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  1. I'm trying to make a long corset on photoshop cs5.1 extended. The thing is it is a long one: so a part will be on the material bottom, but finally i wanted it all in one piece (wearable as a shirt or jacket). I have one from a store and always wandered how could i do it. So i saw the cs4 3d painting from Robin Wood..but i don't know that i'm missing. she did it for a tattoo on the back, but i also need to work with my texture on the sides too... al around. What do i need to do? I search a lot but there's no info about that especially. Is there a tutorial about it that i didn't saw? I'm not a master on photoshop, so it is hard for me! **Only uploaded images may be used in postings**://whos.amung.us/swidget/pluginta.png" border="0" /> **Only uploaded images may be used in postings**://whos.amung.us/swidget/pluginta.png" border="0" />
  2. ohhh!! i will try it! thank you so much for your answear!
  3. Don't know if it is a common question... I tried to search through the forums but it's confusing me more. What i did is doing a skirt, petal by petal... Linked a couple and then copy them and go on. The thin is when i finished i coud link them all thogheter... but when i tried to put the little box in the middle it wasn't possible. Today i wear the skirt and tried to modifie the petals that were'nt eaven. So i had an empty space i tried to fill putting 3 more petals: now i can't link them to the rest of the skirt. I can't figure it out why. On the edit menu of the three petals, on the 'object' you can see when i highlight the skirt the unlink its shadowed.. but for the three petals isnt.
  4. i dont have a bad pc or connection. As i said earlier, happens only on really crowded events, like this one. and of course, its my pc, so? It's almost everybody's PC. You are surrounded by people. If you don't care about others, then don't play SL. I'm coming now with full body alpha and it is better than a couple of days ago. My avatar rendering cost its 1. I'm not seeing people with arc trough the roof like before. I like it. its how it should be! **Only uploaded images may be used in postings**://whos.amung.us/swidget/pluginta.png" border="0" />
  5. Marianne Little wrote: I am a bit puzzled, do you have two lenses, one dark and one purple? I think it's helpful to use this HUD when I will control that the eyes sit right. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/AnyPose-Expression/2613652 You can wear it and pick the "Look straight forward" and the eyes keep still. Very useful for close-up pictures too. hey!, thanx 4 that tip! **Only uploaded images may be used in postings**://whos.amung.us/swidget/pluginta.png" border="0" />
  6. i'm not at home, so i can't wear it right now.. I use singularity 'cause i like the old viewer interface and its less laggy than the LL viewer. Is singularity ok for those? I already know that doesn't alloud multiple alphas... so now i'm thinking this is not for my viewer... mmm Do you know any second party viewer with those requirements?
  7. Alicia Sautereau wrote: Nailed it right there, people complain about lag when there is actually no lag at all, it`s their pc and/or connection When i was there 2 days ago, there was no lag, ofcourse so many people in view dropped the fps abit, but in general there wasn`t much rubber banding due to physics being down the drain (lag) yeah, but you can't count on everybody to have great hardware and connection! i know SL challenges your pc, and need to change your hardw. every once in a while.. but come on!... hehehe
  8. A free full body apha for you: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/by-emi-Full-Body-Alpha/4637553 As the vendor says in a humorous way: Okay. Not exactly a news flash here: events, sales rooms, fairs, etc are laggy - It's inevitable. Lots of people. Lots of scripts. What most people don't understand is that at places like this, no one gives a f*ck how fly you look - they're all too busy trying not to lag walk across half the sim. Am I right? Yes. Ideally, everyone would just run around the grounds naked but since most of you are too vain or bashful to run around bald + naked here's a solution - go invisible. Also doubles as a stalking assist. You're welcome. __________________________________________________________________ How To: Take off EVERYTHING you're wearing. This includes but is not limited to: HUDs, Animation Overrides (AO's), radars, jewelry, hair, shoes, lashes, piercings, nails, clothing, pixel peens/poons/whatever-you're-in-to-i'm-not-judging, etc etc. You're gonna look freaky. It's okay. Breathe. Wear the alpha like you'd wear anything else in SL - double click it, or right click it and select "wear." OH GOD, WHERE DID YOU GO?! Exactly. Now carry on.
  9. Wow I never though about full body alpha! would be great!.. maybe not in the end of the fair but some days before, i will return and see if lag it's better and if its less crowding
  10. What about separated Sims? it would be nice. they are in the same land.. are the 4 areas affecting each other by being next to eachother? i wanted to join the free demo group but couldn't. Maybe i was in the hair sim and didn't load the group window, i can't remember, but i will do it in a free lag sim. As for the afk avies, maybe they are just standing waiting the sim to load. i do that, i edit my appearance, i touch everything, and if it isn't working al all, i just stand there and wait. Last night that even didn't work.. nothing would load. Avies avoiding lag wearing low lag outfit or not wearing demos, i saw a few. The lag guards that you suggest i already did. but i though them as people first enter to the port, and then passing trough a portal, if you ar laggy, you wont come in, and if you put laggy stuff one enter, you are banned from the sim, previous warning. But those are strict and rough measurements. isn't nice, i know. but maybe we are rigor children's (hijos del rigor). But if those egoistical people choose not to come, they would do a good to the ones that prefer have a nice experience shopping and seeing.. Lag people doesn't complain about lag. That's why i inferred maybe they have a nice hardware and internet connection..
  11. Same thoughts! We go for the hairs. Good strategies.
  12. i thought i was the only one with that thinking!
  13. Hey!, thanks for all your info! I'll check it up about the number of scripts on the pie menu. I already did the rez weight numbers... and were astonishing!. While i was around 3000, i surprised myself with the first i saw, this avie had 15000.. But then, as i was walking around in a sea of grayness, i encountered a lot with red numbers, really high rez weight, around 300.000. That's why i made this post. I used the character test to become from a cloud to an avie, and then return with my usual avie, and dress myself with low lag stuff, only the indispensable, the essential... I like my avie to be pretty, but i don't think hair fair is a place to show off given the circumstances. It's true you don't need to wear those clothes i suggest, most of us probably have those painted clothes, low on scripts, or non.. i don't know.. and maybe there are some hairs without so many scripts.. I went to a cool store down hair fair and i tested a demo.. and my numbers went from green to orange. I know you can look nice with low lag stuff, but as i said, must of avies don't. I know everytime there's an event like this, lag comes up, like a default experience... I don't know if there are someone with nice hardware who doesn't feel lag.. But you know there is lag.. and if there is lag, maybe the event organizers should make a note or advise not to wear clothes or attachments with larggy scripts and so... or prohibit the entering of laggy avies. woudn't be nice for all of us? Last night i finally could enter to cloud 4 and every store were gray... i coudn't see anything, not even with all my anti lag techniques. Was frustrating. Lastly, i'm not saying the avies have all the fault for the lag. Maybe the structure arround should be simpler, the stores should decorate with low scripts.. Lots of stuff could prevent this to happen.
  14. It is impossible to reach to the hair fair, or one in there my avie its a cloud, or worst, the shops wont load... Gray hair fair. My pc its fine. I went using Singularity and the SL viewer. I had to resort to the "test female" so i can become an avie instead of a cloud... I don't know if its a problem from linden lab, the stores who put too many scripts or whatever, or.. maybe the visitors wont help: I think they bringing a super high rendering cost. I see people with lots of attachments which complicate rendering cost (when i can, mostly some parts are missing since lots of people use mesh and usually i can see gray avatars). It is more important to dress nicely instead letting people to enjoy as well from the fair. If you are planning to go to hair fair 2013, would you please please! wear the "Hair Fair 2013 - FREE Low Lag outfit & Hair Base - DCNY/Exile", please? Maybe you can help everyone to have a nice day on the fair too. Not everyone has a cool pc or cool internet. SL its not for those who can have the money to pay for expensive pc or internet and the rest of the humanity just have a bad experience on crowded places. Contribute! Thank you very much! **Only uploaded images may be used in postings**://whos.amung.us/swidget/pluginta.png" border="0" />
  15. hey! I'm starting designing too myself.. and i found help arround the net: tutorials from youtube and bloggers.. you should search arround and millions of stuff will come up to start learning. the most difficult its mesh, a 3d program.. but the normal stuff its easy to know how to, but the difficulty its to manage photoshop! and do great stuff so people can buy from you Good luck! **Only uploaded images may be used in postings**://whos.amung.us/swidget/pluginta.png" border="0" />
  16. hi! thanks for your answer! i did saw it, but hough it was an old fashion way to make hair. i wanted to make hair like analog dog, for example... do you think those tutorials will let me do such a great hair like AD? **Only uploaded images may be used in postings**://whos.amung.us/swidget/pluginta.png" border="0" />
  17. I searched everywhere,,, i want to make hair (not the mesh rigged that people can't edit and lloks like a solid rock on your head). From basics. I have no info. Can anyone help me?? **Only uploaded images may be used in postings**://whos.amung.us/swidget/pluginta.png" border="0" />
  18. i've never did a hair, so i interrupt your thread to ask you how you go it escuse me my non related question!
  19. ahh lleguè tarde jajaja q linda sensación cuando anda tan bien SL luego d un cambio!
  20. pensá en la marca ATI q es más económica y dá mismo resultado (puro márketing lo d nvidia).. para ver cuál t conviene hablá con un buen técnico xq no podès poner cualquier cosa, tiene q haber armonía y soporte adí alargás la vida útil d tu pc
  21. quisiera saber cómo fabricar el flexi, q c mueva. el mesh es como un casco duro, y deja en ocadiones la cabeza plana, xq no podès moverlo ni editarlo. lo mismo para las pieles. muchas gracias d antemano gente!
  22. antes había más movida argenta en SL pero hace ya tiempo largo q no!
  23. no respondiste si c t solucionó, pero para el prox q tenga ese problema, q también c fije d actualizar los drivers
  24. preguntó cómo comprar, no q le pegues un choclo q ni vos leíste, entendiste, ni le sirve para comprar
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