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  1. I was looking for a Japanese mesh head. I'm currently wearing SOMEMORE / SaeBom mesh head, but is non mod and i see a lot of people wearing it.. and i have no sisters, so... ...and it is not really asian.. Thank you very much.
  2. well.. all my avies remain with legacy mesh avatar. I will never change the head from my main avie, because she began this journey looking like me, like, i'm living the SL trough her (sort of my doppelganger, my alterego). But... i always hate breasts and butt+crotch.. they look blocky and cut off with an axe. So i bought lola's for her. It was difficult wearing and matching skin+clothes. And.. why someone would sell something expensive WITH NO DEMO? I bought a mesh head for another avie and i liked it, it was from a gatcha and non mod. Later, i found a lot of avies wearing the same head... I was researching about mesh and mesh parts, o bought demos.. i was not convinced. One example: all catwa heads are horrible (to me).. they all (or most of them) have that ducky lips (like a bimbo... like... (i thought i was something from the past!! ) ...and they all look the same.. you know when it is catwa.. unless you mod a lot or buy a shape.. (but mostly there are a lot of sisters and cousins around) Same with the bodies.. yes you can mod.. but ultimately, they all have same breasts, hands, feets... (you know it because MOST PEOPLE DOESN'T WEAR THEIR ALPHAS! I SEE YOU NAKED!, i mean.. it is getting boring seeing a lot of women naked... there is no novelty anymore). Every time i try to find some other brand it is a difficult task for me... they are hidden on marketplace. Some of those mesh bodies i find from small brands are having trouble of different sorts. The big brands charge every mesh body like they had to make one for each customer... they are digital copies.. you can charge less for it. I mean, in Nexus Mods, you will find A LOT of modders (mostly 99% of all mods are for free) They put a lot of work, and they git them ALL FOR FREE. Bottom line: i will wait until there are accessible and no longer have any trouble or hassle, no problem like i have with my legacy body.
  3. Sorry for my late response, i was searching for good tips about best stores (shoes, clothes) and i bump into your discussion.. I think it was a respectable way of saying: i do what i want with my time and no, i don't want to do what you are asking me. It will be the same as to ask you to just stop putting everything on you and therefor lagging anywhere you go with your probably heavy avatar. I agree with everybody, but Amethyst Jetaime put it simple: most people, if everybody, see you as a jellybean. you didn-t put your avatar rendering like a lot of people ask you to.. You are an inconsiderate person. You won't be able to find someone who thinks like you. putting a lot of stuff on you won't make you prettier than the one who only use 5 attachments.. where did you get the idea of being a duplicate if you don't use all your attachments (and more)? Really!.
  4. I was having a little trouble deciding between notebook or pc, because i wanted portability.. but i decided to buy a PC, it is cheaper and better, not the better on the market: i5-6400 2.7 ghz 6th generation 1Tb hard drive MSI H110 DDR4 Geforce GTX 1060, 3Gb DDR5 (vr ready) sentey 650W 8GB DDR4, 2133 mhz memory ram Will it run ultra graphics and big crowd places? Tnahk you very much! Elisabel
  5. Thank you! I cant buy At those places because i dont have credit card nor live un USA, but the above specs are what i was suspecting i need It.. i'll keep the Desktop and improve it..
  6. Hi everybody! I love Second life a lot.. i'm playing it since almost 10 years... My computers, from time to time, always fall short, and now, my PC can't play it without crashing to desktop or blackout power off.. I need to have a new computer. I KNOW a PC will be a better option, you will get more with same amount of money invested.. but i need the portability a notebook gives, because for at least, for the next 2 or 3 years i'm living in a small reduce space.. I'm studying right now.. i wont have time to play VG when i'm studying.. and that is half a year.. now i'm on summer vacations... and my mind is thinking about videogames and relaxing a lot :-D But.. even when i'm studying, i play SL when i go to places to make money (like traffic cones, for example.. don't worry, i got good grades). i was looking to buy a notebook that have this specs: intel i7-6500u 6th generation intel hd graphics 520 integrated 6gb DDR3 1 TB windows 10 I know it falls short on GPU... If i resign space and have no portability, i will have this specs with a new PC: Nvidia msi geforce gtx 1060 3gt oc 3GB DDR5 direct x 12 intel core i5 6400 2.7 ghz, 3.3 ghz turbo 6th generation msi h110 pro-vh gigabyte ga-110m-h 4gb ddr4 1 TB it will be less expensive and anything that falls short, i can replace or improve it (like more ram) in the future... ___________ I play other videogames like skyrim, with like 200 mods, Tera and Blade and Soul on my old computer.. Right now, i can't play Second Life on it, i have terrible lagging problems.. i can play the other mmorpg VG.. What do you think? Thank you!
  7. "Whatever possessed the women of Second Life to accept the ugly, crippling convection that their inner thighs have enough space between them to drive a truck through, with convex hips unlike any human form in history, more like the forms of insects? It's astoundingly bad taste and form and there isn't any element of it that is event "arty" but I see women in these tortured get-ups all over. It's sad." I just coudn't agree more. I hate that gap, i hate the invisible pony riders, i just hate them with all my heart.
  8. is there a way of restrict avatar rendering like, for example, not rendering over 50k, or 100k, or whatever you choose? last night i encounter a real lag monster... 600k. i had to talk to her and explain that she can't do that on sploders places... there where over 40 avatars on that place, and i wasn't on my older computer (who, once again, got behind SL, and has to be replaced... again :-( ) if i were, it would had crashed dead. Well, she coudn't have benn less interested in lower the impact on everybody. I mean, how desperate have to be to have the need to show off, on a sploder place! and doesn't care about everybody? I have a necklace, a beautiful one (i wish i have it in RL) and i had to take it off because it weight 40k...
  9. the leash is off in rl, and they aparently they put it in sl.. hehehe disturbing and ironic... by the way, if you have to live near that creep, just report him/she/it.. :womanwink:
  10. Hey you guys! I was wondering if you know any skin with lola's tango appliers with a style like "Rotten Toe", naive, angelic, lolita style.. Thank you!
  11. a good skin save your life: [ S H O C K ] Janis In Love Skin - dollarbie but a perfect windlight makes all the difference - Nam's optimal skin and prim Thank you guys for all your help!
  12. that windlight makes AAAALLLLL the difference in the world!! thank you for that advice!
  13. well, a couple of years ago i did stuff but i always had details that make the clothing bad and i coudn't find info or no one knows/answear... i'll keep trying some time!
  14. Great! i knew mesh has more polygons but i didn't know the windlight affected the light, and therefore, accentuate the difference between polygon avie and polygon mesh lolas.. i'm going to try that windlight and see what happens... in the meantime, i'm searching for new cheap clothes.. I would like to make clothes of my own because it's fun, but the creators keep crucial info for themselves....
  15. thank you for your response! Are you talking about the different skin colors between lola and my avie? Last night i try to match a skin i found in marketplace that come with appliers and i didn't have any luck... with the tattoo texture provided by lolas, all and all.. there is a noticiable line between lolas and my avie.. I'm starting to think those images around internet are all photoshoped... I like rotten toe but the creator doesn't have anything regarding lolas.. I hope she does in the near future because i like everything there..
  16. Thank you for your response. I wasn't oblivious about lolas, i though i was going to get a way around... But.. It is my closest match, only, i have highlights and shadows that comes with the skin provided by the creator, i din't know why she did that... light skins and dark skins all take a punch.... just... just like they have a complot to make us spent and spent and spent and spent.... and that is what most people do everytime they are in SL... What i though was: there should be a way to copy what it's in the avatar mesh to the lolas that it's normal. Because i already bought those stuff. those are mine now!. Well.. who cares!! more money for them. isn't it? Instead of integrate, they separate. We should not get used as if it were normal, and wait for them to shove it to our faces new expensive stuff to further fuel the obsession with consumerism, stuff that no longer go with what we already got, just because.... consumerism! That is what already happen in RL... I still got an old cellphone that isn't supported by skype so i say: good bye skype, instead say good bye to my cellphone because a LOT OF REASONS. But.. i'm, what?, 5 years late in this debate? ok... I will try to find freebies and stuff.. i'm not going to buy and buy and whatever... Thank you for the link to marketplace.. and yesterday i found two groups that are involved in low cost/freebies/dollarbies clothing for lolas Thank you for that hunt data! i was looking for something like that! My friends are playing other games or non at all and i got bored of taking pictures and roam in places completely deserted. I love SL, i found a friend that introduce me to my now boyfriend, whom i'm living with now. I love hunts!! :-D I forgot about the MM as a source of stuff, so that would be pretty good.. i got a lot to do now instad of roaming. So, maybe tomorrow somebody will come with the idea of a stuff that pops up to lolas or https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Nea-Perkies-cute-mesh-breasts/5727235? that i find them really nice.. (i still didn't bought them... I didn't invest in a mesh body because i research that regular old clothes doesn't match with them and skin and etc etc.. maybe i didn't make a well research.. i mean... there is A LOT of data and sometimes, despite of that, there isn't everything that you need to know..
  17. i know this is a replying for a 2 years response, but: you can't do that for every piece of clothing you have! i want to wear my shirts and i dont have the uuid... is there a way around? a trick? so i can paste the uuid to the shirt texture lolas give?
  18. Hey guys! i'm fairly new about lolas but i got them and manage to put nearly the same skin tone than my skin and correct the double collar bone... but i got some problems and questions... i don't know if i'm doing questions that are already done and answear. lolas are here since at least 3 years ago... Don't be angry with me, but: ª i got that shadow on the chest as the picture above shows... is it normal?? i can't get appliers for every skin i got. i got some old ones, some free, some cheap, some group gifts... i change a lot.. i don't want to buy new and spent money i don't have. and what are these appliers? ª so, now i have to walk aroun the world with my new lolas.... ¡all my clothes are useles! is it that way?? i research and copying the UUID to a new copy of lolas could solve the problem, so i can wear my shirts, and i don't have to spent money on new wardrove.... BUT... no clothes has UUID that i can copy.... what should i do? do i need to copybot?? that is illegal.. what? I hope somebody help me with those questions... i don't have that much money nor do i want to copybot or work with all my inventory so that i can wear something that i use to wear... I'm not a shoppaholic. I don't have credit card and 1 dollar cost me 10 times more than in USA. so it is a lot people! i want my inventory clean and with a minimum because SL lags wit an inventory of 30000 objects... Thank you for reading my post, i hope there is a solution! thanks for helping me! XXOO Elisabel :womanhappy:
  19. Thank you very much for your response! i got a problem reaching to that part but i finally got it. it is an awsome way to do other stuff. :womanlol:
  20. excuse me, what is the period key... i live in Argentina and i can't find anything on the internet to help me... On the other hand, i like the lolas tango shape better, they are more natural.. i mean, they fall down on a natural way, and delicq feels like the model has breasts implants... it is no good not to have demos to compair... and it seems the creator didn't have any problem selling her products....
  21. I'm beginning to do clothes so i wanted to make a shirt with an image on the shoulder. The thing is, it touches front, back and arm of the UV layer, so i though to paste it directly on the 3d model shoulder. I put image over the place, create other layer for that on the material top, and Ctrl+E, a window pops up that says "could not edit texture(s) directly. Please open the texture(s) and choose and editable target layer to proceed". I don't know why is that, 'cause i have a selected layer to work on the image as i said.. But then i go to the material top and i got the image in every part of the UV layer that i wanted. I move the 3d model and i got 2 images: one that it's merged on the 3d model and the second one that stays in the same spot. What i'm doing wrong? should i delete that layer with the image that isn't merged to the 3d model? I did it, but i don't know if it has something to do with my document didn't saved. The image wasn't there. I try to put other image on the other shoulder and no changes on the material top. All i wanted to do it's like the procedure with a tattoo that goes almost around the arm. I couldn't find a tutorial that explain that. I already saw the Robin Wood's tut, but didn't help me about my issue. The same happens if i want to do a corset that stretches on the sides of the bust, or the sides that doesn't match the textures. I need to do it over the 3d model but i don't know how. As i said, the Robin tut was awesome, but didn't get that part! Can you help me please? **Only uploaded images may be used in postings**://whos.amung.us/swidget/pluginta.png" border="0" />
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