchants cannot ban emails from Linden Lab and are forced to read all those. Via your system. 6. Proactive defense of original content and creators. Don't leave obviously stolen content on your MP for years. If you see characters from another game or a Disney movie on the MP, take it down. If you see one of your own merchants harrassed with copybotted designs, help them out. Don't force merchants into incredibly complicated and risky legal actions to help your customers, the end users. 7. Make a list of the 100 biggest MP merchants and talk to them about what they need. 8. Whatever you do, don't force us into the same sad bleak anonymity as on the Sansar MP. Thanks for reading.
  3. I got 4 of my 5 missing listings restored last night. The difference between the restored 4 items and the 1 they did not restore, is that I did not know the URL for that last listing. I had only 4 urls for them, because I link to my PG and moderate MP listings from my website http://www.dutchie.design/ but not to adult listings. So I guess that means they are only restoring listings for merchants that: 1) noticed their listings had disappeared 2) have filed a ticket, posted here or found any other way to to get attention 3) managed to include the urls to their listings in that ticket. It seems they are solving all these cases individually, not fixing the whole problem for all missing listings, reported or not. I'm going to wait 24 hours to see if the listings stick and back to my ticket to ask what they are doing about the 5th listing. Not holding my breath. My workflow to getting the listings back online (thanks Kool, helped me a lot): - while in SL, copy the object inside the unassociated listing to a folder in your inventory -copy the object from your inventory to the new folders with numbers in the Unlisted category -right click the object to activate -then manage listings on the webpage and set them to listed
  4. Hi, my MP listings are disappearing. Earlier this week I had 402 listings in my marketplace store. I checked because I deleted a few and added 2 new listings this week, 2 saunas. Today I find I have only 397 listings. I found the 5 items back in the unassociated folder. I can relist these etc, but I would lose rank, ratings etc, plus it would look like I made these older designs recently. I have no idea why it's these 5 listings. All 5 items have copy and mod rights, but no transfer rights for the next owner. One is adult, the rest are PG rated. 2 are scripted, the others have no script.
  5. The new marketplace search beta appears to make all bestsellers disappear from search. This is not doing anyone a favor. Not the customers, that get a horrible idea of what is available in sl and have to go trough 20 pages to get to the good stuff, not merchants like me that will surely loose at least half their sales, not Linden Lab, who would have gotten 5% of those sales. Is the marketplace important to LL? What are you going to do about this?
  6. According to Google search, my marketplace store is among the 15 stores most searched/visited right now. In the current search, I have several of my designs ranking nr. 1 in different categories and search requests. As examples: my yoga mat ranks nr 1, my bookcase nr. 2, if you search for femdom you even find 5 of my items on the first page. In this beta search, my yogamat is first to be found on page 8, my bookcases or anything of mine under femdom are not even on the first 20 pages. I tried looking for my store name, since all the titles of my listings start with that : Dutchie. The first appearance is on page 3, after the products of a merchant named Dutchy Moonshadow. It is not even the same spelling, not in the title, not in the store name. Designs appear on the first pages of search because they are popular. Making bestsellers like that disappear from search, is not doing anyone a favor. Not the customers, that get a horrible idea of what is available in sl and have to go trough 20 pages to get to the good stuff, not merchants like me that will surely loose at least half their sales, not Linden Lab, who would have gotten 5% of those sales. Please don't implement this mess. Regards. *How I came by the google search results: Google "site:secondlife.com second life marketplace" and read between the category pages. Here is the top 15 of today: Damien Fate *ARGRACE* by rika Oyen Blueberry by Blueberryxx GizzA Creations by Giz Seorn Boudoir by Precious Restless eXxEsS Hair by Layja Vidor Exile by Kavar Cleanslate CATWA by Catwa Clip Meli Imako =DeLa*= by Kuranosuke Kamachi FashionNatic by Ellen Moonites Dutchie furniture & homes by Froukje Hoorenbeek *CK* Crazy Kitty by Kaci Kohime Magika by Sabina Gully rezology hair by Selc
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